Future of Mobile Money in Africa: Critical Requirements and Strategies for Success

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  • May 2012
  • Region: Africa
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This report focuses on Person-to-Person (P2P) payments, details:

- growth opportunities in MMT and P2P and analysis of trends
- strategies benefiting businesses consumers and economies
- requirements for success for different players in the market

The report input and output:
Clarion Strat-eVis identifies opportunities and critical success factors in the changing landscape to help Operators, Financial Organisations and Regulators position for success, using intelligence from Clarion events as a platform to deep dive into information from hundreds of proprietary sources, paid subscriptions and the www, consolidated into a concise, industry wide, independent expert point of view.

Using the report:
There is no “cookie cutter” solution for MMT across the whole of continental Africa, therefore the Strat-eVis report explains the nuts and bolts of the MMT market and gives sound independent advice to build on solid foundations to succeed in your own unique markets, including the business case planning, agent management, regulator communication strategies, case studies and lots more (see table of contents below).

How the report helps you:

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About the report

About the Author

- Africa's own success story
- Using the strategy snapshot and report
- Where the market is heading
- Accelerator and Brakes – Africa, NFC, and Regulators
- The road ahead
- The next destination
- Strategic recommendations
- High impact issues
- Customer Relationship Management
- International remittances
- New era of data
- The way forward – strategic partnerships
- Successful strategic partnerships
- Recommendations for each strategic partner
- Mobile Network Operator
- Financial Organisation
- Money Transfer and Card Acquiring Operators
- Telecommunications regulators
- Financial and telecommunication regulators

- The eterminants of potential
- Longer term potential
- Forecasts for Mobile Money Transfer
- The dominance of prepaid mobiles
- Youth
- Gender and entrepreneurship
- Poverty and illiteracy
- The unbanked
- Strengths and weaknesses of mobile money
- Challenges facing mobile money and what to do about it
- How mobile money helps
- Opportunities – financial inclusion and security
- Market structure – Mobile Money Transfer
- Network effects
- Requirements to implement MMT
- Resistors in implementing MMT
- Case Study, learning from PayPal
- Learning from post launch strategies of PayPal

- Customer needs
- Economics of text versus over the counter cash
- Market maturity
- The situation in African markets
- Competitive implications
- The sub-scale trap for new entrants
- Strategic implications of market maturity
- Data implications of market maturity
- Finding the good and bad customer
- Customers who buy higher value services
- The key analysis question
- Regulatory interest in data
- Main data flows in the mature market

- Success factors for Mobile Money Transfer MMT by category
- Economic / social / cultural success factors
- Financial success factors
- Telecommunications market success factors
- Government / Regulator success factors
- Competitive success factors
- Critical underlying demand for MMT

- Deployment trends in Africa
- Deployment trends and multi-country
- Mobile Network Operators
- Deployment trends and the Banks
- MNOs looking to extend MMT to other countries

- Relative strengths and weaknesses
- Effective partnership models
- Strategic opportunities for partnerships
- International remittances market
- The size of remittance flows
- How the remittance market is served
- Regulators role in remittance
- Money Transfer Operators opportunities in remittances
- Bank opportunities in remittances
- Banking core competency and its implications
- Mobile Network Operators opportunities in remittances
- Remittance needs, the gap and opportunity
- Strategies of remittance players

- The business case
- Payback
- Profitable level of customer activity
- Where the business benefit lies
- M-Pesa Case Study
- Key market factors in the business case
- Requirements for operator success
- The importance of Airtime resellers
- Key questions for successful deployment planning
- Customer recruitment
- Agent management
- Operational factors
- Marketing
- Agents: main success factors
- Working with agents
- Recruiting agents
- Value proposition
- End customer marketing
- Cash management and liquidity
- Requirements for a successful money merchant
- Examples of agent P&L
- Regulatory and government impact
- The financial regulator
- Telecommunications regulator
- Regulatory strategies
- Regulatory scenarios
- Operator strategies for managing regulation
- Timings of responses
- Regulatory impact on the structure of services


- Consumer response, mobile, e- m-banking,payments
- Mobile money and emerging markets
- Country studies of mobile money
- Payments
- Remittances
- Regulation
- Telecommunications industry - general and Africa
- Impact on economic development

List of Tables and Figures:


table 1: Key factors making the African MMT market accelerate ahead
table 2: Factors that will hit the brakes and strangle development
table 3: Negligible momentum from NFC Technology for now
table 4: Acquire CRM skills from 3 types of partner
table 5: Mobile Network Operators should focus on
table 6: Financial Organisations should focus on
table 7: Money Transfer / Card Acquiring Operators should focus on
table 8: Telecommunications regulators should focus on
table 9: Financial and telecommunications regulators should focus on
table 10: Applications working in emerging markets
table 11: Attractive characteristics for MMT in continental Africa
table 12: longer term potential from Mobile payments
table 13: The determinants of growth for MMT (includes P2P)
table 14: Prepaid mobile penetration, global, developing, Africa
table 15: Youth statistics
table 16: Financial exclusion and distribution
table 17: Requirements for implementing MMT
table 18: Reasons for regulation blocking MMT initiatives
table 19: Post launch lessons from PayPal case study
table 20: MMT Customer need
table 21: Suggested fixed measure of critical mass
table 22: Suppliers at risk
table 23: Social circle money lender
table 24: Economic social cultural success factors
table 25: Financial success factors
table 26: Telco success factors
table 27: Government / Regulator success factors
table 28: Competitive success factors
table 29: Synergies between Bank and MNO
table 30: Conclusions about Banks and Mobile Network Operators
table 31: Banking advantages in moving money globally
table 32: Dependencies in the business case for MMT
table 33: 3 major indirect benefits of mobile money
table 34: Market factors forming part of MMT business case
table 35: How to establish info-channels from airtime resellers
table 36: Deployment planning, customer recruitment
table 37: Deployment planning, agent recruitment and management
table 38: Deployment planning, operational factors
table 39: Deployment planning, marketing factors
table 40: Working with agents
table 41: Recruitment process
table 42: Establishing value proposition
table 43: Marketing to the end customer
table 44: Managing cash and liquidity
table 45: Requirements for successful m-merchant
table 46: Agent P&L revenues in US$
table 47: Agent P&L profit in US$
table 48: Regulatory opportunity to verify population ID
table 49: Other significant interest areas for regulators
table 50: Factors that moderate the regulators response
table 51: Regulatory scenario
table 52: Approach to communicating with regulators


Figure 1: Layers and money flow in a MMT system
Figure 2: Network effects and the main layers in MMT
Figure 3: Main data flows in the mature market

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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