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Search "Understanding Medical Education. Evidence, Theory and Practice" returned 20 results.


Understanding Medical Education. Evidence,Theory and Practice. 2nd Edition

In this new and extensively updated second edition, the Association for the Study of Medical Education presents a complete and authoritative guide to medical education. Written by leading experts in...

November 2013

Foundations of Professional Psychology

Recent advances in the scientific understanding of the human mind and brain along with the emphases on evidence-based practice and competency-based education are creating increasing pressures to update...

July 2011

Challenging Ableism, Understanding Disability, Including Adults with Disabilities in Workplaces and Learning Spaces. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 132

Disability can affect adults across the life span—and it is the one minority group every person could join. This sourcebook aims to broaden the view of disability from a medical or economic concern...

January 2012

Professional Issues in Primary Care Nursing

As both [practice and walk-in centre] nurses continue to adapt to the constant on-going change demanded by both the public and the government paymasters they will face ever-growing self questioning...

January 2010

Life Quality Outcomes in Children and Young People with Neurological and Developmental Conditions. Concepts, Evidence and Practice. Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Clinics in Developmental Medicine Health care professionals need to understand their patients’ views of their condition and its effects on their health and well-being. This book builds on the World...

April 2013

Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice

Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice presents an overview of health behavior change, focusing on the spirit of motivational interviewing. Targeting the clinical application of the principles,...

September 2010

Nursing Models: Application to Practice

The demands of the 21st century challenge nurses to use knowledge to contribute to the health of individuals and the good of society As a discipline nursing has made great strides in recent decades...

January 2010

Social Work Ethics

This collection of essays highlights ethical issues in social work which are often overlooked as well as recurring clashes that influence how they play out, for example among different values and related...

July 2009

Nursing Knowledge. Science, Practice, and Philosophy

Nurses who conduct research have a longstanding interest in questions of nursing knowledge. Nursing Knowledge is a clear and well-informed exposition of the philosophical background to nursing theory...

November 2009

Weight Management. A Practitioner's Guide

An increasingly wide range of patients of different age, ethnicity and social background often combined with other clinical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis now find...

August 2012

Understanding Children's Development. 5th Edition. Basic Psychology

This leading child development text has been widely acclaimed for its international coverage and its rigorous research-based approach. It begins by introducing the ways in which psychologists study...

August 2011

Adolescent Health. Understanding and Preventing Risk Behaviors

This book covers the developmental and health problems unique to the adolescent period of life. It focuses on special needs and public health programs for adolescents. It offers deep insight into smoking,...

June 2009

Investor Behavior. The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing. Wiley Finance

Investor Behavior provides readers with a comprehensive understanding and the latest research in the area of behavioral finance and investor decision making. Blending contributions from noted academics...

March 2014

Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

"Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy is a magnificent resource that will help create a greater bridge of understanding between the academic, research, and applied domains of the mental...

November 2013

Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy

Praise for Meta-Analysis for Public Management and Policy "In his usual rigorous but readable style, Evan Ringquist and co-author Mary Anderson have produced a tour-de-force on the topic of meta-analysis...

February 2013
Relating System Quality and Software Architecture Relating System Quality and Software Architecture - Product Thumbnail Image

Relating System Quality and Software Architecture

System Quality and Software Architecture collects state-of-the-art knowledge on how to intertwine software quality requirements with software architecture and how quality attributes are exhibited by...

August 2014

Courtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy

How will the jury or the arbitration panel make its decision in your next case? Courtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy helps trial attorneys and corporate counsel understand the powerful forces that...

January 2003

Viral Infections and Global Change

A timely exploration of the impact of global change on the emergence, reemergence, and control of vector-borne and zoonotic viral infections From massively destructive "superstorms" to rapidly rising...

November 2013

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment. 4 Volume Set

Dr. Hersen has gathered in this unprecedented 4-volume work the leading resaerchers and clinicians in psychological assessment. This groundbreaking reference presents essential information on the four...

October 2003

Treating Alcohol Problems. Wiley Treating Addictions series

This handy guide provides a single source of evidence-based methods for assessing and treating alcohol problems Part of the Wiley Series on Treating Addictions, Treating Alcohol Problems offers the...

May 2006
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