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Search "Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering" returned 50 results.


Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering

The applications of electromagnetic phenomena within electrical engineering have been evolving and progressing at a fast pace. In contrast, the underlying principles have been stable for a long time...

August 2008

Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering. Edition No. 4

This market leading classic is a true comprehensive on-the-job reference, covering all aspects of getting electricity from the source to user via the power grid. Electric power transmission and distribution...

December 2011

Integral Methods in Low-Frequency Electromagnetics

A modern presentation of integral methods in low-frequency electromagnetics This book provides state-of-the-art knowledge on integral methods in low-frequency electromagnetics. Blending theory with...

July 2009

Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration. 3rd Edition

An updated guide to GNSS, and INS, and solutions to real-world GNSS/INS problems with Kalman filtering Written by recognized authorities in the field, this third edition of a landmark work provides...

March 2013

High Voltage Protection for Telecommunications. IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering

Sets forth the steps needed to protect critical telecommunications circuits from power faults and lightning in high voltage environments The need to protect telecommunications circuits from power...

November 2011

Field Computation for Accelerator Magnets. Analytical and Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Design and Optimization

Written by a leading expert on the electromagnetic design and engineering of superconducting accelerator magnets, this book offers the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date. In concise...

March 2010

Electric Power Systems. 5th Edition

Electric power systems are going through a period of dramatic change with the need to reduce environmental impact, provide a secure supply of power to an increasing world population while aging infrastructure...

August 2012

The Foundations of Signal Integrity

The first book to focus on the electromagnetic basis of signal integrity The Foundations of Signal Integrity is the first of its kind—a reference that examines the physical foundation of system integrity...

November 2009

Polarimetric Scattering and SAR Information Retrieval

Taking an innovative look at Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), this practical reference fully covers new developments in SAR and its various methodologies and enables readers to interpret SAR imagery An...

May 2013

Electrical Energy Conversion and Transport. An Interactive Computer-Based Approach. 2nd Edition. IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering

Provides relevant material for engineering students and practicing engineers who want to learn the basics of electrical power transmission, generation, and usage This Second Edition of Electrical...

July 2013
FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design - Product Thumbnail Image

FinFET Modeling for IC Simulation and Design

This book is the first to explain FinFET modeling for IC simulation and the industry standard - BSIM-CMG - describing the rush in demand for advancing the technology from planar to 3D architecture,...

February 2015
High Speed Digital Design High Speed Digital Design - Product Thumbnail Image

High Speed Digital Design

High Speed Digital Design discusses the major factors to consider in designing a high speed digital system and how design concepts affect the functionality of the system as a whole. It will help you...

July 2015

Fusion Plasma Physics. 2nd Edition

This revised and enlarged second edition of the popular textbook and reference contains comprehensive treatments of both the established foundations of magnetic fusion plasma physics and of the newly...

August 2012

Chaos in Electric Drive Systems. Analysis, Control and Application

In Chaos in Electric Drive Systems: Analysis, Control and Application authors Chau and Wang systematically introduce an emerging technology of electrical engineering that bridges abstract chaos theory...

May 2011

Electromagnetism and Interconnections. Advanced Mathematical Tools for Computer-aided Simulation

This book covers the theoretical problems of modeling electrical behavior of the interconnections encountered in everyday electronic products. The coverage shows the theoretical tools of waveform prediction...

January 2009

Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering. Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering

Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering addresses the theory, analysis and design of passive and active RFIC's using Si-based CMOS and Bi-CMOS technologies, and other non-silicon based technologies....

April 2015

Experimental Mechanics of Solids

Experimental solid mechanics is the study of materials to determine their physical properties. This study might include performing a stress analysis or measuring the extent of displacement, shape, strain...

April 2012

Biomedical Engineering Desk Reference

A one-stop Desk Reference, for Biomedical Engineers involved in the ever expanding and very fast moving area; this is a book that will not gather dust on the shelf. It brings together the essential...

March 2009

Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes. Ultrafast Optics and Relaxation Dynamics

A first on ultrafast phenomena in carbon nanostructures like graphene, the most promising candidate for revolutionizing information technology and communication The book introduces the reader into...

April 2013
Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight - Product Thumbnail Image

Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight

Emerging Medical Technologies (EMT) Spotlight ® is a resource for strategic marketing, market research, business development, and investment executives seeking discreet and detailed business, market,...

May 2015
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