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The Fundamental Index. A Better Way to Invest

2008 American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (The PROSE Awards) Finalist/Honorable mention, Business, Finance & Management. The Fundamental Index examines a new approach...

May 2008

A Guide to Equity Index Construction

Equity indexes out-perform the majority of active fund management strategies Not only will this book teach the reader to construct an optimal index, but it will also assist fund managers to ‘know their...

April 2007

Living Streets. Strategies for Crafting Public Space

The only book of its kind to provide an overview of sustainable street design Today, society is moving toward a more sustainable way of life, with cities everywhere aspiring to become high-quality...

March 2012

A Quantitative Framework to Assess the Risk-Reward Profile of Non-Equity Products

At the heart of any investment decision lies the calculation of the risk and rewards of doing so In A Quantitative Framework to Assess the Risk-Reward Profile of Non-Equity Products, bestselling author...

September 2011

The Ivy Portfolio. How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets

A do-it-yourself guide to investing like the renowned Harvard and Yale endowments. The Ivy Portfolio shows step-by-step how to track and mimic the investment strategies of the highly successful Harvard...

April 2009

ValuFocus Investing. A Cash-Loving Contrarian Way to Invest in Stocks. Wiley Finance

A must-read book for investors who prefer to pick stocks based on cash flow facts, not on media hype and fiction How to Pick a Stock is written for the contrarian investor who wants an investing...

November 2012

Trading Basics. Evolution of a Trader. Wiley Trading

Comprehensive coverage of the four major trading styles Evolution of a Trader explores the four trading styles that people use when learning to trade or invest in the stock market. Often, beginners...

December 2012
Weathering the Storm in UK Retail Banking Weathering the Storm in UK Retail Banking - Product Thumbnail Image

Weathering the Storm in UK Retail Banking

The recent banking crisis has prompted calls for a tighter regulatory regime, which together with the harsher economic climate will force banks to adopt new strategies for cost-cutting and revenue maximization...

June 2009

Ben Graham Was a Quant. Raising the IQ of the Intelligent Investor. Wiley Finance

Innovative insights on creating models that will help you become a disciplined intelligent investor The pioneer of value investing, Benjamin Graham, believed in a philosophy that continues to be...

April 2011

Financial Jiu-Jitsu. A Fighter's Guide to Conquering Your Finances

A unique approach to personal finance that tackles money like a jiu-jitsu fighter would tackle an opponent In martial arts and personal finance, fundamentals are important. But while failing in Brazilian...

November 2010

The Business Forecasting Deal. Exposing Myths, Eliminating Bad Practices, Providing Practical Solutions. Wiley and SAS Business Series

Practical-nontechnical-solutions to the problems of business forecasting Written in a nontechnical style, this book provides practical solutions to common business forecasting problems, showing you...

June 2010

The Business of Value Investing. Six Essential Elements to Buying Companies Like Warren Buffett

A blueprint to successful value investing Successful value investors have an ingrained mental framework through which all investments decisions are made. This framework, which stems from the father...

October 2009

Finding #1 Stocks. Screening, Backtesting and Time-Proven Strategies. The Zacks Series

Practical trading tools and techniques developed by Zacks Investment Research While there are many stock trading systems on the market today, that use a variety of different approaches and indicators,...

May 2011

The Stewardship of Wealth. Successful Private Wealth Management for Investors and Their Advisors + Website. Wiley Finance

Indispensable advice for building a lasting financial legacy Building wealth is hard to do, but maintaining that wealth across generations is even more challenging. In The Stewardship of Wealth:...

December 2012

The Retirement Plan Solution. The Reinvention of Defined Contribution. Wiley Finance

Praise For The Retirement Plan Solution "Short, clear, complete, and always interesting. Best book on DC plans and what we should do-now." —Charles D. Ellis, author, Winning the Loser's Game "At...

July 2009

Active Value Investing. Making Money in Range-Bound Markets. Wiley Finance

A strategy to profit when markets are range bound–which is half of the time One of the most significant challenges facing today’s active investor is how to make money during the times when markets...

October 2007

Andrew Mchattie On Covered Warrants: New Opportunities in an Exciting New Market

The traditional company warrants market is set to be eclipsed by a new market which should offer huge opportunities for active investors. Revised regulations have paved the way for a new 'covered warrants'...

January 2002

Getting Started in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Getting Started In.....

AN ACCESSIBLE INTRODUCTION TO ETFs GETTING STARTED IN Exchange Traded Funds "Todd Lofton delivers what he promises with an approach and advice that has the footprint of an experienced trader....

February 2007

Coach Yourself to Success. Winning the Investment Game

Praise for Coach Yourself to Success "Knowing how to make money and hold onto your money has never been easy. Joe's strategies are clear, accessible, and performance based. Joe, thanks for taking...

July 2005

The Science of Success. How Market-Based Management Built the World's Largest Private Company

Praise for THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS "Evaluating the success of an individual or company is a lot like judging a trapper by his pelts. Charles Koch has a lot of pelts. He has built Koch Industries into...

March 2007
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