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Search "Photonic Measurement. Principles and Applications" returned 19 results.


Photonic Sensing. Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring. Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering

A cutting-edge look at safety and security applications of photonic sensors With its many superior qualities, photonic sensing technology is increasingly used in early-detection and early-warning...

October 2012

Food Microstructures. Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

The development of high-quality foods with desirable properties for both consumers and the food industry requires a comprehensive understanding of food systems and the control and rational design of...

October 2013

Fiber Bragg Gratings. Edition No. 2

- Provides an overview of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), from fundamentals to applications - Evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of particular applications, methods and techniques - Contains...

December 2009

Photonic Waveguides. ISTE

This book presents the principles of non-linear integrated optics. The first objective is to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of integrated optics so that they may be able to develop...

April 2009

Porous Silicon in Practice. Preparation, Characterization and Applications

By means of electrochemical treatment, crystalline silicon can be permeated with tiny, nanostructured pores that entirely change the characteristics and properties of the material. One prominent example...

November 2011

Organic Optoelectronics

Written by internationally recognized experts in the field with academic as well as industrial experience, this book concisely yet systematically covers all aspects of the topic. The monograph...

January 2013

Thermal Infrared Sensors. Theory, Optimisation and Practice

The problems involved in designing optimal infrared (IR) measuring systems under given conditions are commensurately complex. The optical set-up and radiation conditions, the interaction between sensor...

January 2011

Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensors. Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering

This book describes the latest development in optical fiber devices, and their applications to sensor technology. Optical fiber sensors, an important application of the optical fiber, have experienced...

October 2012
Optical Sensors Technology Developments and Growth Opportunities Optical Sensors Technology Developments and Growth Opportunities - Product Thumbnail Image

Optical Sensors Technology Developments and Growth Opportunities

Technical Advances Encourage Adoption in Various Fields Photonic sensors, signal processors, and communication technologies continue to make headway as viable alternatives to electronics. Fiber...

October 2003

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors. Fundamentals and Applications

This is a modern introductory book on sensors, combining underlying theory with bang up to date topics such as nanotechnology. The text is suitable for graduate students and research scientists with...

September 2012

Optical Devices in Ophthalmology and Optometry. Technology, Design Principles and Clinical Applications

Medical technology is a fast growing field. This new title gives a comprehensive review of modern optical technologies alongside their clinical deployment. It bridges the technology and clinical domains...

January 2014

SOI Lubistors. Lateral, Unidirectional, Bipolar-type Insulated-gate Transistors

Advanced level consolidation of the technology, physics and design aspects of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) lubistors No comprehensive description of the physics and possible applications of the Lubistor...

November 2013

Fibre-Optic Communications. ISTE

This book describes in a comprehensive manner the components and systems of fiber optic communications and networks.?The first?section explains the theory?of multimode and single-mode fibers, then the...

October 2008

Handbook of Optical Fibre Sensing Technology

The pursuit of more efficient telecommunications has resulted in a major research push towards communication systems that are lighter, faster, more reliable and cheaper. This has given rise to great...

March 2002

Nanophotonics. ISTE

Nanophotonicsis a comprehensive introduction to the emerging area concerned with controlling and shaping optical fields at a subwavelength scale. Photonic crystals and microcavities are extensively...

June 2006

Physics, Chemistry and Technology of Solid State Gas Sensor Devices. Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications

Of related interest... LASER IONIZATION MASS ANALYSIS Edited by Akos Vertes, Renaat Gijbels, and Fred Adams Edited by three of the field's leading authorities and featuring contributions from...

October 1993

Metamaterials. Physics and Engineering Explorations

Leading experts explore the exotic properties and exciting applications of electromagnetic metamaterials Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations gives readers a clearly written, richly...

August 2006

FTTX Concepts and Applications. Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing

This book presents fundamental passive optical network (PON) concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand, design, and build these new access networks. The logical sequence of topics...

February 2006
A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells, Vol 40 A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells, Vol 40 - Product Thumbnail Image

A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells, Vol 40

A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells describes popular techniques along with helpful do's and don't's and computer programs. The volume enables investigators to evaluate confocal...

April 1994
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