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Environmental Engineering. Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design. 2nd Edition

Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design presents civil engineers with an introduction to chemistry and biology, through a mass and energy balance approach. ABET required topics...

Published:  April 2014

Sustainability in the Design, Synthesis and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Processes

Sustainability in the Design, Synthesis and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Processes is an edited collection of contributions from leaders in their field. It takes a holistic view of sustainability...

Published:  June 2016

Principles of Water Treatment

By A bestselling author team the must–have reference on water treatment principles for students From the same distinguished author team that brought you the bestselling reference Water Treatment...

Published:  December 2012

Bioprocess Engineering. Edition No. 2

Bioprocess Engineering: Kinetics, Sustainability, and Reactor Design, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive resource on bioprocess kinetics, bioprocess systems, sustainability, and reaction engineering....

Published:  October 2016

Wetlands for Water Pollution Control. Edition No. 2

Wetlands for Water Pollution Control, Second Edition, covers the fundamental science and engineering principles relevant to the drainage and treatment of both storm and wastewater. Standard and novel...

Published:  November 2015

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, 4 Volume Set. 4th Edition

More and more engineers increasingly find themselves in a diverse set of industries covering a wide range of functions. No one engineer can be a specialist in every discipline. The Kutz Mechanical Engineer’s...

Published:  March 2015

Sustainable Design Through Process Integration

This timely book provides authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow coverage of the fundamental concepts and practical techniques on the use of process integration to maximize the efficiency...

Published:  November 2011
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Sustainable Solid Waste Management. A Systems Engineering Approach. IEEE Press Series on Systems Science and Engineering

A comprehensive guide on solid waste management Interactions between human activities and the environment are complicated and often difficult to quantify. In many occasions, judging where the optimal...

Published:  April 2015

The Science and Technology of Flexible Packaging. Plastics Design Library

The Science and Technology of Flexible Packaging: Multilayer Films from Resin and Process to End Use provides a comprehensive guide to the use of plastic films in flexible packaging, covering scientific...

Published:  September 2016

Fundamentals of Building Construction. Materials and Methods. 6th Edition

The latest updated edition of the #1 reference on building construction For the nuts and bolts on building construction practices and materials, thousands of professionals and students of architecture,...

Published:  November 2013

Data Center Handbook

Provides the fundamentals, technologies, and best practices in designing, constructing and managing mission critical, energy efficient data centers Organizations in need of high–speed connectivity...

Published:  January 2015

Solar Energy Engineering. Edition No. 2

Energy policy promoting sustainable development is transforming global energy markets. Solar power, the most abundant of all renewable resources, is crucial to greater achieving energy security and...

Published:  January 2014

Gasification for Synthetic Fuel Production. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy

Gasification involves the conversion of carbon sources without combustion to syngas, which can be used as a fuel itself or further processed to synthetic fuels. The technology provides a potentially...

Published:  October 2014

Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems. A Systems Perspective to the Development of Civil Engineering Facilities

This book presents an integrated systems approach to the evaluation, analysis, design, and maintenance of civil engineering systems. Addressing recent concerns about the world's aging civil infrastructure...

Published:  May 2014

Total Facility Management. 4th Edition

The importance of effective facility management in enabling organizations to function efficiently is widely recognized. The fourth edition of Total Facility Management offers a comprehensive treatment...

Published:  February 2015

Sustainable Water Engineering. Theory and Practice

Ensuring safe and plentiful supplies of potable water (both now and for future generations) and developing sustainable treatment processes for wastewater are among the world s greatest engineering...

Published:  May 2014


This book provides in-depth information on basic and applied aspects of biohydrogen production. It begins with an introduction to the topic, and follows with the basic scientific aspects of biohydrogen...

Published:  June 2013

Traffic Engineering Handbook. 7th Edition

THE GO–TO TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING REFERENCE, FULLY UPDATED AND REVISED Traffic Engineering Handbook, Seventh Edition has been revised to reflect the most current state of the field, while retaining...

Published:  February 2016

Sustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry

The global fine and speciality chemicals industry is a vital segment within the chemical value chain, catering to a multitude of societal and industrial needs. Regulatory, sustainability and consumer...

Published:  April 2014

Metropolitan Sustainability. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy

Global populations have grown rapidly in recent decades, leading to ever increasing demands for shelter, resources, energy and utilities. Coupled with the worldwide need to achieve lower impact buildings...

Published:  September 2012
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