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Strategic Alliances in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Ecosystem Product Image

Strategic Alliances in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Ecosystem

  • Published: December 2012
  • 270 Pages
  • Mind Commerce LLC


  • América Móvil
  • ClearConnex
  • FreeMove
  • Mobily
  • Optimus
  • Sprint
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A typical machine-to-machine (M2M) solution consists of five or six stakeholders. Each stakeholder performs one or more dedicated tasks as part of a comprehensive solution. These tasks include connectivity, platform, software development, integration services, consultation, deployment, activation and often many more depending upon the specific industry and application.

M2M partnerships are formed for various purposes including reduction of complexity from the customer perspective and often to develop specific M2M applications which promise reduced time to market for enterprise clients.

Given the level of complexity, and the desire for companies to focus on their core competencies, a single company is often not in a position to provide integrated end-to-end solution by itself. Strategic alliances are therefore a critical aspect of the M2M ecosystem.

This report evaluates 43 strategic alliances that have been formed over the last two years within the M2M ecosystem. This research includes analysis of long term strategies of major telecom service providers and MVNO companies. This is must reading for any company already within the M2M ecosystem and/or any company evaluating READ MORE >


Chapter 1.Introduction

The Connected World

What Exactly Is M2M?

Applications Of M2M

Predictions For This Sector

Importance Of M2M / Why The Hype?



Real-Time Access To Information



Speed & Cost

Chapter 2.M2M Ecosystem

Basics Of M2M

Data Acquisition

Data Transmission

Data Analysis

The M2M Ecosystem

End Device / Equipment


Communication Link



Middleware Platform

Embedded Module


Final Depiction Of M2M Ecosystem

The M2M Value Chain

Equipment Supplier

Telecom Operator

Software Publisher




Hosting And Service Platform Supplier

Security: A Key Issue

Technical Reasons For M2M's Entry Into Wireless Domain

Sudden Interest From Giants

New Avenues

Regulatory Requirements

Low Capex Requirement

Scale Of Market & Revenue Increase

Spread Across Value Chain

Threat From Cloud Service Providers

Unwilling To Be A Mere Bystander

Chapter 3.Basics Of Strategic Alliances

Definition Of Strategic Alliance

Reason For Forming Alliances

1. Increase Growth

2. Shared Knowledge And Expertise

3. Complementary Resources

4. Economies Of Scale

5. Speed To Market

6. Access To Technology And Market

7. Shared R&D Efforts And Costs

8. Setting New Global Standards

9. Shared Risks

10. Foreign Competition

11. International Expansion

12. Regulations In International Market

13. Manage Idiosyncratic Risk

14. "Anticipating The Play"

15. Reduction In Transaction Cost

Risks Of Strategic Alliances


Technology And Ip Risk

Unequal Balance Of Power

Reason For Failure Of Strategic Alliances

Poor Project Management

Strategic Gridlock

Losing Control Of Basic Strategy

Focus On Benefits To Partners

Poorly Defined Goals

Poor Partner Choice

Consolidation Of Fragmented Industry

1. Limited Market

2. Development Time And Resources

3. Venture Capitalists

4. Acquisition Of Competitor

5. Possibility Of Going Public

6. Selling At Right Time

The Consolidation Curve

Stage 1: Opening

Stage 2: Scale

Stage 3: Focus

Stage 4: Balance And Alliance

Chapter 4.Company Strategies

Orange Business Services

T-Mobile Usa


Sierra Wireless


Everything Everywhere



Jasper Wireless

Chapter 5.Details Of Alliances In M2M Domain

Operator Operating Models

Lease Airtime

Cooperation With Aggregator

Providing System Integration

Cooperation With Device Manufacturers

Cooperation With Application Service Provider

Alliance # 1: Deutsche Telekom And Digi International

About Digi International

About Deutsche Telekom

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 2: Orange Business Services And Openmatics

About Openmatics

About Orange Business Services

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 3: Geoforce And Sypes Canyon Communications

About Geoforce, Inc.

About Sypes Canyon Communications, Inc.

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 4: Ibm And Vodafone

About Ibm Cloud Computing

About Vodafone

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 5: Veolia And Freemove

About Freemove

About Veolia

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 6: Tns And Telstra

About Tns

About Telstra

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 7: Kpn, Ntt Docomo, Rogers, Singtel, Telefónica, Telstra And Vimpelcom

About Kpn

About Ntt Docomo

About Rogers

About Singtel

About Telefónica Digital

About Telstra

About Vimpelcom

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 8: Telefónica And Etisalat

About Telefónica Digital

About Etisalat

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 9: China Unicom, Telefónica, Telstra And G&D

About China Unicom

About Telefónica

About Telefónica Digital

About Telstra

About Giesecke & Devrient

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 10: Nokia Siemens And Everything Everywhere

About Everything Everywhere

About Nokia Siemens Networks

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 11: Numerex And Transatel

About Numerex

About Transatel

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 12: Ils Technology And Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation (Ctc)

About Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation (Ctc)

About Ils Technology

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 13: Axeda And Multi-Tech Systems

About Axeda

About Multi-Tech Systems

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 14: Telefónica Uk And Jasper Wireless

About Jasper Wireless

About Telefónica Uk

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 15: Nextm2M And Cetecom

About Cetecom

About Nextm2M

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 16: Nextm2M And Datatrade

About Datatrade

About Nextm2M

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 17: Rogers Communications And Axeda

About Rogers Communications

About Axeda

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 18: Cotecna And Orange Business Services

About Cotecna

About Orange Business Services

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 19: Nec And Wyless

About Nec Corporation

About Wyless

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 20: Mobily And Gemalto

About Gemalto

About Mobily

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 21: Bmw And Vodafone

About Vodafone

About Bmw

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 22: Ntt Docomo And Jasper Wireless

About Jasper Wireless

About Ntt Docomo

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 23: Nec And Transatel

About Nec Corporation

About Transatel

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 24: Optimus And Jasper Wireless

About Jasper Wireless

About Optimus

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 25: Sprint And Orange Business Services

About The Sprint Emerging Solutions Group

About Sprint Nextel

About Orange

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 26: Gemalto And Sensorlogic

About Gemalto

About Sensorlogic

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 27: Axeda And Clearconnex

About Axeda

About Clearconnex

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 28: Jasper And Csl

About Jasper Wireless

About Csl

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 29: Transatel And Everything Everywhere

About Transatel

About Everything Everywhere

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 30: Raco Wireless And Everything Everywhere

About Raco Wireless

About Everything Everywhere

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 31: Everything Everywhere And Atmovia

About Everything Everywhere

About Atmovia

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 32: Everything Everywhere And Redtail Telematics

About Redtail Telematics®

About Everything Everywhere

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 33: Teliasonera, France Telecom-Orange And Deutsche Telekom

About Deutsche Telekom

About France Telecom-Orange

About Teliasonera

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 34: Raco Wireless And T-Mobile

About Raco Wireless

About T-Mobile

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 35: Deutsche Telekom And Gemalto

About Deutsche Telekom

About Gemalto

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 36: Telefónica And Avea

About Telefónica Digital

About Avea

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 37: Veolia Water And Orange

About Veolia Water

About Orange Business Services

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 38: Verizon Wireless And Ils Technology

About Verizon Wireless

About Ils Technology

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 39: Bosch Group And Vodafone

About Bosch Group

About Vodafone Global Enterprise

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 40: Vodafone And Intel

About Vodafone

About Intel

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 41: Kpn And Sierra Wireless

About Kpn

About Sierra Wireless

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 42: América Móvil And Jasper Wireless

About América Móvil

About Jasper Wireless

Alliance Overview

Alliance # 43: Vodafone And Cinterion

About Vodafone

About Cinterion

Alliance Overview

Summary Table For Alliances Formed

Chapter 6.Future Of M2M Domain

Steps Required For Better M2M Services

Making It Easier To Use M2M Connectivity

Making It Easier To Develop, Launch And Maintain Applications

Need For Open Platform

Industry's Point-Of-View On Open Platform

Initiatives Taken For Development Of Open-Platform

Ownership Of Data

Regulatory Issues

Security Issues

Handling The Scale



Legal Issue

Data Collection And Processing

Educating The Consumer

Connecting Billions Of Devices

Providing A Global Sim

Using The Data

Take On Internet Of Things (Iot)

Standards Group Formed To Enable Internet Of Things

About Weightless

About Tv White Space

About Arm

About Cable&Wireless Worldwide

About Csr

About Neul

Future Of M2M 'Industry'

Chapter 7.Conclusions






Press Release

Telecommunications Service Provider

- América Móvil
- Avea
- China Unicom
- Datatrade
- Deutsche Telekom
- Etisalat
- Everything Everywhere
- France Telecom-Orange
- FreeMove
- Mobily
- NTT Docomo
- Optimus
- Rogers
- Singtel
- Sprint
- Telefónica
- TeliaSonera
- Telstra
- T-Mobile
- Verizon Wireless
- VimpelCom
- Vodafone


- Atmovia
- Jasper Wireless
- NextM2M
- Transatel

Platform Provider

- Axeda
- SensorLogic

Communications Solution Integrators

- Orange Business Services

M2M Technology and Service Providers

- Cinterion
- Digi International
- ILS Technology
- Multi-Tech Systems
- Numerex
- RACO Wireless
- Sierra Wireless
- Transaction Network Services (TNS)
- Wyless

Technology and Service Providers

- Bosch Group
- Giesecke & Devrient
- ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)

Telecom Hardware and Software Providers

- Nokia Siemens

Companies Partnering to Develop Specific M2M Applications

- Cetecom
- ClearConnex
- Cotecna
- Gemalto
- Geoforce
- Intel
- Openmatics
- RedTail Telematics
- Sypes Canyon Communications
- Veolia and Veolia Water

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