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The global outlook series on Arts and Crafts Stores provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report identifies major trends, issues, challenges, growth drivers, mergers acquisitions, and corporate developments, in addition to providing 14 fact-rich market data tables. Regional markets elaborated upon include United States, Canada, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, China, India, Vietnam, and Africa, among others.

Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 1193 companies worldwide.

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Arts and Crafts - A Primer 1
Handicraft - An Exclusive Artistic Expression 1
Handicraft Market in Developing Economies 1
Seasonal Celebrations Boost Craft Store Sales. 2
Effect of Global Economic Downturn on Craft Industry 2
Recession Brings Transformation in the Art and Crafts Market 3
Industry Scope Widens to Include Youngsters and Males 3
Surge in Demand for Craft Books 3
Consumers Become Selective 3
Needlework and Metal Crafts Witness Unconventional Usage 4
Functional Crafts Gain Popularity 4
Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Craft Supplies 4
Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting Segments Witness Usage of
Varied Techniques 4
Scrapbooking Overview 4
Digital Photography Positively Influences Scrapbooking Market
Growth 5
Scrapbooking Presents Potential Opportunities for Photo Market 5
Online Scrapbooking - An Increasingly Female-Oriented Activity 6

Arts & Crafts 7
Arts & Crafts Categories 7
Sculpture 9
Pottery 9
Woodworking 9
Chip Carving 9
Basketry 9
Straw Marquetry 9
Papercraft 9
Cardmaking 10
Bookbinding 10
Scrapbooking 10
Online Scrapbooking 10
Embroidery 10
Crocheting 10
Feltmaking 10
Quilting 11
Beadwork 11
Floral Design 11
Glassblowing 11
Mosaic 11
Materials Used 11
Finished Products 11
Retail Sales Channels 12
Direct Selling 12

Art Market Outlook 13
Table 1: World Fine Art Auctions Market (2010): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenue and Lot Sales by Medium- Painting,
Drawing, Sculpture, Print, Photography and Others 13
China Conquers the Global Fine Arts Market 14
Table 2: Global Market for Fine Arts (2010): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Revenue by Region- Asia, North America, Europe
and Rest of World 14

Table 3: World Fine Art Auctions Market (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Auction Revenue by Country- China, US, UK,
France and Rest of World 15
York Leads the Fine Arts market 15
Global Art Market: Ranking of Regions by Auction Revenue
Generated in 2010 15
Art Market Price Trends 15
Art Market Re-Gains Momentum 16
Art Market Cycles 16
Art Dealers and Auction Houses - Play Vital Role 17
Investment in Artworks 17
Arts Play an Important Role in Promoting Tourism 17
Tough Competition Between Sotheby's and Christie's 17
Table 4: World Fine Art Auctions Market (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Turnover and Lots Sold by Auction House-
Sotheby's, Christie's and Others 18
Top Ten Auction Houses Ranked by Revenues Generated in 2010 19





Market Overview 29
Table 5 : US Current & Future Analysis for Arts and Crafts
by Product Segment- Art, Floral, General, Jewelry & Beads,
Paper and Sewing Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales
Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2015 30

Table 6: US 5-Year Perspective for Arts and Crafts by Product
Segment- Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Art, Floral,
General, Jewelry & Beads, Paper and Sewing for Years 2011
and 2015 31
Shift in Focus from New Stores to Cost Cutting Measures 31
Competitive Landscape 32
Small, Independent Specialty Retailers 32
Multi-Store Chains 32
Table 7: US Arts & Crafts Stores Market (2009): Percentage
Breakdown of Value Sales by Company for Michaels Stores,
Jo-Ann Stores, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and Others 32

Table 8: US Arts & Crafts Stores Market (2010): Number of
Stores of Leading Companies - Michaels Stores, Jo-Ann
Stores, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, and A.C. Moore 33
Mass Merchandisers 33
Factors for Choosing Stores 33
Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions 33
Scrapbooking Market 34
Table 9: US Current & Future Analysis for Scrapbooking Market
  • Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2008 through 2012 34
Distribution Channels 34
Table 10: US Scrapbooking Market (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Scrapbooking Supply Spending by Distribution
Channel for Craft Stores, General Merchandise Stores,
Consultant, Specialty Scrapbook Stores and Others 34
Collectable Fine Crafts 35
Fine Craft Market in the US: Potential Areas by Region 35
Needlework, Piece Goods and Sewing Industry 35
Industry Background 35
Industry Scenario in the 1990s 36
Arts and Crafts - A Historic Perspective 36
Recent Past Scenario 38
Industry Associations 39

2. CANADA 40
Visual Arts and Crafts Overview 40
Canadian Crafts- A Diversified Industry 40

3. JAPAN 41
Market Overview 41
Young Artists - Drive Japanese Art Market 41

4. EUROPE 42
Market Overview 42
Leading Countries in Europe by Type of Crafts Produced 42
Beadwork in Europe 42
European Union Toy Export Market 42
Table 11: European Union Toy Exports (2010): Percentage
Breakdown of Exports to Leading Countries- Switzerland, US,
Norway, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada and
Japan 42

4a. FRANCE 43
French Arts Industry 43
French Art Collectors Prefer Foreign-Made Artworks 43
Government Comes up with Incentives 43

Art Exports 44
Table 12: European Art Market (2007-2009): European Import &
Export Statistics for Art in GBP Million 44
Regulatory Issues in the Art and Antiques Market 44
Table 13: UK Current & Future Analysis for Arts and Crafts
Market: Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2010 through
2015 45

4c. IRELAND 45
Irish Crafts Industry 45

Overview 46
Leading Countries in Asia-Pacific by Type of Crafts Produced 46
Government Initiatives to Promote Arts and Culture 46
Australian Government Invests in Cultural and Arts Sector 46
Development Plan for Cultural and Creative Industry of Taiwan
Receives Approval 47

Industry Overview 48

5b. CHINA 49
Chinese Handicraft Market 49
Chinese Craft Gifts Industry 49
Rising Interest in Chinese Art 49
China Artwork City - A Boost to Chinese Arts and Crafts Industry 50
Global Economic Crisis Causes Closure of Chinese Toy Companies 50

5c. INDIA 51
Overview 51
Crafts - A Historic Perspective 51
Indian Handicraft Industry 52
Introduction 52
Market Overview 52
Handicraft Exports 53
Table 14: Indian Handicrafts Exports (2010): Percentage
Growth in Exports by Products-Imitation Jewelry, Hand
Printed Scarves, Art-metal Wares, Zari & Zari Goods, Hand
Printed Textiles and Other Handicrafts 53
Major Export Destinations 54
Leading Export Destinations of Indian Handicrafts 54
Significance of Arts and Crafts in India 54
Issues Confronting the Industry 54
Present Scenario 55

5d. VIETNAM 56
Overview 56
Rattan and Bamboo Boost Handicraft Industry in Vietnam 56
Challenges Confronting the Handicraft Industry 56

6. AFRICA 57
Overview 57
Leading Countries in Africa by Type of Crafts Produced 57
Ethiopian Craft Market 57

South African Crafts Industry 57

Overview 58
Export Scenario 58

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Arts and crafts represent a principal component of socio-economic life and an integral element of the culture of every country. Like all other sectors, Arts and Crafts Stores were adversely affected by the global economic downturn which resulted in an overall decline in sales during the 2008-09 period. While consumer spending on certain types of craft declined significantly, purchases of certain other craft items such as sewing goods, cake decorating and jewelry making supplies increased, as people attempted to achieve savings by making products themselves. As a result, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement gained significant traction during this period.

An out-of-the-ordinary trend that is being witnessed in recent times is that crafts that were previously the exclusive domain of the middle-aged and the older women group are now extending scope to include the younger population, even the male demography. With these and other consumers exhibiting increasing interest, stores are conducting various art related workshops to provide lessons in such skills. Further, the market is also witnessing a trend of recycling or reconstruction of old and unused items. This trend which was widely prevalent during the time of the great depression is making a comeback in the current cash constrained economic scenario. Consumers, instead of deposing items are recycling them to give them a new look and extend their functionality.

For over half-a-century, the global market for fine arts was dominated by the US and the UK. But in 2010, a marked shift was witnessed in this leadership, as China owing to its economic strength and favorable political climate overpowered the two countries and emerged into the forefront of the global fine arts auction industry. The country became a global hub for fine arts, attracting art collectors from various countries across the world.

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