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Monthly Global Leading Indicators are produced in real time to provide a consistent with the global economic climate view of the top 43 countries around the globe. Building on historical information, the monthly global leading indicators report provides country wide leading indicators and six month growth rates for each of the 43 countries and major economic blocs covered in the report. Designed to provide a competitive global advantage corporations, each Monthly Global Leading Indicators report is conditional on a consistent set of continuously changing and/or expected to change policies and underlying economic and financial conditions around the world. Particularly, the leading indicators are significantly driven by fiscal and monetary policies in each country. Additional global drivers include multi-country determined exchange rates, and oil and non-oil commodity prices.

A Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) system offers quantitative and graphical analysis of future business conditions for 43 countries, regional aggregates and an overall worldwide leading index.

Our compilation of global leading indicators for 43 countries has been developed in a systematic way so that meaningful comparisons may be made amongst the countries and several aggregate regions of the world. They are also updated monthly, thus providing a timely view of current and future conditions.

The combined GDP of the 43 countries with leading indicators accounted for 86% of the world’s GDP in 2005, expressed in purchasing power parity (PPP) international dollars.

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Area (Bloc) & Country Page
- World 43-Country Key Composites*
- World
- World Excluding United States
- Nafta (Economic Area)
- Bric (Brazil, Russia, India & China)

North America
- Canada
- United States

Latin America
- Argentina
- Brazil
- Chile
- Mexico
- Uruguay

- Euro Area (Monetary Union)
- Austria
- Belgium
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Ireland
- Italy
- Luxembourg
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Spain

Non-Euro Area
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Hungary
- Norway
- Poland
- Russian Federation
- Slovak Republic
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Turkey
- Great Britain

Africa & Middle East
- South Africa
- Dubai

Asia & Pacific Area
- Australia
- China
- Hong Kong
- India
- Indonesia
- Japan
- Korea
- New Zealand
- Singapore
- Taiwan
- Thailand
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