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LED Phosphor Intellectual Property (IP) LED Phosphors and Down-Converters Patent Investigation Report 2013 - Product Image

LED Phosphor Intellectual Property (IP) LED Phosphors and Down-Converters Patent Investigation Report 2013

  • Published: September 2013
  • Region: Global
  • 281 Pages
  • Yole Développement


  • Agilent Technologies
  • Asahi
  • Aurora Energie
  • Beijing Yuji
  • CCS
  • Changchun University
  • MORE

Phosphor related intellectual property has been and remains a major driving force with strong impact on the shape of the LED industry.

LED phosphor IP is shaping the industry

The first commercial GaN-based blue LEDs were produced in Japan in the mid 90’s after researchers Shuji Nakamura at Nichia and Professor Akasaki at Nagoya University (IP assigned to Toyoda Gosei) succeeded in removing some of the major remaining roadblocks associated with this technology (p-doping, epitaxy quality…).

Quickly leveraging on this success, some fundamental patents describing the use of a blue LED combined with a phosphor to produce white LEDs were filed by Nichia, Osram, ATMI and others. Those fundamental patents were rapidly followed by a fast growing number of applications through 2005 as an increasing number of companies started to compete in the LED market and new applications in cell phone, laptop and LCD TV display, and general lighting were being addressed.

Phosphor IP is a major force in the LED industry. With more than 40 litigation cases, it is also used as leverage by companies which have negotiated close to 70 licensing and supply agreements to date. READ MORE >

- Scope of the report
- What’s in the report / What’s not
- Terminologies for patent analysis
- Methodology
- Search strategy and patent screening
- Technological segmentation
- Different types of phosphor converted LED
- Example

1. Executive Summary
- Introduction
- LED phosphor market forecast
- Industry landscape
- How phosphor patents shaped the industry
- Phosphor related license agreements
- Litigations plaintiffs and defendants
- Litigations by patent families
- Time evolution of patent filing
- Main patent assignees ranking
- Analysis
- Strength of main assignee portfolio
- Portfolio strength and revenue
- Geographic breakdown of patent filings
- Material trends
- Nichia patent invalidation attempts
- Analysis of technology segments (silicates, garnets, nitrides, QD)
- Overview
- Main patent assignees
- Major reference patents
- China
- Conclusions

2. Overview of the LED industry
- LED market segments
- History of the LED industry
- Packaged LED revenue forecast by application
- Packaged LED volume forecast by application
- LED penetration rates - Comparison 2012 vs. 2020

3. LED phosphor market overview
- Phosphors for LEDs: How to make white light?
- Major LED phosphor materials
- LED phosphor materials trends
- Remote phosphors
- LED phosphor industry landscape
- Market quantifications: Methodology / challenges / Key hypothesis / Scenario #1: No remote phosphors / Remote phosphors hypothesis / Scenario #2: Volumes with remote phosphors / Revenue / Captive and open market

4. IP Landscape overview
- Time evolution of patent filing
- Example of fundamental phosphor patents
- Geographic breakdown of patent filing: Phosphor materials & LED with WL conversion
- Time evolution by country of filing: Phosphor material & LED with WL conversion
- Time evolution by country of publication: Phosphor material & LED with WL conversion
- Legal status breakdown
- Main IPC classes: Phosphor materials & LED with WL conversion
- Main patent assignees ranking
- Time evolution of top 15 patent assignees: Phosphor materials & LED with WL conversion
- Country of filing for top 15 patent assignees: Phosphor materials & LED with WL conversion
- Main academic patent assignees
- Patent assignees IP network: Phosphor materials
- Patent assignee network: LED with WL conversion
- Summary of main assignee portfolio: Phosphor Materials & LED with WL conversion - Analysis
- Strength of Main Assignee Portfolio: Phosphor Materials & LED with WL conversion - Analysis
- Portfolio strength and revenue

5. Analysis of technology segments
- Matrix applicants/phosphor composition
- Discussion
- Garnets (p123) / silicates (p135) / nitrides and oxynitrides (p147) / quantum dots (p165) / remote phosphors (p179)
- For all these analysis :
- - Overview
- - Composition and IP
- - Time evolution of patent filings
- - Main patent assignees
- - Others
- - Time evolution of patent assignees
- - Countries of filing for main patent assignees
- - Patent assignee IP network
- - Assignee citation network
- - Main cited patents
- - Major reference patents

6. Focus on China
- Overview
- Main patent assignees: Patent portfolio comparison
- Other patent assignees
- Patent assignee IP network

7. Litigation and licensing landscape
- Overview and history
- Chronology
- Overview of phosphor related license agreements
- Main litigations, plaintiffs and defendants
- Litigation by patent families
- Patent families involved in litigation by priority date
- Consequences
- Counterfeit phosphors

8. Focus on key players
- For all of them:
- - Portfolio analysis
- - Key patents
- - Citations & collaborations
- - Litigations and licenses
- - Additional info regarding Nichia key patent invalidation attempts
- - Licensing revenue and general approach to IP


10. Denka (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha)

11. General Electric / Gelcore (Lumination) / GE Lighting

12. Intematix

13. LG

14. Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi Cable + Mitsubishi Chemical)

15. Nichia

16. NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science)


18. Philips

19. Samsung (Samsung Led - Samsung Electro Mechanics - Samsung Electronics)

20. Seoul Semiconductor

21. Toyoda Gosei

22. Others: Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Sumitomo
- Portfolio Analysis

Annexes: Focus on Inventor Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Jüstel
- Time evolution of patent filings
- Collaboration network and composition segmentation

Companies cited in the report (Non exhaustive list)*

- Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT)
- Advanced Technilgy Material Inc (ATMI)
- Agilent Technologies
- AgiLight
- Asahi
- ASP Inc
- Aurora Energie
- Avago
- Beijing Technology and Business University
- Beijing Yuji
- Bright LED
- Changchun Institute Of Applied Chemistry
- Changchun University
- Changchun University
- Changshu Institute of Technology
- Changshu Yatai Fluorescent Material
- Chengdu University of Information Technology
- Chimei Corporation
- China Glaze
- China Glaze
- China Jiliang University

*Complete list in the report

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