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Disposable Syringe Markets

  • ID: 2569950
  • Report
  • June 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 295 Pages
  • TriMark Publications
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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Becton, Dickinson & Co.
  • Coeur, Inc.
  • Hindustan Syringes &
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Star Syringe Ltd.
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The report examines the disposable syringe market. It provides detailed forecasts for the traditional and safety engineered sharps markets. It describes the major drivers and restraints, technology trends, and industry challenges for the disposable syringe market. It examines the markets for blood collection sets, hypodermic access syringes and needles, sharps-based insulin delivery devices, and other specialty syringes and needles. Additionally, the study considers the disposable syringe supplies utilized in clinics and by patients in their homes to diagnose and monitor diseases, as well as to administer medications. This analysis is intended to provide basic market data pertaining to the U.S. and worldwide market segments. Each market segment is analyzed to determine size, growth rates, sales projections and factors influencing growth in the U.S. and internationally. Unit and dollar volumes have been used to indicate market sizes.

The study specifically focuses on market dynamics, current market drivers and emerging trends within the disposable syringe markets. Additionally, this review examines industry challenges and potential threats to syringe and needle supply manufacturers. The emphasis is on those companies actively developing and marketing products to hospitals, physicians and the public for medically-related uses.

The market segments for disposable syringes are:

- Prefilled syringes.
- Safety syringes.
- Insulin injector pens.
- Needleless injectors.
- Vaccination injectors.
- Blood collection needles and syringes.
- Hypodermic needles and syringes.
- Insulin needles and syringes.
- Specialty needles and syringes.

This analysis provides an overview of individual disposable syringe market segments, some of which possess the elements that will lead to high and sustained growth rates for the near future. The report also presents a description of the ancillary supplies marketed by major companies in each market segment. The study presents qualitative and quantitative data, and information on key market measures and benchmarks such as:

- Market size by segment.
- Company market share.
- Product market share.
- Technology market share.
- Industry structure.
- Economic factors.
- Syringe design criteria.
- Product pricing.
- Emerging markets.
- Market projections.
- Strategic alliances.
- Proprietary technology.
- Technology factors.
- Market factors.
- Regulatory factors.

Technology areas include:

- Auto-Disable/Single-use Syringes: Syringes that deactivate after one use and are especially useful for vaccinations in developing countries.
- Blood Collection Syringes and Needles: Winged and standard phlebotomy access devices.
- Retractable Syringes: In retractable syringes, the needles retract into the syringe barrel after use, so the barrel acts as the sharps container.
- Needleless Injectors: Injection devices that deliver the pharmaceutical through the skin without the use of a needle.
- Autoinjector Pens: In autoinjector pens, syringe automatically triggers to insert the needle to deliver the pharmaceutical.

This report does not cover peripheral devices such as lancing devices for patients with diabetes. Moreover, it does not discuss non-syringe devices such as breast examination kits, temperature-measuring devices, fertility control devices, condoms, gels or creams. This review, furthermore, does not cover disposable plastic supplies for the healthcare market unless the products designed specifically for use and sale in one of the designated market segments covered in this report.

A number of companies that market syringe products are primarily distributors of these products, rather than the primary developer. These companies—necessary and important to the medical products industry—are covered here to a limited degree. Concentration is placed on the disposable medical supplies market segment in important worldwide markets such as the U.S., Japan and Europe. It focuses primarily on the hospital market segment, and, separately, on a description of the devices and supplies marketed by major companies in this segment for home use. Additionally, the report focuses on the vaccine segment of the disposable syringe market, and its growth in developing countries.


The primary objectives of this study are to:

- Identify important market drivers through a comprehensive look at various sales segments for disposable syringes.
- Obtain a complete understanding of the structure of the disposable syringe business from its basic principles to its applications.
- Discover feasible market opportunities by identifying high-growth applications in different medical areas, with a focus on the biggest and expanding markets.
- Focus on global industry developments through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for disposable syringe supplies, including forecasts for growth.
- Define the disposable syringe market including definitions, processes and trends.
- Assess the market drivers and bottlenecks, from the perspective of the medical and commercial communities.
- Discuss the potential benefits of disposable syringes for various sectors of the medical and commercial communities.
- Establish the current total market size and future growth of the disposable syringe market, and analyze the current size and growth of individual segments.
- Provide current and forecasted market shares by company.
- Discuss profit and business opportunities by individual market segment.
- Provide strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities.
- Assess current commercial uses of disposable syringes.
- Assess the disposable syringe business model.
- Analyze and evaluate safety syringe products, and assess the market potential for existing and probable future products.
- Analyze product designs, technologies and marketing challenges of syringe manufacturers.
- Provide detailed descriptions of segments in safety syringe market, market demographics and business strategies.
- Chart product sales data, market share and forecasts.
- Profile safety syringe companies, noting their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations.

This report answers the following questions:

- What are the near term business opportunities in disposable syringes?
- What are the current and forecasted sizes of the disposable syringe market?
- What are the business models currently used by companies in disposable syringe market?
- What are the technologies used in disposable syringe supplies?
- Who holds the proprietary rights to disposable syringe technology?
- What regulatory processes must disposable syringes undergo in the U.S., Japan and Europe?
- How will technology changes in disposable syringes affect treatment and payment paradigms?
- How will litigation concerns increase physician and hospital use of disposables?
- How will technology reduce adverse growth trends and decrease total patient care cost?
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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Becton, Dickinson & Co.
  • Coeur, Inc.
  • Hindustan Syringes &
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Star Syringe Ltd.
  • MORE
1. Introduction
1.1 Statement of Report
1.2 About this Report
1.2.1 Scope of the Report
1.2.2 Objectives
1.2.3 Methodology
1.3 Executive Summary

2. Syringe Types: An Overview
2.1 Disposable Syringes
2.2 Safety Syringes
2.2.1 Available Safety Syringe Technologies
2.2.2 Retrofitted Syringes
2.2.3 Automatically Retractable Syringes
2.2.4 Manually Retractable Syringes
2.2.5 Insulin Syringes
2.2.6 Tuberculin Syringes
2.2.7 Prefilled Syringes Components of a Prefilled Syringe Benefits of Prefills Prefills: The Future of Drug Delivery Wider Applications of Prefilled Syringes Making Improvements in Components of Prefilled Syringes Biologic Drugs and Overfill Benefits of Cyclic Olefin Polymers Overcoming Variability in Glass Syringes Impact of Silicone Oil on Delivery Migrating Risk for Protein Aggregation Key Advantages of Prefilled Syringes
2.2.8 Production of Standard Prefilled Syringes Attachment of Safety Features in Prefilled Syringes
2.2.9 Available Prefilled Syringes in the Market Baxter BioPharma Solutions BD Medical's Prefilled Segment Catalent Pharma Solutions Cook Pharma's Filling and Packaging Gerresheimer AG's Syringe Designs Unilife Corporation's New Approach West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.'s Prefilled Syringes
2.3 Pen Injectors
2.3.1 Insulin Pens
2.3.2 Buyer's Guide for Reusable Insulin Pens Technical Considerations for Insulin Pens Technical Considerations for Insulin Cartridges Technical Considerations for Pen Needles Device Considerations User Considerations
2.3.3 Market Review of Selected Insulin Pens Autopen 24 and Autopen Classic from Owen Mumford HumaPen Luxura and Luxura HD from Eli Lilly HumaPen Memoir from Eli Lilly NovoPen 3 and NovoPen Junior/Demi from Novo Nordisk OptiClik from Sanofi-Aventis OptiPen Pro from Sanofi-Aventis
2.4 Advanced Injection Devices
2.4.1 Insulin Delivery Device Technology
2.4.2 Biologic Delivery Device Technology
2.4.3 Alternative Delivery Technologies
2.5 Needle-Free Injectors
2.5.1 Needleless Injector from Injex
2.5.2 Jet Syringes from Injex
2.5.3 Syrijet
2.5.4 PenJet
2.5.5 Needle-Free Injector for Human Growth Hormones

3. Award Winning Syringes
3.1 Episure AutoDetect Syringe
3.2 ConfiDose
3.3 Humatrope Reconstitution Devices
3.4 Vascez Plungerless Syringe
3.5 Powr Syringe Injector
3.6 NovoFine Autocover Automatic Safety Pen Needle
3.7 Rev Vac Auto-Retractable Vacuum Safety Syringe

4. Syringe Industry: Overview
4.1 Common Diseases Transmitted by Unsafe Needle Use and Needlesticks
4.2 Most Common Instances of Needlestick Injuries
4.3 Needle Phobia and Patients' Anxieties
4.4 Global Transition to Safety Medical Devices
4.5 U.S. Regulation
4.6 Worldwide Regulation
4.7 Enforcing Compliance with Sharps Safety Legislation
4.8 Example of an OSHA Violation
4.9 Target Market Awaiting Premium Products
4.10 Current Types of Safety Syringes
4.10.1 Safety Syringes with a Needlestick Protection Device
4.10.2 Needle Guard
4.10.3 Needle Sheath
4.10.4 Retractable Syringes Spring-Based, Non-Controlled, Retracting Needle Syringe
4.11 Need for Safety Syringe Products
4.12 Limitations of Existing Clinical Syringes
4.13 Limitations of Existing Prefilled Syringes
4.14 Market Expansion for Safety Syringes
4.15 Technological Advancements in Disposable Syringes
4.16 Reconstitution inside Sterile Syringes
4.16.1 Vetter Lyo-Ject
4.17 Plungerless Prefilled Syringes
4.18 The Disposable UniJect
4.19 Needle-Free Injection

5. Disposable Syringes: Market Analysis
5.1 Volume of Syringes Used in Healthcare
5.2 Syringe Sizes Required for Injectable Drugs
5.3 Domination of Syringes in Parenteral Drug Delivery Market
5.4 Global Market for Disposable Syringes
5.4.1 Global Market for Disposable Syringes by Product Segmentation
5.4.2 Global Market for Safety Syringes by Segmentation
5.4.3 Combined Market for Injection Devices
5.5 U.S. Market for Hypodermic Safety Syringes
5.5.1 Disposable Syringes: U.S. Market Segments
5.5.2 Types of Safety Syringes Used in U.S. Hospitals
5.5.3 U.S. Adoption of Safety Syringes
5.5.4 Competitive Landscape in the U.S.
5.5.5 Price of Safety Syringes in the U.S.
5.5.6 U.S. Disposable Syringe Market
5.5.7 U.S. Safety Hypodermic Syringe Market
5.6 European Market for Disposable Syringes
5.6.1 European Market for Safety Syringes
5.7 Prefill Market Trends
5.7.1 The Shift from Vials to Prefilled Syringes
5.7.2 Prefilled Syringes: Market Dynamics
5.7.3 Importance of Prefilled Syringes to Extend Brand Life
5.7.4 Biggest Markets for Prefilled Syringes
5.7.5 Dealing with the Latest Trends in Prefilled Syringe Market
5.7.6 Market Opportunities for Prefilled Syringes
5.7.7 Pharmaceutical Share of Key Prefilled Therapeutic Market
5.7.8 Specialty Pipeline Drugs Targeted for Use with Prefilled Syringes
5.7.9 Therapeutic Usage of Prefilled Syringes Anti-Infectives in Prefilled Syringes Cardiovascular Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Central Nervous System Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Hematology Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Human Growth Hormones in Prefilled Syringes Musculoskeletal Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Obstetrics Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Oncology Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Vaccines in Prefilled Syringes
5.7.10 Flexible Administration Requirements of Prefilled Syringes
5.7.11 Biotech Blockbusters Available in Prefilled Syringes
5.7.12 Selected Drugs Available in Prefilled Syringes Ovidrel Prefilled Syringe Enbrel Prefilled Syringe Biocon's Prefilled Safety Syringes Pegasys Afluria Enzira Fluzone Vaccine Novolin N FlexPenÔ Prefilled Insulin Syringes NovoLog® Insulin Prefilled Syringe GlaxoSmithKline's Vaccines in Prefilled Syringes
5.7.13 Selected Providers of Syringe Prefilling Services and Products Althea Technologies, Inc. Althea's Clinical Manufacturing Althea's Fill/Finish Services Althea's Contract Manufacturing
5.7.14 Baxter International, Inc. Baxter's Contract Manufacturing Baxter's Fill/Finish Services Baxter's Prefilled Syringes Capability Baxter's Vials Baxter's Cartridges
5.7.15 Becton Dickinson and Company BD's Prefilled Syringe Services BD Hypak SCF BD Sterifill SCF BD Physioject BD Liquid Dry Disposable Pen Injector BD Pens Customized Self-Injection Systems BD Soluvia Prefillable Microinjection System
5.7.16 Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.
5.7.17 Hyaluron Contract Manufacturing Hyaluron's Syringe Filling Vetter Pharma Fertigung GmbH Vetter's Development Service Vetter's Commercial Manufacturing
5.7.18 Global Market for Prefilled Syringes Steady Growth in Consumption of Prefilled Syringe Units
5.7.19 U.S. Market for Prefilled Syringes
5.7.20 Rapid Adoption of Prefilled Syringes for Injectables
5.7.21 Pharmaceutical Consumption of Prefilled Syringes
5.7.22 Market for Pharmaceutical Prefilled Syringes Global Market for Prefilled Pain Management Drugs Global Sales of Enbrel in Prefilled Syringes Global Market for Prefilled Psoriasis Drugs Global Market for Prefilled Anemia Drugs Global Market for Prefilled Disposable Insulin Delivery Devices Global Market for Insulin in Various Devices Global Market for Oncology Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Global Market for Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Market Leaders in Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in Prefilled Syringes Global Market for Prefilled Arthritis Drugs Global Market for Vaccines in Prefilled Syringes Market Leaders in Injectable Vaccines Market Leaders in Injectable Anticoagulants
5.7.23 Market Leaders in Injectable Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
5.7.24 Market Leaders in Injectable Hematology Drugs
5.7.25 Market Leaders in Injectable Obstetrics Drugs
5.8 Insulin Pens: Market Analysis
5.8.1 Disposable Insulin Pens
5.8.2 Refillable Pens
5.8.3 Pen Needles
5.8.4 Benefits and Patient Preferences of Insulin Pens
5.8.5 Disadvantages of Pen Syringes
5.8.6 Insulin Pens and Hospital Bills
5.8.7 Market for Insulin Pen
5.9 Global Market for Auto-Injectors/Auto-Infusers
5.9.1 U.S. Leaders in Insulin Pump Market
5.10 The Growth Market for Self-Injection

6. Company Profiles
6.1 Abbott Laboratories
6.1.1 Abbott's Syringe Products Precision Sure-Dose syringes Humira Prefilled Syringe Humira Pen
6.2 Albert David Limited
6.3 Alshifa Medical Syringes Manufacturing Company Ltd.
6.4 Althea Technologies, Inc.
6.5 Baxter International, Inc.
6.5.1 Baxter's Anesthesia Business
6.5.2 Baxter's Biosurgery
6.5.3 Baxter's Clinical Nutrition Business
6.5.4 Baxter's Hemophilia Therapies
6.5.5 Baxter's Infusion Systems
6.5.6 Baxter's Pharmaceuticals and IV Solutions
6.5.7 Baxter's Renal Products
6.5.8 Baxter's Business Performance
6.6 Becton, Dickinson & Co.
6.6.1 BD's International Operations
6.6.2 BD Medical Business Segment
6.6.3 BD Diagnostics
6.6.4 BD Biosciences
6.6.5 BD's Geographic Performance
6.6.6 BD's Role in Designing Devices for Safe and Effective Injections and
Infusions BD's Safety-Engineered Devices BD Auto-Disable Syringes BD's Insulin Syringes BD's Allergy Syringes BD's Tuberculin Syringes BD's Syringes and Needles BD's Safety-Lok Safety Syringes BD's Safety Glide Syringes BD's Eclipse Needles BD's Integra Syringes BD's PosiFlush Prefilled Syringes
6.7 B. Braun
6.7.1 B. Braun's Hospital Care Division
6.7.2 B. Braun's Aesculap Division
6.7.3 B. Braun's Out-Patient Market (OPM) Division
6.7.4 B. Braun's Avitum Division
6.7.5 B. Braun's Overall Business Performance
6.7.6 Hospital Care Division's Business
6.7.7 Aesculap Division's Business
6.7.8 OPM Division's Business
6.7.9 Avitum Division's Business
6.7.10 B. Braun's Syringe Products Sterican® insulin needle Omnifix® 100 Duo Omnifix 100 Solo Injekt® 40 Duo Injekt 40 Solo Omnifix 40 Duo Omnifix 40 Solo Omnican® 100 Omnican® 50 Omnican® 20 Omnican 40 Omnican Pen Omnican® fine
6.8 Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc.
6.8.1 Bioject's Technology
6.8.2 Bioject's Products Biojector 2000 Bioject's Drug Reconstitution System Vitajet ZetaJet
6.9 Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.
6.9.1 Catalent's Development and Clinical Services Segment
6.9.2 Catalent's Oral Technologies Segment
6.9.3 Catalent's Sterile Technologies Segment
6.9.4 Catalent's Packaging Services Segment
6.9.5 Catalent's Syringe Solutions
6.10 C.R. Bard, Inc.
6.10.1 Bard's Vascular Business
6.10.2 Bard's Urology Business
6.10.3 Bard's Oncology Business
6.10.4 Bard's Surgical Specialties Business
6.10.5 Bard's Syringe Products Bard's Piston Syringes Bard's Bulb Syringes
6.11 Coeur, Inc.
6.11.1 Angiographic Syringes from Coeur
6.11.2 CT Syringes from Coeur
6.12 Covidien Ltd.
6.12.1 Covidien's Medical Device Segment
6.12.2 Covidien's Pharmaceutical Segment
6.12.3 Covidien's Medical Supplies Segment
6.12.4 Covidien's Syringes and Needles Magellan Safety Needles Magellan Safety Needle and Syringe Combination Magellan Insulin Safety Syringe Magellan Tuberculin Safety Syringe Magellan Safety Blood Collection Device Monoject Insulin Safety Syringe Monoject Tuberculin Safety Syringe Monoject 3 ml Safety Syringe Monoject 6 ml Safety Syringe Monoject 12 ml Safety Syringe SoftPack Hypodermic Needles Rigid Pack Hypodermic Needles Rigid Blunt Cannulas Soft Pack Tuberculin Syringes Rigid Pack Tuberculin Syringes SoftPack Insulin Syringes Rigid Pack Insulin Syringes Allergy Trays with Permanently Attached Needles
6.13 Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH
6.13.1 Selected Products from Henke-Sass Two-Part Disposable Syringes 1-50 ml Three-Part Disposable Syringes 1-30 ml Disposable Needles HSW FINE-JECT
6.14 Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices, Ltd.
6.14.1 Insulin Syringes from HMD
6.14.2 HMD's Single-Use Needles
6.14.3 HMD's Single Use Syringes
6.15 Hi-Tech Medical Products Ltd.
6.16 Hyaluron Contract Manufacturing (HCM)
6.16.1 HCM's Major Markets
6.16.2 HCM's Facility Inova SV-122 Syringe Filler Inova H3-5V Syringe Filler Inova VFVM-3031 Vial Filler
6.17 International Medication System Ltd.
6.17.1 Delivery Systems from IMS
6.17.2 PCA Products from IMS
6.17.3 Phytonadione Injection USP
6.17.4 Lidocaine HCL Jelly, USP 2%
6.18 Life-Shield Products, Inc.
6.19 MedPro Safety Products, Inc.
6.19.1 MedPro's Targeted Markets
6.19.2 MedPro's Products Blood Collection Safety Needle Winged Safety Blood Collection Set Safety Syringe with Anti-Blunting Feature Prefilled Safety Syringes Key-Lok Needleless IV Systems
6.20 Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
6.20.1 Merit's Inflation Devices
6.20.2 Merit's Hemostasis Valves
6.20.3 Merit's Vascular Access Products
6.20.4 Merit's Diagnostic Catheters, Guide Wires and Torque Devices
6.20.5 Merit's Angiography and Accessories
6.20.6 Merit's Safety and Waste Management Systems
6.20.7 Merits Obesity Products
6.20.8 Merit's Drainage Catheters and Accessories
6.20.9 Merit's Parentesis and Pericardiocentesis Catheters
6.20.10 Merit's Therapeutic Infusion Catheters
6.20.11 Merit's Dialysis and Interventional Nephrology Products
6.20.12 Coronary Control Syringes
6.20.13 Medallion Syringes
6.20.14 RXP Syringe
6.20.15 VacLok Syringes
6.20.16 Merit's Manufacturing Facilities
6.21 Milestone Scientific
6.21.1 Milestone Scientific's Product Platform STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System (STA System) CompuDent CompuMed The Wand The SafetyWand
6.22 Novo Nordisk A/S
6.22.1 Novo Nordisk's Global Diabetes Care Business Novo Nordisk's Diabetes Care Business in North America Novo Nordisk's Diabetes Care Business in Europe Novo Nordisk's International Business in Diabetes Care Novo Nordisk's Diabetes Care Business in Japan and Korea Insulin Pens and Needles from Novo Nordisk
6.21.2 Pipeline Progress in Novo Nordisk
6.21.3 Novo Nordisk's Modern Insulin Portfolio
6.22 Owen Mumford Ltd.
6.22.1 Autopen®
6.22.2 Autoject 2
6.22.3 Unifine Pentips
6.22.4 UniGuard
6.23 Plas-Pak Industries, Inc.
6.23.1 Disposable Veterinary Syringes
6.23.2 Dual Syringe and Dental Syringe from Plas-Pak
6.23.3 Manual Dual Syringes
6.24 Retractable Technologies, Inc.
6.24.1 Retractable Technologies' VanishPoint Products
6.25 Revolutions Medical Corporation
6.25.1 RevVac Safety Syringe
6.26 Safety Syringes, Inc.
6.26.1 UltraSafe Needle Guards
6.26.2 UltraSafe Passive Needle Guard
6.26.3 UltraSafe Passive Needle Guards for Luer Lock and Luer Slip Syringe
6.26.4 UltraSafe Automated Assembly
6.26.5 UltraSafe Product Development
6.27 Smiths Medical International/Medex, Inc.
6.27.1 Smiths Medical's Markets Smiths' Medication Delivery Segment Smiths' Vital Care Segment Smiths' Safety Segment
6.27.2 Syringes from Smiths Hypodermic Needle-Pro Fixed Needle TB Syringe Hypodermic Needle-Pro Device Hypodermic Needle-Pro Device & Syringe Hypodermic Needle-Pro Device for Insulin Injections Hypodermic Needle-Pro Fixed Needle Insulin Syringe
6.28 Star Syringe Ltd.
6.28.1 Star Syringe's Alliances
6.28.2 Star Syringe Products K Safety Technology: K1 Auto-disable Syringe Mechanism K3 Safety Cap K5 Aspiration
6.29 Terumo Medical Corporation
6.29.1 Terumo's Syringe Products SurGuard2 Syringes with Safety Needle SurGuard2 Safety Needles Terumo Hypodermic Needles Terumo Hypodermic Syringes without Needle Terumo Tuberculin Syringes Terumo Hypodermic Syringes with Needle SurSaver 1CC syringes with Low Dead Space Terumo Dental Needles Terumo Spinal Needles SurGuard Safety Insulin Syringes Terumo Insulin Syringes Thinpro Insulin Syringes for Retail Customers
6.30 UltiMed, Inc.
6.30.1 UltiCare Insulin Syringes
6.30.2 UltiCare Pen Needles
6.31 Unilife Medical Solutions, Ltd.
6.31.1 Unilife's Solutions
6.31.2 Prefilled Syringes from Unilife
6.31.3 Clinical (Hypodermic) Syringes from Unilife
6.31.4 Unilife's Self Injection Systems Auto-Injectors Unilife's Auto-Infusers
6.31.5 Unilife's Syringe Products Unifill Syringe Unitract 1 ml Syringes Unifill Select Unifill Rita Unifill EZMix syringes Unilife Autoinfuser
6.32 Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co.
6.32.1 Vetter Services and Solutions
6.32.2 Vetter's Dual-Chamber Technology
6.33 Vita Needle Company, Inc.
6.33.1 Disposable Stainless Steel Needle Blunts from Vita Needle
6.33.2 Teflon Dispensing Needles
6.33.3 Vita Needle's Polypropylene Needles
6.33.4 Vita Needle's Taper Tip Needles
6.34 West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
6.34.1 West's Business Segments Packaging Systems Segment Delivery Systems Segment
6.34.2 West's Syringe Products The West ConfiDose Autoinjector System West's Prefillable Syringes Plungers Needle Shields Tip Caps
6.35 Wuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., Ltd.
6.36 Ypsomed Holding AG
6.36.1 Future Trends in Self Medication: Ypsomed Holding's Perceptions
6.36.2 ServoPen
6.36.3 YpsoPen Twist
6.36.4 UnoPen
6.36.5 LyoTwist
6.36.6 YpsoMate
6.36.7 Mylife OmniPod insulin patch pump


Appendix 1: Global Market for Conventional Injectables
Appendix 1.1: Global Market for Drug Delivery Devices
Appendix 1.2: Evolving Trends in Insulin Delivery
Appendix 1.2.1: Alternative Modes of Insulin Delivery
Appendix 1.2.2: Insulin Injection Ports
Appendix 1.2.3: Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Pumps
Appendix 1.2.4: Transdermal Patches
Appendix 1.2.5: Inhalable Insulin Devices
Appendix 1.3: Global Burden of Diabetes
Appendix 1.3.1: Market for Insulin Delivery Devices
Appendix 1.3.2: Leaders in Insulin Delivery Devices
Appendix 1.3.3: Global Insulin Consumption
Appendix 1.3.4: Global Market for Insulin
Appendix 1.4: Global Diabetes Care Market Share by Company
Appendix 1.4.1: Global Insulin Market by Molecule Type
Appendix 1.4.2: Global Insulin Market by Geography
Appendix 1.4.3: Global Diabetes Care Market by Treatment Class
Appendix 1.5: Growth of Modern Insulin
Appendix 1.5.1: Global Modern Insulin Market Shares
Appendix 1.6: U.S. Insulin Market by Segment
Appendix 1.6.1: U.S. Modern Insulin Volume Market Shares
Appendix 1.7: E.U. Insulin Market by Segment
Appendix 1.7.1: E.U. Modern Insulin Volume Market Share by Company
Appendix 1.8: Chinese Insulin Market by Segment
Appendix 1.8.1: China Insulin Volume Market Shares
Appendix 1.9: Japan Insulin Market by Segment
Appendix 1.9.1: Japan Modern Insulin Market Share by Company
Appendix 2: Sharps Safety Products
Appendix 3: Syringe Needle Terminology
Appendix 4: Medication Errors and Syringe Safety
Appendix 4.1: Injectable Medication Errors
Appendix 4.2: Frequency of Syringe Usage
Appendix 4.3: Labeling Injectable Medications
Appendix 4.4: Challenges of Labeling
Appendix 4.5: Benefits of a Write-On Stripe
Appendix 4.6: Nurses Influence on Selection of Sharp Devices
Appendix 4.7: Needlestick Injuries
Appendix 4.8: Prevention of Needlestick Injuries
Appendix 4.9: Protection from Needlestick Injuries

List of Figures

Figure 2.1: Filling and Packaging of Prefilled Syringes
Figure 4.1: Most Common Instances When Needlesticks Occur
Figure 4.2: Needlestick Injuries in Massachusetts at Healthcare Facilities with
Safety vs. Standard Syringes
Figure 4.3: Indicative Pricing Chart for Safety Features
Figure 5.1: Syringe Sizes Required for Injectable Drugs
Figure 5.2: Global Market for Disposable Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.3: Global Market for Disposable Syringes by Segmentation, 2012
Figure 5.4: Global Market for Safety Syringes by Segmentation (Total $1.96 Billion), 2011
Figure 5.5: Combined Market for Drug Delivery Syringe Devices, 2010-2015
Figure 5.6: Breakdown of U.S. Syringe Market
Figure 5.7: Types of Safety Syringes used in the U.S. Healthcare Facilities
Figure 5.8: Percentage of U.S. Adoption of Safety Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.9: The Total Disposable Syringe Market in the U.S., 2012-2019
Figure 5.10: The U.S. Market for Hypodermic Safety Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.11: European Overall Market for Disposable Syringes, 2011-2019
Figure 5.12: European Adoption of Safety Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.13: Market Share of Prefilled Syringes by Geography
Figure 5.14: Number of Drugs in the Core Therapeutic Areas for Prefilled Syringes
Figure 5.15: Global Market for Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.16: Steady Growth of Global Prefilled Syringe Unit Consumption, 2012-2019
Figure 5.17: World vs. U.S. Market for Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.18: Consumption of Prefilled Syringes by Pharmaceutical Company
Figure 5.19: Pharmaceutical Consumption of Prefilled Syringes by Therapeutic Drug Class
Figure 5.20: Global Market for Prefilled Pain Management Drugs, 2012-2019
Figure 5.21: Global Sales of Enbrel in Prefilled Syringes
Figure 5.22: Global Market for Prefilled Psoriasis Drugs, 2012-2019
Figure 5.23: Global Market for Prefilled Anemia Drugs, 2012-2019
Figure 5.24: Global Market for Prefilled Insulin, 2012-2019
Figure 5.25: Growth of Prefilled Insulin Devices and Decline of Vials and Syringes
Figure 5.26: Global Market for Oncology Drugs in Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.27: Global Market for Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.28: Market Share for Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in Prefilled Syringes by Company
Figure 5.29: Global Market for Arthritis Drugs in Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.30: Percent Growth of Vaccines in Prefilled Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 5.31: Market Share for Vaccines in Prefilled Syringes by Company
Figure 5.32: Market Share for Anti-Coagulants in Prefilled Syringes by Company
Figure 5.33: Market Share for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Prefilled Syringes
Figure 5.34: Market Share for Hematology Drugs in Prefilled Syringes by Company
Figure 5.35: Market Share for Obstetrics Drugs in Prefilled Syringes by Company
Figure 5.36: Global Market for Insulin Pen, 2012-2019
Figure 5.37: Global Market for Auto-Injectors/Auto-Infusers, 2012-2019
Figure 5.38: U.S. Leaders in Insulin Pumps
Figure 5.39: Market for Self-Injection Syringes, 2012-2019
Figure 6.1: BD Business Performance by Segment, 2012
Figure 6.2: Performance of BD Medical Segment, 2012
Figure 6.3: Performance of BD Diagnostics Segment, 2012
Figure 6.4: BD's Geographic Performance, 2012
Figure 6.5: Share of Bioject's Business by Customer
Figure 6.6: Bioject's Business by Product Line
Figure 6.7: Bioject's Business by Geography
Figure 6.8: Catalent's Revenue by Segment
Figure 6.9: Retractable Technologies' Business by Geography
Figure 6.10: Smiths' Market by Segment
Figure 6.11: Insulin Market by Geography, 2009-2015
Figure 6.12: Global Insulin Market by Manufacturers, 2009-2015
Figure A.1.1: Global Market for Conventional Injectables, 2012-2019
Figure A.1.2: Global Market for Injection, Infusion and Vascular Access Devices, 2012-2019
Figure A.1.3: Global Burden of Diabetes, 2010-2030
Figure A.1.4: Global Market for Insulin Delivery Devices, 2009-2016
Figure A.1.5: Insulin Delivery Devices Worldwide Market Shares by Company
Figure A.1.6: Insulin Consumption in Selected Countries
Figure A.1.7: Global Market for Insulin, 2012-2019
Figure A.1.8: Global Diabetes Care Market Share by Company, 2012
Figure A.1.9: Global Insulin Market Breakup by Molecule (~ $19 Billion), 2012
Figure A.1.10: Global Insulin Market by Geography, 2012
Figure A.1.11: Global Diabetes Care Market by Treatment Class, 2002-2012
Figure A.1.12: Shares of Human Insulin and Modern Insulin in Global Insulin Market, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.13: Global Insulin Volume Market Shares by Company, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.14: U.S. Insulin Market by Segment, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.15: U.S. Modern Insulin Volume Market Share by Company, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.16: E.U. Insulin Market by Segment, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.17: E.U. Modern Insulin Volume Market Share by Company, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.18: Chinese Insulin Market by Segment, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.19: China Insulin Volume Market Share by Company, 2012
Figure A.1.20: Japan Insulin Market by Segment, 2007-2012
Figure A.1.21: Japan Modern Insulin Market Share by Company, 2007-2012
Figure A.4.1: Timing of Needlestick Injuries

List of Tables

Table 2.1: Components of a Prefilled Syringe
Table 2.2: Key Advantages of Prefilled Syringes
Table 2.3: Insulin Pens Available in the U.S.
Table 2.4: Types of Insulins Used in Cartridges
Table 2.5: Aspects of Insulin Pens to be considered
Table 2.6: User Characteristics of Insulin Pens
Table 5.1: Selected Injectable Therapeutics and Vaccines Available in the U.S. Market
Table 5.2: Key Advantages of Prefilled Syringes
Table 5.3: Pharmaceutical Share of Key Prefilled Therapeutic Market
Table 5.4: Key Prefilled Products
Table 5.5: Biotech Blockbusters Available in Vials and Prefilled Syringes
Table 6.1: Albert David's Syringes with Needles
Table 6.2: Albert David's Needles
Table 6.3: Syringes from Alshifa
Table 6.4: BD's Auto-Disable Syringes
Table 6.5: Insulin Syringes from BD
Table 6.6: BD's Allergy Syringes
Table 6.7: BD's Tuberculin Syringes
Table 6.8: BD's Sterile, Single-Use Syringes and Needles
Table 6.9: BD's Safety-Lok Safety Syringes
Table 6.10: BD's Safety Glide Syringes
Table 6.11: BD's Eclipse Syringes
Table 6.12: BD's Integra Syringe
Table 6.13: BD's PosiFlush Prefilled Syringes
Table 6.14: Bard's Piston Syringes
Table 6.15: Bard's Bulb Syringes and Trays, 2009
Table 6.16: Angiographic Syringes from Coeur
Table 6.17: CT Syringes from Coeur
Table 6.18: HMD's Dispovan Insulin Syringes
Table 6.19: HMD's Single-Use Needles
Table 6.20: HMD's Single Use Syringes
Table 6.21: Hi-Tech Single-Use Syringes
Table 6.22: Hi-Tech's Single-Use Insulin Syringes
Table 6.23: HCM's Contract Manufacturing Categories
Table 6.24: Syringes from IMS
Table 6.25: PCA Syringes from IMS
Table 6.26: Phytonadione Injection USP from IMS
Table 6.27: Lidocaine Prefilled Syringes from IMS
Table 6.28: Life-Shield's Syringe Products
Table 6.29: Estimated Market for MedPro's Targeted Product Sectors
Table 6.30: Autopen Products from Owen Mumford
Table 6.31: Autoject Products from Owen Mumford
Table 6.32: Unifine Products from Owen Mumford
Table 6.33: Retractable Technologies' VanishPoint Syringes
Table 6.34: Smiths' Pro Fixed Needle TB Syringes
Table 6.35: Smiths' Needle-Pro with Needle Protection Devices
Table 6.36: Smiths' Needle-Pro Syringe and Needle with Needle Protection Device
Table 6.37: Smiths' Needle-Pro Needle Protection Device for Insulin Injections
Table 6.38: Smiths' Needle-Pro Fixed Needle Insulin Syringe
Table 6.39: SurGard2 Syringes with Safety Needle
Table 6.40: Terumo's SurGard2 Safety Needles
Table 6.41: Terumo's Hypodermic Needles
Table 6.42: Terumo's Hypodermic Syringes without Needle
Table 6.43: Terumo's Tuberculin Syringes
Table 6.44: Terumo's Hypodermic Syringes with Needle
Table 6.45 Terumo's SurSaver 1 cc Syringes with Low Dead Space
Table 6.46: Terumo's Dental Needles
Table 6.47: Terumo's Spinal Needles
Table 6.48: Terumo's SurGard Safety Insulin Syringes
Table 6.49: Terumo's Insulin Syringes
Table 6.50: Thinpro Insulin Syringes
Table 6.51: UltiMed's UltiCare Insulin Syringes
Table 6.52: UltiCare Pen Needles
Table 6.53: Vita Needle's Stainless Steel Needle Blunts
Table 6.54: Vita Needle's Teflon Dispensing Needles
Table 6.55: Vita Needles Polypropylene Needles
Table 6.56 Vita Needle's Taper Tip Needles
Table A. 1.1: Alternative Modes of Insulin Delivery
Table A. 1.2: Types of Insulin Used in Pump Therapy
Table A. 1.3: Insulin Pumps Assessed by AFB TECH Company in 2004 and 2008
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown