Deloitte Targeted in Sophisticated Cyber Attack

Deloitte Targeted in Sophisticated Cyber Attack

Deloitte has become the latest victim of a high-profile cyber attack, according to reports from The Guardian this morning (25th September). The hack was discovered in March, but the attackers may have had access to the firm's systems since October 2016.

The company, one of the world’s largest accountancy and professional services providers, said only a small numbers of its clients had been impacted by the breach. It says the attack was focused on the US operations of the company.

A spokesperson for the company gave the following statement to The Guardian:

“In response to a cyber incident, Deloitte implemented its comprehensive security protocol and began an intensive and thorough review including mobilising a team of cybersecurity and confidentiality experts inside and outside of Deloitte.

“As part of the review, Deloitte has been in contact with the very few clients impacted and notified governmental authorities and regulators.

“The review has enabled us to understand what information was at risk and what the hacker actually did, and demonstrated that no disruption has occurred to client businesses, to Deloitte’s ability to continue to serve clients, or to consumers.

“We remain deeply committed to ensuring that our cybersecurity defences are best in class, to investing heavily in protecting confidential information and to continually reviewing and enhancing cybersecurity. We will continue to evaluate this matter and take additional steps as required.

“Our review enabled us to determine what the hacker did and what information was at risk as a result. That amount is a very small fraction of the amount that has been suggested.”

They declined to say which government authorities and regulators had been informed, or confirm when it had contacted law enforcement agencies.

In a recent report on the global cybersecurity market in 2017, analysts forecast the market to be worth USD 236 billion by 2022. It says the advent of digital technologies for the collection, storage, analysis and distribution of information has created a world of insecurity, which resulted in new opportunities in the global cyber security market.

According to the research, “companies have invested more than USD 75 billion in cyber security in the past one year, with a further investment of around USD 450 billion on recovering from cyber-attacks. Heavy reliance on IT infrastructure and lack of contingency and mitigation cyber policies at the place are major drawbacks for this market.”

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Global Cyber Security Market - By Type of Security, Solution, Services , Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast- 2017 - 2022

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