Web Summit Schedule: Day 3 & 4

Web Summit Schedule: Day 3 & 4

The Web Summit is back - with CEO and co-founder Paddy Cosgrave scheduled to deliver his opening remarks at 6pm this evening at the MEO Arena in Lisbon. This is the first time the event has taken place outside Dublin, with more than 53,000 people from 165 countries signed up to attend.

As always, the line-up features some of the leading names in the technology world, as well as a host of other well-known guests. There will be actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley), singers (NeYo and Tine Tempah), legends of football (Ronaldinho and Luis Figo) and many more in attendance.

The full schedule is available here, but here’s what’s got us excited for day 3 and 4 of the event.



  • PlayStation: VR and the future of entertainment - 11.00am - Content Makers

It has been an exciting year for Sony. They launched PlayStation VR in October and, according to their Q2 FY2016 Consolidated Financial Results, sales are ‘on track’. And, for the second time in 2016, they are about to release a new version of their massively successful PS4 console.

Charles Arthur sits down with Sony’s chairman to discuss the success of VR, its new console and the evolution of play.

  • Shawn Layden - President, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Charles Arthur - Freelance Writer


  • The role of big data with education - 11.50am - Saas Monster

Education has always had the capacity to produce a tremendous amount of data, more than maybe any other industry. With an increase in analytics services and availability of affordable big data solutions, edtech has been on the rise in recent years.

Andy O’Donoghue sits down with two experts to discuss the possible roles big data can play in the education sector.

  • Chip Paucek - Co-Founder, 2U
  • Thomas Davidson - Founder, Everfi
  • Andy O’Donoghue - Producer & Editor, The Gadget Buzz, TV3

  • Winning the rights: What do networks look for in sport? - 12.05pm - SportsTrade

Peter Nelson and Jitendra Joshi will look at the most important challenges and opportunities for the TV Network industry in 2016 and beyond.

  • Peter Nelson - EVP of HBO Sports
  • Jitendra Joshi - Global Economic Correspondent, AFP

  • The face of the robot revolution - 2.35pm - Centre Stage

The robotics industry is on the brink of a revolution. Robots are being developed to transport us, deliver our goods, monitor our crops and much more. Hanson Robotics are one of the leading companies in the field, with the Web Summit’s site describing them as being “at the forefront of expressive and interactive humanoid robots.”

This unique talk will put their newest robot to the test, as he sits down for a live interview with Mike Butcher of TechCrunch.

  • Ben Goertzel - Chief Scientist, Hanson Robotics
  • Mike Butcher - Editor-at-large, TechCrunch

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  • Connecting the dots: Weaving computing into fashion - 1.25pm - Modum

In September, we spoke about the future of wearable technology in the textile industry. It has the potential to impact everything from what we wear to how it is designed, manufactured and marketed.

  • Ivan Poupyrev - Technical Project Lead, Google ATAP
  • Paul Dillinger - Levi Strauss & Co.
  • James Stables - Executive Editor, Wareable


  • The Future of Medical Cannabis in Europe - 2.15pm - HealthConf

Medical Cannabis is poised to become a $200 billion global industry. With legalization in certain states, many vendors in the United States are investing heavily in the market to meet growing consumer demand. This has not only increased market opportunities, but also increased tax revenue for the state government.

With efforts to legalize medical cannabis in multiple European member states, the EU has the potential to be the new frontier. In ‘The Future of Medical Cannabis in Europe’, two industry experts will discuss the opportunities to invest in this rapidly developing field.

  • Brendan Kennedy - CEO, Privateer Holdings
  • Catherine Jacobson - Director of Clinical Research, Tilray
  • Will Yakowicz - Staff Writer


  • Are wearables helping our health? - 3.25pm - HealthConf

There has been a massive increase in healtech wearables. They are being used to support consumers’ health management and care providers’ monitoring of patients in and outside of their home. But are they actually improving our health and wellbeing?

  • Raphael Michel - Founder, Chairman & CSO, Eargo
  • Corinne Vigreux - Co-Founder, TomTom
  • John McCann - Phones, Tablets and Wearables UK Editor, TechRadar

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