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Search "A Course in Computational Number Theory - DUPLICATE" returned 73 results.

A Course in Computational Number Theory

A Course in Computational Number Theory uses the computer as a tool for motivation and explanation. The book is designed for the reader to quickly access a computer and begin doing personal experiments...

November 2008

Computational Materials Science

Computational Materials Science provides the theoretical basis necessary for understanding atomic surface phenomena and processes of phase transitions, especially crystallization, is given. The most...

November 2013

Fluid Dynamics with a Computational Perspective

Modern fluid dynamics is a combination of traditional methods of theory and analysis and newer methods of computation and numerical simulation. Fluid Dynamics with a Computational Perspective synthesizes...

January 2014

Mathematical and Computational Modeling. With Applications in Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, and the Arts. Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Wiley Series of Texts, Monographs and Tracts

Illustrates the application of mathematical and computational modeling in a variety of disciplines With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical and computational modeling, Mathematical...

June 2015

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. Theory and Selected Applications

Fluidics originated as the description of pneumatic and hydraulic control systems, where fluids were employed (instead of electric currents) for signal transfer and processing. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics:...

February 2014

Complex Analysis. A Modern First Course in Function Theory

A thorough introduction to the theory of complex functions emphasizing the beauty, power, and counterintuitive nature of the subject Written with a reader-friendly approach, Complex Analysis: A Modern...

June 2015

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications

Designed for those who want to gain a practical knowledge of modern computational techniques for the numerical solution of linear algebra problems, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications contains...

October 2014

Modern Physics. Edition No. 2

The second edition of Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers is intended for a first course in modern physics. Beginning with a brief and focused account of the historical events leading to the...

February 2015

Machine Learning. .NET Developers Series

This tutorial text gives a unifying perspective on machine learning by covering both probabilistic and deterministic approaches, which rely on optimization techniques, as well as Bayesian inference,...

March 2015

Introduction to Abstract Algebra. Set. 4th Edition

Praise for the Third Edition ". . . an expository masterpiece of the highest didactic value that has gained additional attractivity through the various improvements . . ."—Zentralblatt MATH The...

November 2012

Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Vibration (30)

During the 20 years that have elapsed since publication of the previous edition of this book, there have been remarkable advances in the art, science, and practice of the design and construction of...

December 2010

Fundamental Concepts in Heterogeneous Catalysis

This book is based on a graduate course and suitable as a primer for any newcomer to the field, this book is a detailed introduction to the experimental and computational methods that are used to study...

December 2014

Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology

This introductory textbook covers fundamental quantum mechanics from an application perspective, considering optoelectronic devices, biological sensors and molecular imagers as well as solar cells and...

April 2015

A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory

Explore the foundations and modern applications of Galois theory Galois theory is widely regarded as one of the most elegant areas of mathematics. A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory develops...

July 2012

Multivariate Density Estimation. Theory, Practice, and Visualization. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics

Clarifies modern data analysis through nonparametric density estimation for a complete working knowledge of the theory and methods Featuring a thoroughly revised presentation, Multivariate Density...

May 2015

Bayesian Inference in the Social Sciences

Presents new models, methods, and techniques and considers important real–world applications in political science, sociology, economics, marketing, and finance Emphasizing interdisciplinary coverage,...

October 2014

Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

This book is intended to serve as a textbook for an entry level graduate course on electromagnetics (first seven chapters) and for an advanced level graduate course on computational electromagnetics...

November 2010

Probability. With Applications and R

An introduction to probability at the undergraduate level Chance and randomness are encountered on a daily basis. Authored by a highly qualified professor in the field, Probability: With Applications...

December 2013

Finite Element Analysis of Structures through Unified Formulation

The finite element method (FEM) is a computational tool widely used to design and analyse  complex structures. Currently, there are a number of different approaches to analysis using the FEM that vary...

September 2014

The Seismoelectric Method. Theory and Application

The seismoelectric method consists of measuring electromagnetic signals associated with the propagation of seismic waves or seismic sources in porous media. This method is useful in an increasing number...

May 2015
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