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Static Analysis of Software. The Abstract Interpretation. ISTE

The existing literature currently available to students and researchers is very general, covering only the formal techniques of static analysis. This book presents real examples of the formal techniques...

November 2011

Risk Analysis. Socio-technical and Industrial Systems. ISTE

An overview of the methods used for risk analysis in a variety of industrial sectors, with a particular focus on the consideration of human aspects, this book provides a definition of all the fundamental...

July 2013

Safety of Computer Architectures. ISTE

It is currently quite easy for students or designers/engineers to find very general books on the various aspects of safety, reliability and dependability of computer system architectures, and partial...

July 2010

Embedded Systems. Analysis and Modeling with SysML, UML and AADL. ISTE

Since the construction of the first embedded system in the 1960s, embedded systems have continued to spread. They provide a continually increasing number of services and are part of our daily life....

April 2013

Geopositioning and Mobility. ISTE

This book presents a general overview of the applications and use of geopositioning and GNSS for assisting the supervision and management of mobile terrestrial professions, information, traffic regulation,...

May 2013
Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems. ISTE Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems. ISTE - Product Thumbnail Image

Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems. ISTE

A presentation of real examples of industrial uses for formal methods such as SCADE, the B-Method, ControlBuild, Matelo, etc. in various fields, such as railways, aeronautics, and the automotive industry,...

July 2014

From MDD Concepts to Experiments and Illustrations. ISTE

In the context of Distributed and Real-time Embedded Systems (DRES), system developers are faced with reducing system development cost and time while developing correct (relating to safe and QoS properties)...

October 2008

Reconfigurable Mobile Radio Systems. A Snapshot of Key Aspects Related to Reconfigurability in Wireless Systems. ISTE

Different aspects of the reconfigurability of mobile radio systems are analyzed in this book. These include services, object modeling applied to software radio, flexible spectrum management, trade-offs...

May 2007
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