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Satellites - Global Outlook

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The global outlook series on the Satellites Industry provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. Illustrated with 22 fact-rich market data tables, the report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry and highlights latest trends and demand drivers. Regional markets briefly abstracted and covered include North America (with particular focus on United States), Europe (the United Kingdom and Russia) Asia-Pacific (China, and India) Latin America and Middle East/Africa.

The report offers a compilation of recent mergers, acquisitions, and strategic corporate developments. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 206 companies worldwide.

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Space Technologies: Global Landscape 1
Global Satellite Industry - A Rudimentary Overview 1
Global Satellite Services Market: Infrastructure and
Consumer Services in Voice, Video and Data Segments 2
Market Opportunities 2
Key Challenges 3
Barriers to Entry 3
High Capex Requirements 3
Spectrum Availability 3
Existing Players Dominate the Market 3
Receiving Dish Position 3
Stringent Regulations 4
Competing Technologies 4
Bargaining Power of Buyers 4
Impact of Recession in Retrospect 4
Outlook 5
Table 1: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
Satellite Products & Services by Geographic Segments - North
America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (Including Japan), Middle
East/Africa and Latin America Markets Independently Analyzed
by Annual Revenue (in US$ Billion) for Years 2010 through
2015 6

Table 2: World 5-Year Perspective for Satellite Products and
Services by Geographic Segment - Percentage Breakdown of
Annual Revenue for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific
(Including Japan), Middle East/Africa and Latin America
Markets for the Years 2011 & 2015 7

Table 3: Global Satellite Industry (2011): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Revenue by Segment 7
Emerging Markets - Hotspots for Growth for Satellite Industry 7
Satellite Services Sector to Sustain Growth Momentum 8
Table 4: Global Satellite Services Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenue by Segment 8
Consumer Satellite Services Market - A Review of Key Segments 8
Table 5: Global Consumer Satellite Services Market (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenue by Segment 9
Satellite Television Services 9
Table 6: Global Pay TV Market (2010 & 2016): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Revenue by Platform 10
Digital TV Entertainment - A Key Growth Driver 10
Subscriptions on Wane in Developed Markets 10
Platforms Roll Out Value-Added Services to Sustain and
Attract Subscribers 11
Platforms Consider Vertical integration and Consolidation
to Attain Profitability 11
Satellite Video Transmission Services to Witness
Exponential Increase in Value 11
Satellite Broadband - Bridging the Digital Divide 12
Satellite Broadband Services Market Witnessing Growth 12
Outlook 13
Rural Broadband - Gaining Momentum 13
Factors Driving Demand for Broadband Satellite Systems 14
Small Businesses - Potential Market Segment for Satellite
Broadband Services 14
Satellite Based IPTV- An Emerging Niche 14
Table 7: Global Market for IPTV (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Number of Subscribers for US, Canada, Europe,
Asia-Pacific and Rest of World 15
Opportunities in Ka-Band Services 15
Broadband Satellite Multicasting Industry 16
Fixed Satellite Services - Maintaining Demand Growth 16
Table 8: Global Fixed Satellite Services Market (2011):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Application 17

Table 9: Global Fixed Satellite Services Market (2011):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Region 17

Table 10: Global Fixed Satellite Services Market (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenue by Segment 17
Satellite Transponders Market to Register Significant Growth 18
Transponders in Commercial Satellite Services Market 18
Growing Demand for Bigger Satellites to Push Transponders
Market 19
Transponder Demand Leading to Mushrooming of Satellite
Operators 19
Satellite Cellular Backhaul Propels Market 19
Booming Global Market for Satellite Transponders 19
Table 11: Global Satellite Transponder Market (2011):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Region - North
America, Europe, Asia, Middle East/Africa & Latin America 20

Table 12: Global Satellite Market (2007-2015): Supply of
Satellite Transponders Among C-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band-
Annual Demand in Number of 36 MHz Transponder
Equivalents 20

Table 13: Global Satellite Market (2007-2015): Annual
Demand and Supply of Satellite Transponders in Number of
36 MHz Transponder Equivalents 21

Table 14: Global Satellite Transponder Market (2011):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Application -
Broadcast, Trunking, Reserve, and Networking 21
Satellite Capacity Leasing Market to Expand Further 21
Private Networks Lead Data Market 22
Mobile Satellite Services - Outlook 22
Manufacturers of MSS Equipment to Register Growth 23
Mobile Voice Represents a Small Segment 23
Mobile Data Gains Traction 23
Table 15: Global Mobile Satellite Services Market
(2008-2016): Broadband Terminals for Applications Over 256
Kbps 24
Growing Scope of Global Maritime Industry Satellite Services 24
Satellite Manufacturing - A Review 25
Role of International Telecommunication Union 25
Other Noteworthy Trends, Growth Drivers & Issues 26
Military Satellite Market to Witness Ample Growth across the
Globe 26
Commercial Services Drives Satellites Sector 26
Commercial Satellite Market Driven by Consumer Satellite
Services 27
Dual-Use Platform to Provide New Opportunities for Satellite
Manufacturing Industry 27
Small Satellites Too Attract Market Opportunities 27
Backup Satellites and Transponders Offer Viable Alternative
Over Standard Insurance 27
Satellite Telephony: A Declining Market 28

Satellites - An Introduction 29
Background and Development 29
Satellite Services for Non-Military Uses 30
Payload 30
Transponders 30
Orbits 31
Common Types of Orbits 31
Geostationary Orbit (GEO) 31
Low Earth Orbit (LEO) 32
Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) 32
Satellite's Footprint 33
Burn 33
Interior of a Satellite 33
Propulsion Subsystem 33
Power Subsystem 33
Communications Subsystem 33
Structures Subsystem 33
Thermal Control Subsystem 34
Attitude Control Subsystem 34
Telemetry and Command Subsystem 34
Launch of a Satellite 34
Importance of EMS for Satellite Transmissions 35
Frequency Range and Suitable Application Areas of Different
Bands 35
Satellite Applications 36
An Overview of Applications/Services 36
Satellite Broadcasts 37
Strengths 37
Weaknesses 37
Satellite Broadband Applications 37
Satellite-Based Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) 37
Internet Service Providers 38
Global Positioning System 38
Application Areas 38
Satellite Telecommunications 39
Space-Based Earth Observation Systems 40
Major Remote Sensing Instruments and Satellites 41
Satellite Navigation System 41
The Galileo System 42
EGNOS - The Precursor for Galileo 42
New Transponder Accessing Method 42
Types of Satellites 42
Orbit Classifications 43
Classification Based on Synchronicity 43
Classification Based on Centricity 44
Classification Based on Eccentricity 44
Classification Based on Inclination 45
Classification Based on Altitude 45
Special Orbits 45
False Orbits 45
Satellite Formations 46
Formation Types 46
Countries with Satellite Launch Capabilities 46
Threat to Satellites 47
Jamming of Satellites 47
Other Applications of Satellites 47





Challenges in Fixed Satellite Services Market in North America 125
C-Band Continues to Retain its Charm Despite Slowdown 125
Future Relies on Ka-Band 125
Table 16: North American Market for Satellite Transponders
(2011): Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Area of
Application - Broadcast, Trunking, Networking and Reserve 126
North America at the Forefront of HDTV Revolution 126

Satellite Market Overview 127
US Satellite Industry Survives Recession Scare 127
Market Trends 127
Satellite Broadband Market to Explode 127
SOHO/Enterprise Markets Promise Lucrative Opportunities for
Satellite Broadband Services 127
iPTV in Rural Areas - A Secured Niche Market for Satellite
Operators 128
Stimulus Financing for Satellite Broadband 128
Terrestrial Technologies - No Competition to Satellite
Broadband Market 128
Bigger Satellites - Calling the Shots 129
Radar Market: Returning to Growth 130
Growing Demand for HDTV 130
Mobile Satellite Market to Grow Rapidly 130
Military Investment in New Space Programs 130
Risk Elements for US Commercial Remote Sensing Satellite
Companies 131

2. EUROPE 132
Escalating Mobile Satellite TV Market 132
Table 17: Mobile Satellite TV Market (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Number of Customers by Region-France, Germany
Italy, UK, Spain and Rest of Europe 133
C-Band and Ku-Band Application in Telephony Declining 133
Table 18: Satellite Transponders Market in Europe (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Demand by Area of Application-
Broadcast, Trunking, Reserve, and Networking 133

Space Industry 134
UKs Satellite Broadband Services Market 134
Satellite Broadband 135
Satellite Broadband Offerings 135
Ka-band Capacity Demand in UK 136
Export Markets 137

2b. RUSSIA 138
Russia Witnesses Increase in Satellite TV Subscribers 138

Asian Satellite Industry Performs Well Despite the Recent
Economic Slump 139
Challenges 140
Mixed Opportunity for Satellite Mobile TV 140
Communication Satellites Over Asia-Pacific 141
Communication Satellites Over Asia-Pacific by Frequency 141
Digital Divide Mars Asia-Pacific Market 143
Transponders: Demand and Supply 143
Table 19: Asia-Pacific Satellite Transponders Market (2011):
Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Area of Application -
Broadcast, Trunking, Reserve, and Networking 144
Overcapacity: A Major Issue 144
Government: A Major Player 144
Satellite Broadband Market Facing Hurdles in Japan and South
Korea 145

3a. CHINA 146
Satellite Market Set to Grow 146
Emerging as a Major Satellite Launch Market 146
Satellite Set-Top Box Market 146

3b. INDIA 147
Indian Satellite Market to Witness Meteoric Growth 147
Satellite Capacity Set to Grow 147
Transponder Capacity Additions on Cards 147
Foray into Satellite Launch Market 148
Expanding Satellite Market 148
Factors Driving Growth of Direct-To-Home Industry 148
Table 20: Indian DTH Market (2011): Percentage Market Share
Breakdown by Leading Players 150

Satellite Service Sector Witnessing Rapid Growth 151
Favorable Conditions for Satellite Services 151
Outlook for Transponders 152
Table 21: Satellite Transponders Market in Latin America
(2011): Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Area of
Application - Broadcast, Trunking, Reserve, and Networking 152
Competitive Overview 152
Satellite Services Revenues 153

Overview of Commercial Satellite Transponder Market 154
Table 22: Middle East and Africa Satellite Transponders
Market in (2011): Percentage Market Share Breakdown by Area
of Application - Broadcast, Trunking, Reserve, and Networking 154

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Technology developments have transformed the global satellite industry over the years from what was earlier confined to serve just the defense and communication applications, to now being capable of even taking entertainment direct to home in the form of digital broadcasting. Satellite technology has become a critical part of our everyday life, enabling communications, entertainment, navigation, and weather forecasting, among others. Having braved several challenges over the years, including the dotcom bust early this millennium, the general trend towards fiber connectivity, the impact of 2007-2009 economic recession, the industry now stands poised to register growth, primarily riding on the ever changing needs in telecommunications, one of its primarily end-use sector and growing consumer demand for satellite-based broadcasting and entertainment services. The industry will be bolstered by growing demand for satellite services against the backdrop of growing need for longer satellite life, increasing number of transponders per satellite, and data compression.

Accounting for a majority share in total revenue, satellite services market is the primary growth driver in the global satellite industry. Strong growth in the number of subscribers to Direct-To-Home/Direct Broadcast Satellite (DTH/DBS) services, as a result of tremendous increase in television viewership in developing markets such as India and China and introduction of advanced services such as HDTV and 3D-TV are fuelling demand for satellite TV services. Growth in consumer broadband satellite on the other hand is being boosted by continued rural broadband rollouts across the globe and growing demand for internet services in Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) businesses. Accounting for two thirds of the overall number of spacecrafts launched, the Government sector will continue to remain one of the most prominent demand drivers for satellites. Realizing the importance of satellite systems in providing geo-information and communication solutions to its agencies, and thereby helping develop infrastructure and contribute to the nation’s socio-economic development, governments across the globe will continue to invest in satellite technologies, thus promising to infuse vigor into the market in the upcoming years.

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