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Search "Environmental Engineering : Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design - DUPLICATE" returned 50 results.


Environmental Engineering. Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design. 2nd Edition

Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design presents civil engineers with an introduction to chemistry and biology, through a mass and energy balance approach. ABET required topics...

April 2014

Sustainable Design Through Process Integration

This timely book provides authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow coverage of the fundamental concepts and practical techniques on the use of process integration to maximize the efficiency...

November 2011

Principles of Water Treatment

Principles of Water Treatment has been developed from the best selling reference work Water Treatment, 3rd edition by the same author team. It maintains the same quality writing, illustrations, and...

December 2012

Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems. A Systems Perspective to the Development of Civil Engineering Facilities

This book presents an integrated systems approach to the evaluation, analysis, design, and maintenance of civil engineering systems. Addressing recent concerns about the world's aging civil infrastructure...

May 2014
Biohydrogen Biohydrogen - Product Thumbnail Image


This book provides in-depth information on basic and applied aspects of biohydrogen production. It begins with an introduction to the topic, and follows with the basic scientific aspects of biohydrogen...

June 2013

Sustainable Water for the Future, Vol 2. Sustainability Science and Engineering

This book is part of a series on sustainability. Specifically, it deals with the issue of sustainable water use. Fresh sources of potable water are being depleted across the world. Pure water is the...

October 2009

Food and Package Engineering

For the first time, engineering for the packaging industry – and for the biggest packaging user, food processing – is presented in a way that clearly demonstrates its interconnected, globally integrated...

July 2011

EXERGY. Edition No. 2

This book deals with exergy and its applications to various energy systems and applications as a potential tool for design, analysis and optimization, and its role in minimizing and/or eliminating environmental...

November 2012
Solar Energy Engineering. Edition No. 2 Solar Energy Engineering. Edition No. 2 - Product Thumbnail Image

Solar Energy Engineering. Edition No. 2

Energy policy promoting sustainable development is transforming global energy markets. Solar power, the most abundant of all renewable resources, is crucial to greater achieving energy security and...

January 2014

Automotive Engineering

A one-stop reference for automotive and other engineers involved in vehicle and automotive technologies. The book provides essential information on each of the main automotive systems (engines; powertrain...

September 2009

Process Intensification. Edition No. 2. Isotopes in Organic Chemistry

Process Intensification: Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility is the first book to provide a practical working guide to understanding process intensification (PI) and developing...

June 2013

Architectural Technology. 2nd Edition

Since the publication of the first edition of Architectural Technology, in 2002, there have been significant developments in the number of courses, the profile of the discipline as well as significant...

April 2012

Metropolitan Sustainability. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy

Global populations have grown rapidly in recent decades, leading to ever increasing demands for shelter, resources, energy and utilities. Coupled with the worldwide need to achieve lower impact buildings...

September 2012

Green Chemistry and Engineering. A Pathway to Sustainability

Although many were skeptical of the green chemistry movement at first, it has become a multimillion-dollar business. In preventing the creation of hazardous wastes, laboratories and corporations can...

December 2013
Building Physics and Applied Building Physics - Package Building Physics and Applied Building Physics - Package - Product Thumbnail Image

Building Physics and Applied Building Physics - Package

Bad experiences with construction quality, the energy crises of 1973 and 1979, complaints about "sick buildings", thermal, acoustical, visual and olfactory discomfort, the need for good air quality,...

August 2012

Energy, Sustainability and the Environment

The complexity of carbon reduction and economic sustainability is significantly complicated by competing aspects of socioeconomic practices as well as legislative, regulatory, and scientific requirements...

May 2011

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook. Set (4 Volumes). 4th Edition

More and more engineers increasingly find themselves in a diverse set of industries covering a wide range of functions. No one engineer can be a specialist in every discipline. The Kutz Mechanical Engineer’s...

March 2015

Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry

The global fine and speciality chemicals industry is a vital segment within the chemical value chain, catering to a multitude of societal and industrial needs. Regulatory, sustainability and consumer...

April 2014

Green Outcomes in the Real World - Global Forces, Local Circumstances, and Sustainable Solutions

Over the last three decades the world economy has grown strongly on the back of 'globalization' supported by the policies of free-trade, open markets and privatisation Over a similar period support...

October 2010

Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology. 2nd Edition

This second edition of a bestselling textbook offers an instructive and comprehensive overview of our current knowledge of biocatalysis and enzyme technology. The book now contains about 40% more...

October 2012
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