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Electric Vehicles in East Asia 2012-2022

The Largest Market And Production Location For Electric Vehicles 56% of the value of sales of electric vehicles is and will remain in East Asia and cars only account for about half of the value of the...

Published:  March 2012
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Electric Vehicles for Military, Police & Security 2012-2022

This brand new IDTechEx report concerns electric vehicles for military, security and police duty Even excluding regular cars minimally modified for such use and the huge development contracts, the IDTechEx...

Published:  January 2012
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Electric UAVs 2014-2024

Fixed Wing, Airship, Vtol, Quadcopter, Drone, Amphibians/Diving, Bat, Bird, Fly Thousands of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be deployed in the next few years for both civil and military missions....

Published:  September 2014
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Analysis of Energy Harvesting Applications

Covering Over 170 Cases From 33 Countries AMBIENT ENERGY Energy harvesting is the use of ambient energy to provide electricity for small and or mobile equipment, whether electrical or electronic....

Published:  July 2012
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