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Mathematics of Bioinformatics. Theory, Methods and Applications. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics

Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Methods, and Applications provides a comprehensive format for connecting and integrating information derived from mathematical methods and applying it to the understanding...

Published:  December 2010

Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology

Written by experts in both mathematics and biology, Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology offers a bridge between math and biology, providing a framework for simulating, analyzing,...

Published:  March 2015

Managing Illiquid Assets: Perspectives and Challenges

Illiquid assets constitute a challenging asset class with regards to their valuations and ongoing management The significant and explicit emphasis put on the management and control of liquidity under...

Published:  August 2012

Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis. Wiley Series in Computational Statistics

Explore the multidisciplinary nature of complex networks through machine learning techniques Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Network Analysis provides an accessible framework for...

Published:  September 2012

Biological Knowledge Discovery Handbook. Preprocessing, Mining and Postprocessing of Biological Data. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics

The first comprehensive overview of preprocessing, mining, and postprocessing of biological data Molecular biology is undergoing exponential growth in both the volume and complexity of biological...

Published:  January 2014

Applied Statistics for Network Biology. Methods in Systems Biology. Quantitative and Network Biology (VCH)

The book introduces to the reader a number of cutting edge statistical methods which can e used for the analysis of genomic, proteomic and metabolomic data sets. In particular in the field of systems...

Published:  April 2011

Elements of Random Walk and Diffusion Processes. Wiley Series in Operations Research and Management Science

Presents an important and unique introduction to random walk theory Random walk is a stochastic process that has proven to be a useful model in understanding discrete-state discrete-time processes...

Published:  November 2013

Essential Bayesian Models

This accessible reference includes selected contributions from Bayesian Thinking - Modeling and Computation, Volume 25 in the Handbook of Statistics Series, with a focus on key methodologies and applications...

Published:  November 2010

Medical Biostatistics for Complex Diseases

A collection of highly valuable statistical and computational approaches designed for developing powerful methods to analyze large-scale high-throughput data derived from studies of complex diseases....

Published:  April 2010

Text Mining. Applications and Theory

Text Mining: Applications and Theory presents the state-of-the-art algorithms for text mining from both the academic and industrial perspectives.  The contributors span several countries and scientific...

Published:  March 2010

Modeling of Living Systems. From Cell to Ecosystem

Modeling is now one of the most efficient methodologies in life sciences. From practice to theory, this book develops this approach illustrated by many examples; general concepts and the current state...

Published:  October 2012

Statistical Diagnostics for Cancer. Analyzing High-Dimensional Data. Quantitative and Network Biology (VCH)

This ready reference discusses different methods for statistically analyzing and validating data created with high-throughput methods. As opposed to other titles, this book focusses on systems approaches,...

Published:  January 2013

Parallel Metaheuristics. A New Class of Algorithms. Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing

Solving complex optimization problems with parallel metaheuristics Parallel Metaheuristics brings together an international group of experts in parallelism and metaheuristics to provide a much-needed...

Published:  October 2005

Biomolecular Networks. Methods and Applications in Systems Biology. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics

Alternative techniques and tools for analyzing biomolecular networks With the recent rapid advances in molecular biology, high-throughput experimental methods have resulted in enormous amounts of...

Published:  July 2009

Handbook of Applied Algorithms. Solving Scientific, Engineering, and Practical Problems

Discover the benefits of applying algorithms to solve scientific, engineering, and practical problems Providing a combination of theory, algorithms, and simulations, Handbook of Applied Algorithms...

Published:  March 2008

Fundamental Probability. A Computational Approach

Probability is a vital measure in numerous disciplines, from bioinformatics and econometrics to finance/insurance and computer science. Developed from a successful course, Fundamental Probability provides...

Published:  February 2006

Protein Bioinformatics. An Algorithmic Approach to Sequence and Structure Analysis

Genomics and bioinformatics play an increasingly important and transformative role in medicine, society and agriculture. The mapping of the human genome has revealed 35,000 or so genes which might code...

Published:  December 2003

Aquaporins, Vol 51. Current Topics in Membranes

Aquaporins summarizes the present knowledge in this expanding field of research, starting with the structural analysis of water channel proteins. Subsequent chapters begin with mammalian aquaporins,...

Published:  April 2001
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