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Search "Combinatorial Materials Science - DUPLICATE" returned 82 results.

Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry. In Drug Discovery, Bioorganic Chemistry, and Materials Science

Effective techniques for applying Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry In a relatively short period, Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry (DCC) has grown from proof-of-concept experiments in a few isolated...

January 2010

Combinatorial Materials Science

Combinatorial Materials Science describes new developments and research results in catalysts, biomaterials, and nanomaterials, together with informatics approaches to the analysis of Combinatorial Science...

October 2007

Combinatorial Chemistry: Powerful New Tool for Discovery and Product Development. 2nd Edition (Technical Insights)

Combinatorial chemistry creates vast numbers of compounds by simultaneously reacting a set of components in thousands of different combinations. The technique is continuously altering the way scientists...

May 2002

Informatics for Materials Science and Engineering

Materials informatics: a 'hot topic' area in materials science, aims to combine traditionally bio-led informatics with computational methodologies, supporting more efficient research by identifying...

July 2013

Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology

Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology describes techniques for analyzing distributed algorithms based on award winning combinatorial topology research. The authors present a solid theoretical...

January 2014

Hyaluronic Acid for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is found in extracellular tissue in many parts of the body. It is a material of increasing importance to biomaterials science and is finding applications in diverse areas ranging...

October 2014

Top 10 Drug Discovery Technologies – Strategic Analysis And Global Forecasts

The top 10 drug discovery technologies play a vital role in the growth of the entire pharmaceutical industry as they are the key contributors in the swift introduction of blockbusters and innovative...

November 2010
Advances in Coatings and Surface Modification Technology Advances in Coatings and Surface Modification Technology - Product Thumbnail Image

Advances in Coatings and Surface Modification Technology

Practically every manufactured component requires a coating, for either decorative or protective purposes A coating plays an important role in determining a product’s commercial viability A coating,...

June 2010

High Throughput Screening (HTS) - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for High Throughput Screening (HTS) in US$ Million The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Rest of World...

March 2012

Combinatorial Methods and Informatics in Materials Science: Volume 894. MRS Proceedings

Combinatorial and high-throughput experimental approaches and related informatics, modeling and data-mining methods have permitted researchers to accelerate the pace at which new, complex materials...

May 2006

Lab-On-A-Chip: The Revolution In Portable Instrumentation, 4th Edition (Technical Insights)

Research into making laboratory instruments that fit on chips of material such as silicon and plastic is growing at a rapid rate and has become one of the most important areas of investigation in...

January 2002

Theory of Computational Complexity. 2nd Edition. Wiley Series in Discrete Mathematics and Optimization

Praise for the First Edition "...complete, up-to-date coverage of computational complexity theory...the book promises to become the standard reference on computational complexity." -Zentralblatt...

July 2014
Nanobiotechnology Applications, Markets and Companies Nanobiotechnology Applications, Markets and Companies - Product Thumbnail Image

Nanobiotechnology Applications, Markets and Companies

Nanotechnology is the creation and utilization of materials, devices, and systems through the control of matter on the nanometer-length scale (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Nanobiotechnology,...

July 2015

Combinatorial and Artificial Intelligence Methods in Materials Science II: Volume 804. MRS Proceedings

Over the past two years, combinatorial and artificial intelligence methods in materials science have become more accepted as a means to synthesize, test, characterize, and predict promising candidate...

March 2004

Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology

Written by experts in both mathematics and biology, Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology offers a bridge between math and biology, providing a framework for simulating, analyzing,...

March 2015

Handbook of Combinatorial Chemistry. Drugs, Catalysts, Materials. 2 Volume Set

K.C. Nicolaou - Winner of the Nemitsas Prize 2014 in Chemistry At long last, the mechanism-based and application-oriented handbook of combinatorial chemistry. Since its very beginning, research...

March 2002

Isocyanide Chemistry. Applications in Synthesis and Material Science

The efficacy of isocyanide reactions in the synthesis of natural or naturallike products has resulted in a renaissance of isocyanide chemistry. Now isocyanides are widely used in different branches...

July 2012

Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis. Concepts, Strategies, and Applications

Presents both the fundamental concepts and the most recent applications in solid-phase organic synthesis With its emphasis on basic concepts, Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis guides readers through...

February 2012

Elementary Number Theory with Programming

This book expertly bridges the subjects of number theory and programming and features a multitude of examples and programming exercises in each chapter.  It provides an introduction to elementary number...

June 2015

Advanced Energy Materials. Advanced Material Series

An essential resource for scientists designing new energy materials for the vast landscape of solar energy conversion as well as materials processing and characterization Based on the new and fundamental...

April 2014
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