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Search "Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry - DUPLICATE" returned 29 results.


Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry

Providing the unique and vital link between the worlds of electrochemistry and nanomaterials, this reference and handbook covers advances in electrochemistry through the nanoscale control of electrode...

February 2008

Synthetic Diamond Films. Preparation, Electrochemistry, Characterization and Applications. The Wiley Series on Electrocatalysis and Electrochemistry

The book gives an overview on the current development status of synthetic diamond films and their applications. Its initial part is devoted to discuss the different types of conductive diamond electrodes...

July 2011

Nanostructured Conductive Polymers

Providing a vital link between nanotechnology and conductive polymers, this book covers advances in topics of this interdisciplinary area. In each chapter, there is a discussion of current research...

June 2010

Chemically Modified Electrodes. Volume 11. Advances in Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering

With contributions from an international group of expert authors, this book includes the latest trends in tailoring interfacial properties electrochemically. The chapters cover various organic and inorganic...

July 2009

Solid State Electrochemistry. Two Volume Set

The only comprehensive two volume handbook on this important and rapidly developing topic combines fundamental information with a brief overview of recent advances in solid state electrochemistry, primarily...

June 2011

Electrochemical Engineering Across Scales, Volume 15. From Molecules to Processes. Advances in Electrochemical Sciences and Engineering

In Volume XV in the series "Advances in Electrochemical Science and Engineering" various leading experts from the field of electrochemical engineering share their insights into how different experimental...

March 2015

Solid State Electrochemistry II. Electrodes, Interfaces and Ceramic Membranes

The ideal addition to the companion volume on fundamentals, methodologies, and applications, this second volume combines fundamental information with an overview of the role of ceramic membranes, electrodes...

April 2011

Fuel Cell Science. Theory, Fundamentals, and Biocatalysis. The Wiley Series on Electrocatalysis and Electrochemistry

A comprehensive survey of theoretical andexperimental concepts in fuel cell chemistry Fuel cell science is undergoing significant development, thanks, in part, to a spectacular evolution of the electrocatalysis...

October 2010

Electropolymerization. Concepts, Materials and Applications

Providing extensive coverage, including conducting, insulating and electroactive films, this handbook and ready reference deals with introductory topics and fundamentals as well as advanced insights....

July 2010

Materials for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells. New Materials for Sustainable Energy and Development

There are a large number of books available on fuel cells; however, the majority are on specific types of fuel cells such as solid oxide fuel cells, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, or on specific...

January 2015

TMS 2014 143rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Annual Meeting Supplemental Proceedings

These papers present advancements in all aspects of high temperature electrochemistry, from the fundamental to the empirical and from the theoretical to the applied. Topics involving the application...

April 2014

Nanostructured Materials and Systems. Ceramic Transactions, Volume 214. Ceramic Transactions Series

The Symposium on Nanostructured Materials and Systems was held during the 8th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 8) from May 31-June 5, 2009 in Vancouver, Canada. This symposium...

July 2010

Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Utilization. A Wiley-Science Wise Co-Publication

- Addresses the three fundamental aspects of hydrogen as a fuel resource: generation, storage, and utilization - Provides theoretical basis for the chemical processes required for hydrogen generation,...

June 2014

Trace Analysis with Nanomaterials

Presenting a wide variety of methods, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the current state -- ranging from bioanalysis to electrochemical sensing, forensics and chemistry, while also covering...

June 2010

Biosensing Using Nanomaterials. Wiley Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Series

An interdisciplinary approach to one of the hottest topics in nanotechnology and nanoscience Biosensing Using Nanomaterials introduces novel concepts in the area of bioanalysis based on nanomaterials,...

April 2009

Electrocatalysis of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. From Fundamentals to Applications

This first book to focus on a comprehensive description on DMFC electrocatalysis draws a clear picture of the current status of DMFC technology, especially the advances, challenges and perspectives...

September 2009

Fuel Cell Science and Engineering. Materials, Processes, Systems and Technology. 2 Volume Set

Fuel cells are expected to play a major role in the future power supply that will transform to renewable, decentralized and fluctuating primary energies. At the same time the share of electric power...

April 2012

Enzymatic Fuel Cells. From Fundamentals to Applications

Summarizes research encompassing all of the aspects required to understand, fabricate and integrate enzymatic fuel cells - Contributions span the fields of bio-electrochemistry and biological fuel...

July 2014

Biomedical Applications of Electroactive Polymer Actuators

Giving fundamental information on one of the most promising families of smart materials, electroactive polymers (EAP) this exciting new titles focuses on the several biomedical applications made possible...

April 2009

Advanced Processing of Metals and Materials (Sohn International Symposium). Special Materials, Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing Thermo and Physicochemical Principles. Volume 3

The final of a three-volume series on thermo- and physicochemical principles at the Sohn International Symposium, these proceedings include papers on leaching and flotation, aqueous and electrochemical...

May 2010
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