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Business Opportunities in the Retail Buildings Construction Market in BRIC

The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights on the BRIC retail building construction industry including: - In-depth analysis of the retail building construction market in...

Published:  June 2012
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Brazil Food and Drink Report Q1 2015

We expect real private consumption growth in Brazil to remain moderate in the coming quarters, in line with our full-year forecast of 2.3%, up from 1.7% in 2013. This is underpinned by or view that...

Published:  November 2014

Brazil Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2015

With a focus on increasing foreign investment, an expansion of telehealth and a steadily growing burden of chronic diseases, Brazil will continue to offer commercial opportunities as the demand for...

Published:  June 2015

Brazil Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q1 2016

Brazil's pharmaceutical market will become increasingly unattractive to pharmaceutical companies due to the growing fiscal tightening in the country. Multinational drugmakers will face the risk of revenue...

Published:  December 2015

Brazil Agribusiness Report Q1 2015

BMI View: We believe that grains production growth over the next five years will slow relative to the preceding five. Nevertheless, we forecast strong grains production growth through to the end of...

Published:  December 2014

Global Athletic Footwear Retail Industry 2012-2017: Trends, Profits and Forecast Analysis

The global athletic footwear retail industry, which has experienced good growth over the last five years, is anticipated to continue its growth momentum, reaching approximately US $51 billion by 2017...

Published:  February 2012
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Analyzing the Global Food Retail Industry

The global food retail industry has been experiencing steady growth in the last couple of years. With a marked change in customer preference, a sharp move towards online shopping, rising global population...

Published:  January 2016
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Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Report 2013

Global B2C E-Commerce grows at 20% annually, boosting the expansion of online and mobile payment methods. The recent ""Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Report 2013"" provides information about...

Published:  May 2013
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PharmaHandbook: BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) 2013 Edition

Brazil, Russia, India, China They share an acronym and rapid growth rates but otherwise the Big 4 Emerging Markets don't have a lot in common With extensive data and analysis on the structural, regulatory...

Published:  July 2013
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Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2016

The report shows that worldwide, more than 50% of online shoppers purchased clothing items last year. In terms of share of online purchasers, clothing is the number one category bought in Brazil, China,...

Published:  August 2016
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Global M-Commerce 2015: Smartphones & Tablets

While computers remain the device most used for shopping online, mobile has become a close second. Smartphones and tablets are the favorite mobile devices to use in M-Commerce, with their frequency...

Published:  March 2015
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Internet Media & Services in Brazil

This 28 page industry report offers outlook for the Internet media sector in Brazil. It covers key areas such as industry structure, Industry size, adspend analysis, online audience, and the competitive...

Published:  September 2014
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Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Market 2014

This comprehensive new report on online retail sales worldwide tells of continued growth and trends in the industry. The report, titled “Global B2C E-Commerce and Online Payment Market 2014” sees slowing...

Published:  October 2014
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Global B2C E-Commerce Sales & Shares Report 2013

Global B2C E-Commerce annual sales getting near one trillion Euros in 2013. “Global B2C E-Commerce Sales and Shares Report 2013”, provides detailed information on the continued development of electronic...

Published:  July 2013
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Global Farm Equipment Market Report: 2012 Edition

A marked feature of today's ever growing demand for higher agricultural production, which is pivotal for the survival of mankind, is the technological innovation providing advance machinery and tools...

Published:  August 2012
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Online Retail in Emerging Markets 2016

The publication cites forecasts indicating that emerging markets will lead in online sales growth rates. In some economically emerging regions of the world online retail is as low as one-digit percentage...

Published:  July 2016
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Internet Sector in Brazil

This 76 page report provides a detailed overview of the Internet sector in Brazil. The report covers industry size, structure, competitive environment and regulatory regime. It is aimed at investors,...

Published:  January 2012
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The Wireless M2M & IoT Bible: 2014 – 2020 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts

Despite its low ARPU, the wireless M2M market has become a key focus of many mobile network operators as their traditional voice and data markets become saturated Likewise, government and regulatory...

Published:  May 2014
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Brazil Food & Drink Report Q1 2012

Business Monitor International's Brazil Food and Drink Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, food and drink associations, government departments and regulatory...

Published:  November 2011

China Sportswear Industry Report, 2013-2016

The sportswear mainly consists of sports footwear, sports apparel and accessories USA, China, Japan and Brazil are the four largest sportswear markets around the globe, with revenue sharing more than...

Published:  October 2013
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