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Advances in Industrial Biotechnology

This book covers the most comprehensive and recent advances & developments in Industrial Biotechnology. The aim of the book is to provide an authentic account of Biotechnology in industrial applications...

Published:  November 2013

Proteins. Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 2nd Edition

Proteins Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2e is a definitive source of information for all those interested in protein science, and particularly the commercial production and isolation of specific proteins,...

Published:  May 2014
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The Physics of Microdroplets

The Physics of Microdroplets gives the reader the theoretical and numerical tools to understand, explain, calculate, and predict the often nonintuitive observed behavior of droplets in microsystems. Microdrops...

Published:  May 2012

Modern Biopharmaceuticals. Design, Development and Optimization, 4 Volume Set

The biopharmaceutical market has come along way since 1982 when the first biopharmaceutical product, recombinant human insulin, was launched. Over 120 such products are currently being marketed around...

Published:  September 2005

Biotechnology Annual Review, Vol 11

Biotechnology is a diverse, complex and rapidly evolving field. Students and experienced researchers alike face the challenges of staying on top of developments in their field of specialty and maintaining...

Published:  July 2005

Green Polymerization Methods. Renewable Starting Materials, Catalysis and Waste Reduction

Designing polymers and developing polymerization processes that are safe, prevent pollution, and are more efficient in the use of materials and engergy is an important topic in modern chemistry. Today,...

Published:  February 2011

Transgenic Plants. A Production System for Industrial and Pharmaceutical Proteins

Transgenic Plants: A Production System for Industrial and Pharmaceutical Proteins provides a detailed guide to the principles and practice of using transgenic plants as a system for the production of...

Published:  November 1996
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Bioethics for Scientists

Bioethics for Scientists provides an introduction to the ethics of modern life sciences and encompasses a wide range of environmental, social, scientific and medical issues. Subjects such as global...

Published:  March 2002

Enzymes in Industry. Production and Applications. 3rd Edition

Leading experts from all over the world present an overview of the use of enzymes in industry for: – the production of bulk products, such as glucose, or fructose, – food processing and food...

Published:  September 2007

Advances in Biotechnology

The first volume of this Ebook series brings together the most recent advances from leading experts in the burgeoning field of biotechnology. This comprehensive text adopts a multidisciplinary approach...

Published:  January 2009

Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products

Although bioactive compounds in milk and dairy products have been extensively studied during the last few decades especially in human and bovine milks and some dairy products very few publications...

Published:  June 2009
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