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Multi-Screen Advertising Market Analysis and Forecast (2013 - 2018): Next Big Market for Media and Advertisement Industries

Smartphone, tablet PC, laptops/PC and television are the multi screens currently discussed in the report. They are also called the Four-screen market and as such a nascent field compared to the huge...

Published:  April 2013
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Global TV Subscription Market 2015-2019

About TV subscription TV subscription is a service that is delivered to the viewer using a cable or over the air, on paying a subscription fee for viewing a set of channels. TV subscription operators...

Published:  April 2015
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Mobile Phone Touchscreens: Market Analysis and Forecasts

An analysis of the technologies, suppliers and user experience trends driving the implementation of touchscreens on mobile handsets The form factor of high-end handsets has changed almost beyond recognition...

Published:  November 2010
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Telcos Pricing Strategies: Bridging the Gap Between Skyrocketing Traffic and Flat Revenues

This report focuses on the major trends in pricing policy, and highlights innovative strategies It analyses trends in the mobile market for voice and SMS services, and takes a close look at mobile data...

Published:  November 2012
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Global Mobile Data Monetization and Pricing Strategies by Telcos : Analysis and Key Trend

Mobile data is the buzzword across all the leading telcos globally, and is a key focus area for the telcos. The telcos in the developed regions are focussing on further monetization of their services...

Published:  January 2015
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Virtual Video Value Chain 2014 - 2017: Ecosystem Operations and Analytics

The virtual video value chain (an ecosystem connecting CDN, desktop, mobile and multi-screen ad networks, ad serving tech, programmatic inventory clearing systems, robust software platforms supporting...

Published:  June 2014
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TV and New Video Services - Lessons from the US

This report takes a look at changes in consumer habits, especially those of the youngest generations of viewers, and their impact on the video market. It examines the rapid progress made by OTT...

Published:  August 2014

LTE advanced & 5G - Ultrafast Mobile Broadband on its Way

This study details what LTE-Advanced brings to Mobile Network Operators and how it will help overcome the challenges of providing higher throughputs to more users After detailing operators' deployment...

Published:  May 2014
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Mobile Video Services - Global Strategic Business Report

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Mobile Video Services in US$ Million The US market is further analyzed by the following Segments: Downloadable Video Services, Streaming Services, and...

Published:  October 2011
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Telcos' TV Strategies - From a Differentiation Strategy to a Strategy of Innovation

Telcos’ TV services are currently enjoying one of the highest rates of growth in the marketplace Initially a source of distinction between ISPs, TV has become a central part of telcos’ marketing and...

Published:  November 2011
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Video on Demand (VOD) Services - Global Strategic Analysis

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Video on Demand (VOD) Services in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin...

Published:  February 2016
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North America IPTV Industry Outlook 2016 - Rising Competition between Cable Operators and Telecos

The report titled “North America IPTV Industry Outlook 2016 – Rising Competition between Cable Operators and Telecos” encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size...

Published:  August 2012
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Cord-cutting: USA / Europe Benchmark - Is Europe ready?

With a television and video access market in profound transformation and practices that are still evolving, traditional television players face unprecedented instability To address these questions,...

Published:  November 2012
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Telecommunication Electronics - Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2011-2018

Global Market Watch: With a CAGR of 12 8%, global market value for Telecommunication Electronics Application sector is anticipated to be worth US$847 6 billion by 2018 On a global scale, Asia-Pacific...

Published:  November 2013
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Smartphone Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

A comprehensive review of the patenting activity around smartphone platforms and applications, and an evaluation of the companies positioned for market dominance through their strong IPR holdings Patent...

Published:  October 2010
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Push Telecommunications for Tele-Medicine (PTT) and M-Health: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021

Tele-medicine and M-health market driving forces relate to people taking more responsibility for their own health. Tele-medicine and m-health contribute to healthcare delivery in the home and office....

Published:  April 2015
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The Book of Boost 2014-2018

...give to your business what's needed. Boosting Business Bottom Lines via Lean Strategies, Brand Building and Breakthrough ARPUs while Optimising CAPEX/ OPEX, with Network Management Techniques...

Published:  February 2014
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The Book of Boost 2013 – 2016

Boosting Business Bottom Lines via Lean Strategies, Brand Building and Breakthrough ARPUs while Optimising CAPEX/ OPEX, with Network Management Techniques of the Future and much more Who Needs This...

Published:  August 2013
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Communication Enabled Applications, Content, and Commerce: WebRTC, Telecom APIs, and Mobile Apps 2015 - 2020

During this unprecedented time of change for legacy communication service providers (CSP), network operators must leverage new technologies and solutions to provide next generation applications to meet...

Published:  December 2015
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Global Over The Top (OTT) Market By Content Type (VoIP, Text & Media, Video), By Platform, By Deployment Model, By Service Type, By User Type, By Revenue Model, By End User, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011-2021

Over The Top (OTT) is a solution that enables an individual or an enterprise to transfer content such as audio, video, text and images over the internet, without the involvement of any system operator...

Published:  September 2016
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