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K Sera Sera Productions Limited Acquisition Manual

The Acquisition Manual on K Sera Sera Productions Limited is published for two purposes, firstly to identify the company as a potential acquisition target and secondly, to fully analyse all aspects...

Published:  September 2016

Triton Holding PCL

A textual analysis of the financial results for Triton Holding PCL compared to selected competitors. Also included are quantitative analyses of the company's financial statements, extensive ratio analyses...

Published:  August 2016
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Universe International Holdings Limited

A textual analysis of the financial results for Universe International Holdings Limited compared to selected competitors. Also included are quantitative analyses of the company's financial statements,...

Published:  February 2015

Global Influenza Market - Vaccines and Therapeutics

The influenza virus has been implicated in infecting millions of individuals on an annual basis, with vaccination programs against seasonal influenza infections necessitating the manufacture of hundreds...

Published:  March 2016
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Electricity in Southern Africa

Since 1995 most of the countries of southern Africa have shared a regional electricity system, the Southern African Power Pool, that allows them to exchange power, and maintain greater electricity system...

Published:  February 2014

Opportunity Analysis of H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccination Market

H1N1 Influenza A (2009) is the first pandemic influenza of 21st century affecting more than more than four lac people in more than 180 countries across the globe in 2009 The flu broke in Mexico in the...

Published:  November 2009
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Regenerative Medicine Markets

Regenerative medicine is a way of treating injured and diseased human tissue by using laboratory-grown or therapeutically-induced human tissue as a replacement As such, astounding new advancements in...

Published:  March 2013
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Biodetection Technologies 2013: Technological Advances in Detection & Identification of Biological Threats - 21st International Conference - Webinar

BIODETECTION TECHNOLOGIES 2013 - the 21st conference in our Detection Technologies conference series - is an internationally recognized meeting for experts in detection & identification of biological...

Published:  June 2013

India - Media Industry Profile

This 260 page report provides an in depth profile of the media industry in India. The report includes a country profile and chapters analysing advertising expenditure, television, radio, newspapers,...

Published:  March 2007
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Europe Company Reports Database

The Europe Company Reports Database consists of the full-text of interim, quarterly, annual and other reports from over 5,024 public companies listed on the major European stock exchanges. Highlights: -...

Published:  July 2016
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