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Advances in Enzyme Technology for the Food Industry: A Sourcebook on Technologies with Commercial Potential

- Enzyme reduces cheese bitterness - Fat-like perception enhancer - Recombinant chymosin as a milk-clotting enzyme On almost a daily basis, new developments such as these in the field of enzymology...

Published:  June 2014
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Global Pyridine Market 2016-2020

About Pyridine Pyridines are heterocyclic aromatic compounds, with five carbon atoms and a nitrogen atom. The pyridine ring occurs naturally in biological compounds such as azines and in vitamins...

Published:  April 2016
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Discover the World of Microbes. Bacteria, Archaea, Viruses

This title is an essential primer for all students who need some background in microbiology and want to become familiar with the universal importance of bacteria for all forms of life. Written by...

Published:  November 2011

Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention

Fermented Foods in Health and Disease Prevention is the first scientific reference that addresses the properties of fermented foods in nutrition by examining their underlying microbiology, the specific...

Published:  October 2016

Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology. Edition No. 2

Written by the world's leading scientists and spanning over 400 articles in three volumes, the Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology, Second Edition is a complete, highly structured guide to current knowledge...

Published:  April 2014

Improving the Flavour of Cheese. Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

Flavour is key to the acceptance of cheese products among consumers and is therefore a critical issue for professionals in the dairy industry. However, the manufacture of cheeses that are consistently...

Published:  April 2007

Probiotics and Health Claims

Probiotics have long been at the forefront of the functional food industry, but it is only recently that their health benefits have begun to be demonstrated. These recent findings have helped to provide...

Published:  January 2011
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