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Search "Introduction to Optimum Design. Edition No" returned 16 results.

Introduction to Optimum Design. Edition No. 3

Introduction to Optimum Design 3e describes an organized approach to engineering design optimization in a rigorous yet simplified manner. It illustrates various concepts and procedures with simple examples...

October 2011

Industrial and Process Furnaces. Edition No. 2

Furnaces sit at the core of all branches of manufacture and industry, so it is vital that these are designed and operated safely and effi-ciently. This reference provides all of the furnace theory needed...

October 2013

HAZOP: Guide to Best Practice. Edition No. 3

HAZOP: Guide to Best Practice, 3rd Edition describes and illustrates the HAZOP study method, highlighting a variety of proven uses and approaches. This updated edition brings additional experience with...

April 2015

Worldwide DC-DC Portable Power Converter IC Forecasts Applications, Amperages, Products and Competitive Environment - Twelfth Edition Power Packs for Portable Electronic Devices: Worldwide Forecasts, Applications, Chemistries, Threats and Competitive

This twelfth-edition report, “Worldwide DC-DC Portable Power Converter IC Forecasts Applications, Amperages, Products and Competitive Environment,” provides detailed, quantitative forecasts for near-term...

July 2013

Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation. 2nd Edition

The new edition of this book greatly updates and expands the previous edition. It boasts new chapters on the divided wall column and carbon dioxide capture from stack gas, revises the design and control...

May 2013

Cold-Formed Steel Design. 4th Edition

The definitive text in the field, thoroughly updated and expanded Hailed by professionals around the world as the definitive text on the subject, Cold-Formed Steel Design is an indispensable resource...

October 2010

Wind Energy Explained. Theory, Design and Application. 2nd Edition

Wind energy’s bestselling textbook- fully revised. This must-have second edition includes up-to-date data, diagrams, illustrations and thorough new material on: - the fundamentals of wind turbine...

December 2009

Engineering Optimization. Theory and Practice. 4th Edition

Technology/Engineering/Mechanical Helps you move from theory to optimizing engineering systems in almost any industry Now in its Fourth Edition, Professor Singiresu Rao's acclaimed text Engineering...

July 2009

Reinforced Plastics Handbook. Edition No. 3

In this 3rd Edition of the Reinforced Plastics Handbook the authors have continued the approach of the late John Murphy, author of the first and second editions.The book provides a compendium of information...

December 2004

Advanced Optical Flow Cytometry. Methods and Disease Diagnoses

A detailed look at the latest research in non-invasive in vivo cytometry and its applications, with particular emphasis on novel biophotonic methods, disease diagnosis, and monitoring of disease treatment...

April 2011

Solar Energy Conversion. Edition No. 2

A large number of solar cell and solar cell systems are described in this volume. The theory of their operation, their design and the levels of their performance is discussed. Originally the book appeared...

January 1995

Liquid Filtration. Edition No. 2

This book is a state-of-the-art review of liquid filtration in the chemical process and allied industries. Interpretations of the phenomenological observations of the hydrodynamics of filtration are...

August 1998

Process Selection. Edition No. 2

The definitive practical guide to choosing the optimum manufacturing process, written for students and engineers. Process Selection provides engineers with the essential technological and economic...

June 2003

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Processes. Edition No. 2

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Processes, Second Edition presents the principles of chemical kinetics, reactor design, and the mechanism of biological treatment processes. This book provides the...

January 1984

Chemical Reactor Design and Operation. 2nd Edition

Chemical Reactor Design and Operation K. R. Westerterp, W. P. M. van Swaaij and A. A. C. M. Beenackers Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratories, Twente University of Technology, Enschede, The Netherlands...

October 1987

Environmental Statistics. Methods and Applications. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

In modern society, we are ever more aware of the environmental issues we face, whether these relate to global warming, depletion of rivers and oceans, despoliation of forests, pollution of land, poor...

December 2003
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