Toyota, Intel & Others Form Auto Big Data Consortium

Toyota, Intel & Others Form Auto Big Data Consortium

Toyota Motor Corporation, Intel Corporation and a number of other leading companies from the technology and automotive industries are forming the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium to develop an ecosystem for big data used in connected cars.

Automotive manufacturer Denso Corporation, telecommunications equipment company Ericsson and Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo were also named as members of the new group. In the coming months, the group said it plans to “initiate activities to invite relevant global technology leaders and expand the consortium.”

Here’s an excerpt from the statement released on Thursday:

“It is estimated that the data volume between vehicles and the cloud will reach 10 exabytes per month around 2025, approximately 10,000 times larger than the present volume. This expected increase will trigger the need for new architectures of network and computing infrastructure to support distributed resources and topology-aware storage capacity. The architectures will be compliant with applicable standards, which requires collaboration on a local and global scale.

“The consortium will focus on increasing network capacity to accommodate automotive big data in a reasonable fashion between vehicles and the cloud by means of edge computing and more efficient network design. It will define requirements and develop use cases for emerging mobile devices with a particular focus on the automotive industry, bringing them to standards bodies, industry consortiums and solution providers. The consortium will also encourage the development of best practices for the distributed and layered computing approach recommended by the members.”

Connected cars enable drivers to connect with online platforms and obtain real-time communication, such as real-time traffic updates while traveling. A new market research report, Global Connected Car M2M Market 2017-2021, made the following observation:

“One trend in market is big data platform provided by connected cars to foster further developments. The growth of connectivity solutions in the automotive segment provides a huge opportunity to the automobile OEMs to develop an efficient product for the customers using real-time data. This data is expected to grow further due to the increasing adoption of connected cars during the forecast period. For instance, telematic devices will produce data for information like date, time, speed, acceleration, deceleration, cumulative mileage, fuel consumption, and navigation details.”

Toyota has been very active in the connected car space in recent years. Last week, Toyota and Mazda announced they were forming an alliance to build a new $1.6 billion U.S. assembly plant and work together to manufacture electric vehicles. The automakers plan to work together on developing in-car information technologies, advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous technology.

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