Charter Schools: History, Politics, Policies, Economics & Effectiveness, Second Edition

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From zero in 1991 to 3,800 eighteen years later, charter schools (public schools under contract) today educate well over a million students. This updated, second edition examines the unusual experiment that is charter education and the controversies that surround public choice and charter schools as a means of educational reform.

- Written by experts in the field, this all-inclusive volume looks at what motivates the rise of charter schools, from the frustrations of parents, teachers, and students, to the expectations of community members

- Offers a critical perspective on key school programs and curriculum design, and provides analyses of race, class, and special education needs as they affect charter schools

- Critically examines the record and curriculum of charter schools, the laws that govern them, the circumstances that surround them, and how both legislation and politics define and maintain the charter school movement

- Updated Directory of organizations, associations, and government agencies associated with the movement, along with selected print and non-print resources such as union and government publications, books, and journals

- Updated Chronology of Events

- New Primary Documents section

- Four Appendixes: Comparison of State Standard Development & Charter School Requirements, State Testing Requirements, Admission Policies, and Teacher Professionalism

- Cumulative index

- Available in print and ebook formats

As charter schools continue to increase in number, this text will be a useful addition to the reference collection of public libraries, university libraries and education departments, along with high school libraries and school districts.
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1 Introduction
The Emergence of Charter Schools
Who Selects Charter Schools?
Does Everyone Support Charter Schools?
Defining a Charter School
Difference between Charter Schools and Other Educational Reforms
Magnet Schools
Privatization of Schools
School On-Site Management
The Debate over Educational Standards and Assessment
Why Charter Schools?
Educational Choice
Why Educational Stakeholders Choose Charter Schools
Parental Frustration
Teacher Frustration
Student Frustration

2 Chronology

3 Curriculum and Instructional Approaches
A General Look at What Some Charter Schools Are Doing
Preserving Native-American Heritage
Oakland Charter Academy
A Curriculum Designed by Children
Alianza Bilingual Immersion Model
A Back-to-Basics Charter School
A Specific Look at What Some Charter Schools Are Doing
Freire Charter School
Minnesota New Country School
O'Farrell Community School
Mater Center Charter School
Pimeria Alta School

4 Charter Schools and the Law
State Laws That Affect Charter Schools
Funding and the Law
Charter School Costs
Charter School Funding
District Revenues and the Law
Teacher Issues and the Law
Admission Policies and the Law
Autonomy and the Law
Equity and the Law
Accountability and the Law
Legal Accountability of Charter Schools
Understanding Charter School Laws in One State: Michigan
Directions in the Law
Looking at Charter Laws State by State
Starting a Charter School
Doing a Situational Analysis
Assembling a Core Group of True Believers
Designing the Plan
Gaining Approval for the Charter
After Approval: Opening the School
Developing, Enabling, and Sustaining a Learning Community

5 Politics and the Charter School Challenge
Historical Background
American Industrialism and the Factory School
Post–World War II Politics of Public Education
The 1960s and the Politics of Education
Conservatism, the 1980s, and the Politics of Public Education
School Choice and the Politics of the Charter Movement in the 1990s
The Politics of School Choice
The Emergence of Public Choice
Competition and Public School Choice
Charter School Supporters
Opposition to Public Choice and the Charter School Movement
The Controversy over For-Profit Management Firms
The Controversy over the Segregation of Schools
Admission Practices and Discrimination
Undecided Educators and Unanswered Questions

6 Teachers' Unions and Charter Schools
Where Unions and Anti-Union Charter Proponents Agree
Combating Privatization
Charter School Reliance on Private Resources
The Privatization of School Management
Contracting Out for Specific Services
Union Positions on Charter School Legislation and Development
Standards and Accountability
Accessibility to Charter Schools
Teacher Professionalism
Collective Bargaining and Charter Schools
Teacher Certification
Local District Approval of Charter Schools
Public Accountability and Charter Schools
Transforming Teachers' Unions: Rethinking Roles and Responsibilities

7 Organizations, Associations, and Government Agencies

8 Selected Print and Non-Print Resources
Printed Sources
Union Publications
Government Publications
Private and Public Think Tank Publications
Books and Journals
Nonprint Resources



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" excellent introduction to charter schools ... recommended for circulating collections in all libraries serving education undergraduate programs."
- American Reference Books Annual

"Recommended for academic and public libraries.”
- Library Journal

“ The wealth of information and Weil's evenhanded discussion of the issues involved with developing and administering charter schools makes this a particularly valuable book for students beginning their research in this area. It is recommended for circulating collections in all libraries serving education undergraduate programs.”
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