Physically Modified Starches Applications, Products and Markets

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Recent developments in starch technology are the development and marketing of physically modified starches that perform similar to chemically modified starches in food applications. National led this development by introducing product line under brand name NOVATIONTM series of functional native starches which offer full functionality of premium modified starches with a simple 'corn or tapioca starch' label. These products are process tolerant and shelf stable, attributes never before possible with native starches. Introduced in 1996 and widely used throughout the world, these products are now growing as the consumers seek variety in their diet and demonstrate a taste for foods from other lands and cultures. Food product developers are responding to this demand by offering new products with unique, exotic profiles. Physically modified starches represent the greatest opportunity for growth in the starch industry.

As the desire to provide cleaner labels or “pantry friendly” ingredients, there is a significant interest in these products by all major food manufacturers. National Starch Food Innovations owns this market with a total of 20 starch products based on waxy maize, tapioca, waxy rice and potato, 4 wheat flours and blend options. Total current market is estimated at 30 to 40 MM and claimed to grow at the rate of > 10 % in the past 2 yrs. Primary driver is “Natural” and “Clean label” This report is the most recent information compiled that provide an excellent review of this new novel food ingredient group.
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I. Executive Summary
II. Process And Properties Brief Description
III. Applications, Major Customers And Price Points
IV. Markets, Manufacurers, Product Volumes & Prices
V. Opportunities & Trends
VI. Selected Abstracts
VII. Report Methodology
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