Food, Nutrition and the Nitric Oxide Pathway:Biochemistry and Bioactivity

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This book provides a scientific analysis of the effects of foods and nutrients on the NO pathway in humans. Contributors to the book clarify novel chemical and biochemical connections between dietary intake and nitric oxide, particularly in cases of NO deficiency.

In this context, the book addresses how specific foods can restore nitric oxide production and bioactivity—without medical interventions. A variety of evidential data is presented showing how NO-rich dietary elements are implicated in disease prevention and modulation. The book offers new knowledge for food technologists, food manufacturers, nutrition researchers, and healthcare practitioners.

- Original work on diet and disease
- Shows novel ties between foods and NO enhancement
- Offers evidence-based nutritional interventions
- Practical source for specialists investigating food and health

""The body of work contained in this volume, linking NO to food and nutrition, may have revolutionary implications in terms of developing strategies to combat heart disease and many other contemporary diseases associated with NO deficiency. Proving that a natural and inexpensive regimen of foods rich in nitric oxide activity does restore NO homeostasis can have profound effects on human health…The research presented in this text provides an important expansion of NO work…(and) Dr. Nathan Bryan, the editor…is to be congratulated for…communicating new knowledge and assembling the world's experts in their fields.""

"From the Foreword by Louis J. Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Physiology/Medicine"
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Foreword by Louis J. Ignarro



1. What Is Nitric Oxide?
Nathan S. Bryan and Ferid Murad

2. Mechanisms and Physiological Implications for Nitric Oxide Insufficiency
Matthew B. Grisham and Nathan S. Bryan

3. The Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway
Jon O. Lundberg and Eddie Weitzberg

4. Dietary Nitrates and Nitrites: The Physiological Context for Potential Health Benefits
Nathan S. Bryan and Norman G. Hord

5. Nitrite and Nitrate in the Meat Industry
Randy Huffman and Nathan S. Bryan

6. Physiological Effects and Mechanism of Action of Nitrite and Nitrate in Human Physiology
Sruti Shiva and Mark T. Gladwin

7. Polyphenols and Flavanols as Modulators of NO Activity
Tienush Rassaf and Malte Kelm

8. Nutritional Epidemiology
Andrew L. Milkowski and James R. Coughlin

9. Regulations Gone Awry: Addressing Public Health Concerns
Nathan S. Bryan and Norman G. Hord

10. Diet and Endothelium: Two Systems, Redundant Functions
Nathan S. Bryan and Norman G. Hord

11. Nutrition and General Health
Samuel Grief and Brazos Minshew

12. Paradigm Shift: From Toxic Food Additive to Indispensable Nutrient
Nathan S. Bryan

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In 2006 Dr. Nathan S. Bryan joined the Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and is a faculty member of the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the UT Houston Medical School. He is an active member of the Nitric Oxide Society, Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine and the American Heart Association.
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