Research and Markets' Guide to the Global IoT Conclave 2016

Research and Markets' Guide to the Global IoT Conclave 2016

The Global IoT Conclave is scheduled to take place this year on the 26th of August at the Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India. Supported by the Electronics Corporation of India Limited, the summit features some of India’s leading technology experts talking about what possibilities the Internet of Things offers us, and how IoT is set to transform India. In preparation of the event, we’ve put together a brief overview of the summit and what attendees can expect from it.


IoT in India

The IoT market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28% during the 2015-2020 period, and the summit will reveal how this technology will be used to create a new digital India complete with smart cities utilizing self-sustaining information systems. The key topics of the summit will be:

  • Internet Of Things - Innovation or Illusion
  • Regulatory Framework for loT Usage
  • Need of loT in the Automobile Segment
  • Scaling new heights with M2M technology
  • Transformation of Internet

IoT is a wide reaching technology, and has seen adoption in a vast range of industries including telecom, hospitality, construction, retail, education, energy, healthcare and BFSI. As a result, the Global IoT Conclave is recommended for the following positions:

  • COO - Chief Data Officer
  • CIO - Chief Information Officer
  • CTO - Chief Technology Officer
  • CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
  • CMT - Chief Marketing Technologist
  • CISO Chief Inform

Senior Vice Presidents/ Vice Presidents/ Heads/ Directors/ Senior Managers/ Managers of:

  • IT
  • Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Big Data (Master) Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Scientist
  • Insights, Consumer Insights, Market Insights
  • Marketing, Digital Marketing, Database Marketing, Market Trends
  • Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retention (Management), Loyalty (Management), Churn (Management)
  • Brand owners, Brand management, Digital, Social Media.


Key Presentations

The Global IoT Conclave features a number of presentations by high-profile members of India’s technology sector, and we’ve highlighted some of the key speeches you’ll want to attend:


11 :00 Presentation: How IOT can help in building Smart Manufacturing

Speaker: Mr. T.G. Dhandapani - Group CIO - TVS Motors

Mr. T.G. Dhandapani is the CIO at TVS Motors, the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India with an annual production capacity of 3.2 million 2 wheelers & 1.2 Lakh 3 wheelers. With 35 years of professional experience, Mr. Dhandapani is guaranteed to provide robust insights about the benefits of adopting IoT into production chains. He will speak about the key IoT areas of automation, process control and traceability, and how this can improve efficiency and innovation in the automotive industry.


12:05 Presentation: Nano-Tech Sensors for loT in Healthcare and Smart City Applications

Speaker: Dr. Vijay Mishra - Chief Technology Officer - Center for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE, Indian Institute of Science (I/Sc)

Dr. Vijay Mishra’s presentation will focus on the sensor technology of IoT in Healthcare and Smart City applications. Sensors are an imperative element of IoT, responsible for the collection of data used to manage IoT applications. We spoke at length about Smart Cities in yesterday’s blog, and how an increasing number of governments are investing in IoT technology. Dr. Mishra is a leading expert in the Semiconductor Sensor Technology domain, with more than 30 patents and publications in the field.


14:40 Presentation: Touring the Dark-Side of Internet: A journey through IoT, TOR & Docker

Speaker: Mr. Abhinav Biswas - Alt. C/50, ECIL

As the CISO of the Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Mr. Abhinav Biswas has unrivalled experience in the areas of cyber security, cloud computing and machine learning. His presentation will focus on the security and privacy aspects of IoT, and the new security challenges IoT users need to consider. The talk will also discuss the developments in IOT DevOps, and how Docker Containers can be anonymised using TOR.

The above are just three of the ten high-quality presentations, and attendees can also expect vendor slots and an IoT workshop at the end of the day.  



The Global IoT Conclave is a comprehensive summit dedicated to the Internet of Things and how this technology will transform not just India but the entire world. As an increasing number of industries begin to implement IoT into their operations, and as more governments consider the Smart City solution, there is a greater need for businesses of all industries to educate themselves about the Internet of Things and its place in our collective future.  

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