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The Emerging Medical Technologies (EMT) Database is an online tool for strategic marketing, market research, business development and investment executives seeking discreet and detailed business, market, and competitive intelligence on privately-held companies developing disruptive technologies.

This database currently includes 1081 companies and includes regular updates.

The author leverages multiple, exclusive data streams to feed this robust database, including:

- An exclusive license to record the presentations and executive summaries for presenting companies at the prestigious annual Medtech Insight/Elsevier In3 West, In3 East, In3 Medical Device Summit, and In3 Europe meetings (approximately 130 companies per year)

- CEO presentations and executive summaries from the authors quarterly EMT Spotlight meetings (approximately 130 companies per year)

- Ongoing in-house research efforts (approximately 140 companies per year)

You get access to existing content, database additions, and updates for the duration of your subscription.

This database is the premier tool for identifying, tracking, partnering with, investing in, or reacting to, emerging companies in the space.

Company Overviews data includes:

- Company Name & Technology Description
- Key Executive
- Financing Status and Needs
- Revenue Development Status
- Strategic Partnering Needs
- Contact Info
- Year Established
- Website
- And More

Executive Summaries data includes:

- Company Overview (structure, size, year founded, etc)
- Technology Details
- Target Markets
- Competitive Landscape and Differentiation
- Financial Summary and Sales Forecasts
- Financing & Partnering Needs
- IP Position & Status
- Management Team Overview
- More

CEO Presentations data includes:

- 10-15 minute slides and corresponding audio
- Investor/Partner/Business related content; not product demos or infomercial style videos readily available in the public domain
- Coverage of all past and future “Investment In Innovation” (In3) Conferences

* Depth of coverage varies for each company.
** Coverage includes regular updates on new, emerging companies.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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*Technology descriptions for companies currently covered as of 03/02/10 include:

Company 1 - Ultrasound catheters for targeted thermal ablation of tumors
Company 2 - Implantable devices for the endovascular treatment of hemorrhagic stroke
Company 3 - Intravascular temperature management systems and catheters for cardiac and neuro intensive care patients
Company 4 - Artificial lung delivers O2 and removes CO2 through a catheter inserted into the vena cava
Company 5 - Next-generation non-vascular interventional pulmonary and gastrointestinal stenting technology
Company 6 - Devices delivering infrared light to reduce pain and accelerate tissue healing
Company 7 - D-ribose, a five-carbon carbohydrate that increases cellular energy, improving cardiovascular health and tissue function
Company 8 - Cell-based therapy products for the treatment of heart failure secondary to myocardial infarction
Company 9 - Electronic device that closes the gap between drugs and surgery in osteoarthritis of the knee
Company 10 - Arthroscopic surgical devices
Company 11 - MIST Therapy using non-contact ultrasound to stimulate healthy cells allowing chronic wounds to heal
Company 12 - P-15: a small peptide attachment factor for bone formation in orthopedics
Company 13 - Minimally invasive needle biosensor for in vivo glucose or lactate monitoring of intensive care patients
Company 14 - Non-invasive modality for the treatment of insulin resistance/diabetic neuropathy
Company 15 - Methods for eyebrow lifting, non-thermal loading of degradable matrices, and degradable implants
Company 16 - Immunodiagnostics of placental recombinant markers to screen the risk of preeclampsia, preterm delivery, and IUGR
Company 17 - Next-generation biomaterials using bioactive-ceramics technology platform
Company 18 - Aortic arch stent graft
Company 19 - Monitor for autonomic nervous system displaying sympathovagal balance in real-time for diabetes/ anesthesia/cardiology applications
Company 20 - Portable automated critical care neuro instruments using advanced digital signal processing technology
Company 21 - Interventional catheter system for the mechanical recanalization of arterial chronic total occlusions quickly and reliably
Company 22 - THERMOCEPS - a handheld, wireless device that stops bleeding during surgical procedures using focused, thermal coagulation
Company 23 - Molecular diagnostics based on patented, standardized, next-generation, multi-gene expression (StaRT-PCR) products and high margin services
Company 24 - Automated, continual blood glucose monitoring for critically ill patients
Company 25 - Real-time, CT-guided, robotically controlled needle drivers for minimally invasive cancer therapy
Company 26 - Noninvasive, site-specific drug delivery technology to deliver compounds to the posterior segments of the eye
Company 27 - Prevention of scarring caused by disease, medical intervention, or trauma via a beta emitting biopolymer
Company 28 - A wireless, early detection and auto-alerting heart monitor system for outpatient and homecare markets
Company 29 - Trabectome, an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive medical device technology for the treatment of open angel glaucoma
Company 30 - Helical stent providing enhanced abilities and flexibilities in drug delivery, scaffolding, and embolic protection
Company 31 - Liposomal formulation of recombinant IL-2 for use as chemotherapy or cancer vaccine adjuvant
Company 32 - Bioresorbable polymer implants for use in a variety of orthopedics and spine surgical applications
Company 33 - CardioPath System that prevents embolic events by removing plaque and thrombus found in diseased arteries
Company 34 - BioSilicon, nano-structured porous silicon for applications in drug delivery, diagnostics, tissue engineering, and orthopedics
Company 35 - Conservative Motion Preservation technology including minimally invasive facet joint replacement
Company 36 - Catheters designed to diagnose, terminate, and treat cardiac arrhythmia during EP and ablation procedures
Company 37 - Artificial total intervertebral disc capable of normal physiological movement and weight loading
Company 38 - A wireless personal emergency alert system that integrates with, and enhances, existing implanted medical devices
Company 39 - A smart, communicating cigarette case, online support, and daily e-mails delivering an effective stop-smoking method
Company 40 - Minimally invasive disc replacement for chronic back pain
Company 41 - Surgical instruments employing thermal welding technology to seal and cut tissue
Company 42 - Endoscopy systems allowing physicians to see very small, early-stage cancer and subtle pre-cancerous lesions
Company 43 - Rapid, point-of-care in vitro diagnostics
Company 44 - AccessAED - portable, compact easy-to-use automated external defibrillators with full energy delivery and complete resuscitation solutions
Company 45 - Phase II drug/device combo product for bone regeneration in orthopedic and perio/oral surgery
Company 46 - Non-incisional female sterilization
Company 47 - Non-irritating dry electrodes now enabling long-term cardiac monitoring
Company 48 - Noninvasive ultrasound-based tissue analysis services for early detection of malignant tumors
Company 49 - Site-specific biological and drug delivery
Company 50 - Posterior dynamic stabilization device designed to support an injured or degenerated spine without eliminating motion
Company 51 - AepEX auditory evoked potential depth of anesthesia monitor and aepEX-Fusion servo-controlled anesthesia delivery system
Company 52 - Magnesium-based compound that will attach bone to bone and ligaments and tendons to bone
Company 53 - Cath lab solution providing rapid onset of circulatory support in patients with acute heart failure
Company 54 - Direct, real-time vision through flowing blood to guide therapy inside the heart and vessels
Company 55 - Micro-porous ceramic wound treatment device that creates optimal conditions for normal wound healing
Company 56 - Endovenous ablation system for varicose veins with 1320 nm CoolTouch laser
Company 57 - Impedance Cardiovelocimetry non-invasively measures/ monitors mechanical heart function and disease utilizing a disposable brachial cuff
Company 58 - ERBLAN MIS Surgical Devices allow safe entry into virtually any actual or potential anatomical space
Company 59 - Continuous, non-invasive glucose monitor for tight glycemic control at the hospital and at home
Company 60 - Augmented reality simulators that train surgeons in the skills required for minimally invasive surgery
Company 61 - Non-blood contacting, active implantable direct cardiac compression device for the treatment of CHF
Company 62 - Continuous blood gas monitoring and cardiac output measurement for the intensive care unit
Company 63 - Point-of-care platform technology (CRP & Cyst C) for assessing risk of cardiovascular disease and renal dysfunction
Company 64 - Nanotechnology-based cancer therapy with contactless activation of tumor-specific nano-particles, adaptable to all solid tumors
Company 65 - Precise miniature robotic technology for spine, knee, orthopedic, and neurosurgery minimally invasive procedures - SmartAssist
Company 66 - Virtual Bone Biopsy MRI scanner add-on, allowing noninvasive imaging of bone microstructure for osteoporosis monitoring
Company 67 - Implantable blood pump with magnetic levitation technology for patients suffering from heart failure
Company 68 - MRI-compatible, precision- guided laser therapy for the treatment of brain tumors
Company 69 - Nanomagnetic particles enabling controlled drug delivery and elution for drug targeting and medical device applications
Company 70 - Technology for imaging peripheral nerves in regional anesthesiology, pain management, and other markets
Company 71 - Catheter-based sealing of heart defects associated with stroke, migraine headaches, and other brain attacks
Company 72 - NovoSci Ready System
Company 73 - Implantable encapsulated-cell technology for delivery of biological therapeutics to the nervous system
Company 74 - Disposable balloon cervical dilator for improved uterine access that decreases pain, avoids tearing and perforations
Company 75 - First noninvasive, transcutaneous sensor array that continuously monitors peripheral circulation and/or core body temperature
Company 76 - Magneto-Optical Enantiomeric Detection (MOPED) for real-time, non-contact analysis of chiral pharmaceuticals
Company 77 - Minimally invasive cancer therapy using Magnetically Energized (ME) Thermotherapy
Company 78 - Real-time disposable stereotactic navigation devices for biopsy/targeted therapy compatible with CT, fluoroscopy, and MRI
Company 79 - Three-dimensional surgical visualization technologies and expanding portfolio for digital surgical environment and digital healthcare network
Company 80 - Second-generation, viscoelastic artificial disc restoring native function to the spine
Company 81 - BioDisc, a nucleus replacement product based on an injectable, flexible, and durable protein hydrogel technology
Company 82 - Dascor Arthroplasty System, spinal implants technology
Company 83 - Osteogenica - bone marrow concentration system
Company 84 - Fluidjet devices for open and MIS fusion, discectomy, artificial nucleus, and artificial disc procedures
Company 85 - Minimally invasive fusion system
Company 86 - Next-generation fusion, motion sparing, and minimally invasive spinal implant products
Company 87 - Bioactive synthetic bone graft substitute that is osteostimulative, osteoconductive, antimicrobial, and hemostatic
Company 88 - Orthopeutics, LP introduces Intrabrace a new non-surgical, injectable treatment for resisting spinal curvature in scoliosis.
Company 89 - 1-Synthetic alternatives to autograft/cadaver-based bone material, 2-Surgical hemostat as an adherent matrix/impermeable barrier to blood flow, 3-Bone augmentation material for injections in osteoporotic spines to treat vertebral compression fractures
Company 90 - Compliant artificial lumbar disc with graduated modulus for restoration of normal spine biomechanics/enhanced durability
Company 91 - Nucleus replacement device
Company 92 - Lumbar spine motion preservation via dynamic stabilization utilizing a semi-rigid rod and screw system
Company 93 - Lumbar, thoracic, and cervical fusion devices including less invasive instrumentation; lumbar and cervical artificial discs
Company 94 - Advance and commercialize less invasive spinal deformity surgical treatment without fusion
Company 95 - Clinical expertise, facility development, new technology, and business services including marketing and contracting
Company 96 - Interspinous process implant to treat Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS)
Company 97 - Telemeterized natural motion elastomer disc
Company 98 - Least invasive approach for the delivery of lumbar fusion and motion preservation therapies
Company 99 - Minimally invasive dynamic stabilization device
Company 100 - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for minimally invasive thermal treatment of disc herniation without disc penetration
Company 101 - Interactive intraoperative CT scanning technology for image-guided interventions
Company 102 - Microplate-based electronic biosensor system for label-free, real-time cell based assays
Company 103 - Noninvasive monitor to measure exhaled nitric oxide for the management of asthma
Company 104 - A device for the left atrial appendage for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation
Company 105 - Device for the treatment of Barrett's esophagus and prevention of esophageal cancer
Company 106 - Blood test for breast cancer measuring 5 protein biomarkers using super-sensitive ELISA with 95% accuracy
Company 107 - Totally implantable LVAD that does not interface with circulating blood
Company 108 - Percutaneous access management system to provide early ambulation/eliminate major complications, leaving nothing behind in patient
Company 109 - Molecular FingerPrinting process for early-stage diagnosis of cancer, enabling point-of-care therapeutics based on gene regulation
Company 110 - Percutaneous noninvasive heart valve replacement
Company 111 - Microsyringe delivery of cells, genes, and drugs to the vasculature/deep tissues of the body
Company 112 - Electronic pill for oral delivery of low bioavailability drugs
Company 113 - Bioabsorbable drug eluting stents and stent coatings for treatment of vulnerable plaque and coronary stenosis
Company 114 - Implantable Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) for heart failure, needed by 250,000 Americans yearly
Company 115 - Blood test that screens/diagnoses cervical cancer without need of a cervical exam/pap smear
Company 116 - Capture and analysis of heart sounds leading to rapid and accurate diagnosis of cardiac pathologies
Company 117 - Non-contact intelligent medical vigilance for the hospital
Company 118 - Controlled fluid delivery system for every medical application without batteries or power cords
Company 119 - Genetic and personal history based testing to predict age-specific risk of breast cancer diagnosis
Company 120 - IYIA has developed a proprietary, clinically effective device, O2Misly, for treating slow healing foot wounds, primarily diabetic foot ulcers
Company 121 - Enteric Dialysis with Kibow Biotics - a food-grade microbial Gel cap formulation towards kidney failure applications
Company 122 - Noninvasive Ultra-WideBand medical radar imaging for cardiopulmonary ambulatory monitoring and diagnosis
Company 123 - Light-based therapy for eradication of ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori
Company 124 - Device for the treatment of mitral regurgitation and heart failure without requiring open heart surgery
Company 125 - Interventional catheter-based system precisely measures stent and arterial size and cardiovascular repair tissue patch products
Company 126 - Colon cancer screening and preventing Fecal Occult Blood Test & the O'Regan Hemorrhoid Banding System
Company 127 - Long-term, miniature drug delivery implant with physician- controllable, zero-order release characteristics
Company 128 - Minimally invasive surgical access system used in laparoscopic surgery
Company 129 - Automated implantable pump systems for moving fluids around inside the body
Company 130 - Nitric oxide releasing surface treatments for enhanced biocompatibility in medical devices
Company 131 - Devices for mechanically induced bone growth, together with a "smart device" system for risk management
Company 132 - Technologies that utilize flexible cross linking and sterilization processes which stabilize and sterilize biological tissue for use in orthopedic, wound, oral/dental, spine and neurological, breast, abdominal and thoracic applications
Company 133 - Unique microsphere-based technology for chronic/acute wounds
Company 134 - Affordable handheld metabolic monitor (indirect calorimeter) with both medical and consumer weight management applications
Company 135 - Noninvasive therapeutic ultrasound to enhance perfusion for treatment of acute myocardial infarction
Company 136 - In vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration to remove excess fluid from CHF patients in clinical trials
Company 137 - Electrode sensor array, with integrated lead wires, simple, accurate and repeatable ECGs
Company 138 - Disposables for drawing blood -- percutaneous or from a catheter -- neonates to geriatrics
Company 139 - Biomimetic coronary stent coating that prevents restenosis/reduces the need for extended courses of dual antiplatelet therapy
Company 140 - Peptide-based therapeutic to enhance stent/graft patency
Company 141 - Minimally invasive device-based technologies targeting the treatment of hemodynamic instability and perfusion
Company 142 - 1-Bio-therapeutic designed from autologous stem cells and committed to a cardiac lineage before implantation, 2-Corresponding catheter for accurate transmyocardial injection
Company 143 - Noninvasive device using muscular counter pulsation (MCP) technology for the treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF)
Company 144 - Technology to reshape the heart
Company 145 - Catheter-based therapy which increases cerebral perfusion for the treatment of ischemic stroke and vasospasm
Company 146 - Stentless aortic valve prosthesis to be delivered via catheter
Company 147 - A noninvasive test for endothelial dysfunction using digital (fingertip) thermal monitoring
Company 148 - Perfusion monitoring for preventing septic shock, the greatest hospital mortality
Company 149 - PeriVasc
Company 150 - Minimally invasive interventional radiology/vascular surgery devices
Company 151 - AUDICOR uses advanced ECG-heart sound analysis to enable superior diagnosis/monitoring of CHF/ACS patients
Company 152 - Pressure and flow sensing systems for vascular and other applications
Company 153 - Percutaneous mitral valve repair simulating precision of surgical annuloplasty
Company 154 - Surgical and percutaneous cardiac valve repair
Company 155 - Minimally-invasive cardiac implantable devices for treating mitral valve regurgitation without atriotomy or cardiopulmonary bypass
Company 156 - A wearable continuous ultrafiltration device that removes fluid overload in patients with Congestive Heart Failure
Company 157 - Alginate-based embolic material designed to fill blood vessel defects thereby displacing blood pressure effects and preventing vessel rupture
Company 158 - A portable laseroptical system for noninvasive differentiation between ischemic stroke and spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages
Company 159 - OmniWave
Company 160 - A platelet reactivity test to measure the effect of anti-platelet drugs, particularly aspirin and Plavix
Company 161 - An approach using RF energy for shrinkage of the valve annulus to reduce/eliminate regurgitation
Company 162 - Catheter-based photoreactive treatment system for endovascular intervention in coronary and peripheral atherosclerotic disease
Company 163 - Minimally invasive telemetric and continuous measurement of left atrial blood pressure at heart failure
Company 164 - Noninvasive medical device providing low-risk hypoxic treatment that induces appetite suppression and weight loss
Company 165 - Multi-Sensing Wireless Catheter platform attached along the GI-Uro tract detecting GERD, incontinence, and other abnormalities
Company 166 - SutureLock - a versatile suture-securing knot-replacement device for endoscopic wound approximation
Company 167 - Microscope slide scanners and information management software that enable the digitization of pathology
Company 168 - Patient recovery system for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
Company 169 - System analyzes a patient's susceptibility to cardiac arrest and consequent need for implantable defibrillator
Company 170 - Interventional MRI technology for cardiovascular imaging including detection/treatment of vulnerable plaque
Company 171 - Point-of-care IVD platform that provides rapid, accurate, automated laboratory testing using low cost, disposable biochips
Company 172 - ATRILAZE
Company 173 - Dedicated angioplasty and stent systems for the treatment of arterial bifurcations
Company 174 - Specialty and standard electrophysiology catheters that have superior performance, advantageous features, and are affordable
Company 175 - Nanotechnologies for use in orthopedic implants, dental implants, and stents
Company 176 - Noninvasive neural vision enhancement
Company 177 - Disposable, noninvasive, pump-less, and valve-less automatic blood pressure monitor "on-a-chip"
Company 178 - Saliva-based consumer diagnostic systems, which enable the development of personalized therapeutics
Company 179 - RFID hardware and software platform for test tubes/ apheresis device for blood component separation
Company 180 - 3-D tomographic ultrasound imaging system to aid in diagnosing breast cancer
Company 181 - Infusion catheter for treatment of tumors which are unresponsive to systemic chemotherapy by the local delivery of drugs and other agents
Company 182 - Customized miniature disposable stereoscopic cameras that provide 3D vision, measurements, and image fusion in real-time
Company 183 - Medical devices that enable diabetes disease management and the prevention of lower extremity amputations
Company 184 - Expert systems and miniaturized hardware for stroke prevention and management and for pre-operative brain protection
Company 185 - Dynamic optimization of pacing intervals according to hemodynamic sensors for CRT devices
Company 186 - SmartStep
Company 187 - Cellular implants for orthopedic, trauma, and spinal applications based on a biological form stable matrix
Company 188 - Endoscopically-placed devices to prevent GERD, obesity, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Company 189 - 1- Interventional single-use cardiac support device and drug delivery platform, 2- Implants for use in/with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems
Company 190 - Bioabsorbable, bioactive, and drug-releasing medical device products for various fields of surgery
Company 191 - Coronary guidewire, to provide real-time ultrasonic measurement of coronary arteries to determine stent size and apposition without exchange of catheters
Company 192 - Miniature implantable, continuous blood glucose sensor for diabetics, incorporating noninvasive wireless monitoring
Company 193 - Tissue fixation implants, injectable bone grafting biomaterials, and tissue scaffolds with drug releasing properties
Company 194 - Non-invasive screening of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), combining postural/infrared blood volume testing
Company 195 - Medical devices utilizing radiofrequency and microwave energy which are cost-effective and clinically relevant
Company 196 - Unique add on and removable needle safety product that fits to standard glass/plastic syringes
Company 197 - Non-invasive airway clearance in ICU patients to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia
Company 198 - Technology for the manipulation of adult stem cells to repopulate chronically diseased liver tissue
Company 199 - Products that digitize manual breast examination tissue elastic properties into objective computerized visual maps/reports
Company 200 - Endotracheal tube with video, self-locking orthopedic implants, structured TPN lipids, cell therapy for cancer, etc.
Company 201 - Immediate, active, device-less, and painless topical drug delivery, of small/macromolecules, for local/systemic indications
Company 202 - Transdermal delivery system of levodopa (L-DOPA) for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease
Company 203 - Magnetically actuated telescopic intramedullary (IM) nail activated by an induced low power directional magnetic field
Company 204 - A suite of tools for automated CT Angiography (CTA) diagnostics for Coronary Artery Disease
Company 205 - Noninvasive, outpatient bariatric device for overweight/obesity
Company 206 - Microsensors and receptors for the real-time measurement of therapeutic drugs and clinical chemistry parameters
Company 207 - Bifurcated coronary stent
Company 208 - SurfLink
Company 209 - Next-generation bio-medical adhesive, used as a filler for aneurysms in various areas of the body
Company 210 - Vascular stents and grafts with increased patency by improved flow dynamics, reducing stenosis and restenosis
Company 211 - Non-invasive continuous measurement of tissue oxygenation for various intraoperative and post-operative applications
Company 212 - A platform aerosol drug delivery nebulizer device for multiple- and single-use applications with disposables
Company 213 - Gene-based products for the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders
Company 214 - The Axya Shoulder Fixation System generates ultrasonic energy for knotless suture welding in shoulder surgery
Company 215 - Minimally invasive percutaneous neuromodulation pain therapy
Company 216 - Ultraviolet light technologies for the inactivation of RNA viruses in/out of the body
Company 217 - Noninvasive mechanical compression for treatment/prophylaxis of lower extremity circulatory disorders such as: PAD/DVT
Company 218 - Rapid testing systems led by the Growth Direct
Company 219 - Laparoscopic surgeons maintain direct control of the laparoscope movement/placement with GMP's Laparocision
Company 220 - Fiber-optic, catheter-based, near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy system to identify lipid rich plaques in the coronary arteries
Company 221 - Small/portable/handheld device for diagnosing brain hematomas
Company 222 - Real-time, noninvasive monitoring of blood loss, anemia, and other vital blood measurements
Company 223 - A remotely controlled, wireless-powered implantable 230-channel nerve stimulator built on a 15
Company 224 - Aesthetic treatment device using collimated high-energy light and laser, delivered simultaneously by fiber delivery system
Company 225 - Multi-channel implantable microelectrodes for deep brain stimulation and recording, enabling enhanced neuromodulation therapies
Company 226 - Ultrasonic medical devices for minimally invasive therapeutic procedures for treatment of cancer/other healthcare purposes
Company 227 - Drug/device products for post-operative pain and orthopedic drug delivery indications using syntinate synthetic absorbables
Company 228 - Biomaterial that regulates resorbability and enhances bone regeneration
Company 229 - Image-guided therapy for metastatic liver disease
Company 230 - Post-proteomics multiplexed MS-based diagnostics/theranostics linked to drug development and personalized medicine
Company 231 - A "preventative" vaccine for HIV-AIDs
Company 232 - Respiratory diagnostics for noninvasive assessment of airway acidification in Asthma, COPD, and GERD
Company 233 - Theramers
Company 234 - Laparoscopic surgical access technology based on a No-Seal platform
Company 235 - Medical devices, utilizing robust tyrosine-based resorbable polymer systems/pharmaceuticals in surgical barriers/cardiac rhythm management
Company 236 - Phase-shifting technology for Contrast Ultrasound imaging
Company 237 - Miniature/patient-controllable/valved catheter to improve quality of life/decrease urinary tract infections in patients suffering urinary retention
Company 238 - CGRP for the treatment of heart failure
Company 239 - Noninvasive device providing substitute vestibular sensory information through the tongue for treatment of balance disorders
Company 240 - PuraMatrix injectable synthetic nanofibrous hydrogels for bone, cartilage and soft tissue regeneration, and drug delivery
Company 241 - Implanted oscillating field stimulation device which regenerates acute and sub-acute damaged spinal cord nerve tissue
Company 242 - Synthetic bone that duplicates the microstructure, composition, and performance of human bone
Company 243 - Drug product for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury, cancer, macular degeneration, and glaucoma
Company 244 - Nitric oxide-based therapies to accelerate healing of tendon, bone, and other musculoskeletal tissue
Company 245 - Biomaterials-based product that augments or replaces the diseased nucleus pulposus of the spinal disc
Company 246 - A CE-marked resorbable plating system for cervical fusions allowing for load sharing
Company 247 - Low-profile implants/less invasive surgical instruments to treat spinal disorders utilizing fusion and non-fusion technologies
Company 248 - A biological and mechanical solution to annular repair and spine fusion
Company 249 - Fusion technology platforms and second-generation artificial discs for the lumbar and cervical spine
Company 250 - Noninvasive, ambulatory, portable, 3-D traction technology providing an effective and unique therapy for spinal disorders
Company 251 - Real-time image-guidance technology with an FDA-accepted accuracy claim of +/-1mm at 1 meter
Company 252 - Lumbar dynamic stabilization with MIS compatibility and pedicle screws
Company 253 - Rapid table-mounted retraction/surgical site access for MIS placement of hip/knee/shoulder/spine implants
Company 254 - Emperor Mobile Spinal Disc, P.E.E.K Cages, Pedicle Screw System, and Saturn Hip Resurfacing
Company 255 - Stable and extractable self locking intramedullary nails and proximal femoral fixation
Company 256 - 1-LIFEBACK® Spine Programs for non-operative and post-operative spine patients and 2-the LTX 3000® Rehabilitation System
Company 257 - Shielded reciprocating tissue sculpturing instrument, able to navigate into neural foramen to relieve nerve compression
Company 258 - Catheter-based technology for orthopedic trauma indications providing site-specific tissue drainage and drug delivery
Company 259 - Facet fixation system that is a less-invasive/faster alternative to pedicle screw fixation
Company 260 - Naturally-derived/non-crosslinked/collagen-based extracellular matrix to repair/remodel damaged tissues
Company 261 - Smart devices to harness human physiology for health care, industrial safety, and law enforcement applications
Company 262 - Analyze, search, store, mine, share and unlock the power of digital tissue images
Company 263 - A protein therapeutic biotreatment that regresses solid tumors and protects against relapses
Company 264 - Functional brain imaging centers that identify Alzheimer's, brain injury, stroke, ADHD, bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD
Company 265 - Orbital atherectomy for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease
Company 266 - MIS platform technologies for creating cavities in tissue and partially molding an orthopedic implant in situ
Company 267 - Porcine-derived tissue devices for ligament, cartilage, bone, and soft tissue replacement and augmentation
Company 268 - Physiologic Heart Surgery Pump: reducing post-surgery kidney failure, mortality, and complications cost by 50%
Company 269 - Next-generation estrogen-based drug-eluting coronary stent and an orthopedics/sports injury pain management device
Company 270 - Repositionable/removable percutaneous heart valve, precision controlled delivery device, and calcified valve encapsulation system
Company 271 - Free-floating optical probe with multiple LD scanning and magnetic stabilization for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring
Company 272 - Flash Ultrasound
Company 273 - IBraces - 100% customized, invisible orthodontic braces designed for efficient, effective treatment of teens and adults
Company 274 - PowerCosmetics micro-electronic patches, delivering skincare results faster and more effectively
Company 275 - Surgical stapling devices for open and laparoscopic procedures developed for the growing China market
Company 276 - Noninvasive device used in the differential diagnosis of disc or facet mediated low back pain
Company 277 - Biocompatible polymer implant to prevent or reverse the progression of chronic heart failure and mitral valve regurgitation
Company 278 - 1-Low-cost, disposable point-of-care (POC) Pap smear replacement requiring no lab or medical professional; 2-Drug-eluting contraceptive cervical barrier
Company 279 - Accommodating and multifocal phakic IOLs, CE-approved for $ billion refractive IOL market
Company 280 - An implantable ophthalmic device to treat vision correction associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
Company 281 - Noninvasive medical device for the treatment and prevention of obesity using controlled hypoxia
Company 282 - Next-generation biomaterials technology
Company 283 - Percutaneously delivered implantable system to treat mitral valve regurgitation and improve congestive heart failure
Company 284 - A bioactive ceramic that delivers better/faster spine fusion and bone repair
Company 285 - A drug delivery platform that approaches the endovascular bifurcation challenge from a completely different angle
Company 286 - The Nano-Pulse measures arterial elasticity and autonomic nervous system function
Company 287 - NICOM
Company 288 - Advanced optical systems/services that are changing the way doctors evaluate and treat the eye
Company 289 - Advanced skin biopsy and wound healing solutions to dermatology, cosmetic, primary care, and oncology clinicians
Company 290 - Tissue repair devices exploiting shear force transfer and large-interface substrates for adherent new tissue formation
Company 291 - Technology that prepares the spinal disc for a nucleus replacement/minimally invasive fusion device
Company 292 - An internal adhesive biotechnology designed for strength, biocompatibility, and ease-of-use with applications in cardiovascular surgery
Company 293 - 1-Instant-on/instant-off proximal occlusion funnel catheter, 2-Scoring balloon with drug delivery capability
Company 294 - Protein free induction of endochondral ossification, no human origin, not contagious, no soft tissue ossification
Company 295 - 1-Cartilage implant for the knee, 2-Injectable cell therapy for the spinal disc/nucleus, 3-Bone graft extender to treat spinal deformities
Company 296 - Percutaneous light activation reduces intra-abdominal fat, returning Type 2 diabetic patients towards normoglycemia
Company 297 - Diagnostic platform with a test for measuring unbound Bilirubin for the management of newborn jaundice
Company 298 - Digital Pulse Analyzer - provides early detection of arterial wall stiffness and biological age of arteries
Company 299 - Endothelial management - less trauma combined with new agents for improved healing in vascular interventions
Company 300 - Robot-assisted stroke therapy devices
Company 301 - The Sensation
Company 302 - Resorbable pegylated hydrogel for surgical wound sealing/adhesion prevention/sustained and targeted drug delivery
Company 303 - ECG software for assessing acute ischemia and cardiac safety surrogates in clinical trials
Company 304 - Spinal implants utilizing elastomeric polymers for non-fusion treatment of disc degeneration
Company 305 - Blood tests for: breast cancer/Alzheimer's disease/women's cancers
Company 306 - Gradient-based tracking and navigation for MRI - enables MRI-guided intervention, endoscopy and catheterization on any scanner
Company 307 - Programmable lab-on-a-chip platform for applications ranging from drug discovery to consumer diagnostics
Company 308 - Lectin-based cell adhesion technology which enables stents that traffic cells in the bloodstream
Company 309 - Tools for enabling adult stem cell based regenerative medicine
Company 310 - ViaDerm - home use transdermal drug delivery system creating microscopic passageways in the top skin layer
Company 311 - Ambulatory infusion pumps and disposables that require no programming and use pre-filled solution containers
Company 312 - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for incisionless male surgical sterilization
Company 313 - Highly reimbursable orthopedic rehabilitation durable medical equipment
Company 314 - Noninvasive blood glucose monitor that will measure glucose in sweat in a disposable dermal patch
Company 315 - 1-Soft tissue attachment nanotechnology, 2-Bioactive/biocompatible/osteoconductive synthetic bone filler, 3-Biodegradable fiberglass fiber & composites
Company 316 - Disease management system for early detection of heart failure using a noninvasive cardiovascular-sleep prognostic marker
Company 317 - Wireless 2000 leads the un-tethered patient vital signs monitoring revolution, using wireless Ultra Wideband (UWB) and Zigbee technologies
Company 318 - Biocellulose technology that eliminates the risks/complications/limitations inherent in animal, human, and synthetic biomaterials
Company 319 - Spinal implants, cervical, thoracolumbar, interbody, bone substitutes, motion preservation
Company 320 - Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a) inhibitor therapy for treatment of chronic persistent radiculopathy (including sciatica) related to disc herniation.
Company 321 - Building on an exclusive intellectual property platform for both fusion and non-fusion products
Company 322 - Disc Motion Technologies has developed the first posterior lumbar arthroplasty system consisting of an artificial lumbar disc and a posterior dynamic stabilizer.
Company 323 - Motion preservative artificial disc
Company 324 - Revisable cervical and lumbar total disc replacement that can be converted to fusion
Company 325 - Water-resistant adhesives derived from mussels, used as tissue adhesives/anti-bacterial coatings
Company 326 - 1-Lumbar cage with integrated fixation screws, 2-Pedicle screw product line, 3-Access systems and implants for use in minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
Company 327 - Reintroducing CHYMOPAPAIN, the only proven minimally-invasive therapy for herniated discs; it allows nuclear regeneration.
Company 328 - Lumbar system for dynamic stabilization without fusion, artificial discs, and minimally invasive surgery systems
Company 329 - Orthopedic products, specifically for upper and lower extremity small bone applications
Company 330 - Developing and marketing EEG systems, tools and services for Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, and Neuroscience Researchers
Company 331 - Indigo Orb, Inc is a technology leader in "Automatic Detection of Epidural Cavity"
Company 332 - Human Globin, a biopolymer to replace animal collagens in dermal fillers and create biomaterials for tissue repair
Company 333 - An automated blood glucose monitor for the intensive care unit using near infra-red spectroscopy
Company 334 - Minimally invasive surgical technology that uses ionizing radiation to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Company 335 - Minimally invasive ophthalmic device therapy for Dry Macular Degeneration and other blindness causing diseases
Company 336 - Providing private and hospital-based OB/GYNs, Perinatologists, and Radiologists with integrated reporting and image management systems
Company 337 - Single-use rigid endoscopes, with superior image quality, at a reduced per-use cost
Company 338 - Portable and networked medical devices such as handheld ultrasounds
Company 339 - Non-surgical serum based cure, proven effective for PAD, Diabetic and Cardiovascular disorders
Company 340 - Producer of surgical devices including a self-attaching hernia patch, anti-clog surgical drain, and cavity implosion device
Company 341 - DART is utilizing an interstitial radiation source that by nuclear decay recoil mechanism emits high-energy alpha particles widely dispersed by diffusion and by convection in the tumor mass
Company 342 - BMDSys' Magnetic Field Imaging (MFI) is an absolutely non-invasive, radiation- and side-effect free electro physiological high speed cardiac diagnostic system to identify upcoming heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths
Company 343 - Developing a fully implantable extra-aortic counterpulsation device designed to provide long-term, cost-effective treatment and significantly improve quality of life for heart failure patients
Company 344 - Intelligent nasal drug delivery devices for topical, systemic and nose-to-brain applications
Company 345 - Handheld device which measures the amount of calories a person requires to maintain body weight
Company 346 - Minimally invasive retractors for pelvic surgery to optimize pneumoperitoneum pressure and patient position (OP5)
Company 347 - Open-architecture, cryogenic-free MRI systems for orthopaedic, general purpose and interventional applications
Company 348 - Growth factor and biomaterial addressing the needs of spinal fusion, osteochondral defects, osteoarthritis, dental medicine, and other indications
Company 349 - Non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device, for patients with diabetes, based on a multi-sensor platform
Company 350 - Percutaneous mitral valve replacement system for treatment of mitral regurgitation
Company 351 - Total hip replacement system that addresses resistance to wear and resistance to dislocation with ceramic and double mobility
Company 352 - Next-generation disposable colonoscope incorporating diagnostic/therapeutic capabilities allowing for a potentially sedation-less treatment
Company 353 - Computer-integrated robotic instrumentation/navigation tools for orthopedic surgery
Company 354 - Dual function, automatic, handheld sinus irrigator and aspirator for OTC consumer use
Company 355 - Less invasive orthopaedic implant solutions employing advanced pliable structured materials and innovative designs
Company 356 - Patient controlled analgesia device for pain management
Company 357 - Target-specific recombinant human protein focused on spinal fusion surgery
Company 358 - Ceramic components for spine, orthopaedic, and other implant needs
Company 359 - Non-invasive robotic radiosurgery system for cardiac ablation
Company 360 - Integrated wireless monitoring
Company 361 - Device based therapy targeting ischemic brain stroke and chronic heart failure
Company 362 - Site-specific catheter-guided system to deliver drugs and biologics directly to the adventitia
Company 363 - Portable, easy-to-use consumer device that allows for easy, safe and green disposal of used insulin syringes, lancets and pen needles by vaporizing the sharp
Company 364 - Portable and easy-to-use tests for the healthcare, veterinary, and consumer markets
Company 365 - High-intensity focused ultrasound in a catheter to treat atrial fibrillation
Company 366 - Technology using opto-acoustics for functional imaging/cancer diagnosis
Company 367 - Infusing normothermic fluids from 10mL/hour-1200mL/minute with 30-second setup through a disposable cassette
Company 368 - Methods for treating human tissue based on volumetric bipolar radio frequency ablation (RFA), and surface ablation of tissue
Company 369 - Cell-based epicardial patch designed to promote blood vessel growth in ischemic cardiac tissue
Company 370 - Human bionic devices that can instantaneously interact with the human body to replace or restore biomechanical or physiological functions
Company 371 - Advanced wheelchair technologies
Company 372 - Catheter-based devices which rapidly provide quantitative data to the physician about vessel and stent size, suitable for peripheral and cardiac applications
Company 373 - Diagnostic methods using microarray gene expression profiling to determine specific properties of tumors
Company 374 - Laser, light-based, and radiofrequency devices for aesthetic and medical applications
Company 375 - Optical backscatter technology to improve the way cancer is detected and diagnosed
Company 376 - Advanced gene expression and DNA quantification products and services
Company 377 - Mobile phone-based data collection for chronic disease management
Company 378 - StomaphyX™, a sterile, single-use device for use in endoluminal trans-oral tissue approximation and ligation in the GI tract
Company 379 - A software based thermal mapping system that will be used in conjunction with CT and planar x-ray imaging systems
Company 380 - EXPANSE Vertebral Body Replacement Device for use in the thoracolumbar spine
Company 381 - Low-cost, fast, and accurate molecular diagnostic products
Company 382 - Devices for the in-office polypectomy/myomectomy market
Company 383 - Next generation of laser therapy
Company 384 - New pulmonary drug delivery system
Company 385 - Molecular diagnostic products for laboratories that are intended to enhance medical care by providing early diagnostic information rapidly
Company 386 - Products for the minimally invasive repair of long bone fractures
Company 387 - Electromedical/electrotherapeutic equipment
Company 388 - Female sterilization technology
Company 389 - Precision surgical systems for computer-assisted 3D planning, surgical navigation, and surgeon-controlled robotic surgery
Company 390 - Devices for treating cardiovascular disease
Company 391 - Telemedicine paired with state-of-the-art ophthalmologic imaging
Company 392 - Low cost, easy-to-use, credit-card-sized devices which will allow on-the-spot quantitative diagnosis
Company 393 - Noninvasive breast cancer risk assessment device
Company 394 - Non-invasive, painless, Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) for brain diagnostics and therapy
Company 395 - Non-invasive ultrasound body contouring
Company 396 - A device that seals blood vessels after hemodialysis as an alternative to central venous catheters for kidney-dialysis patients
Company 397 - Fusion and non-fusion spinal implants
Company 398 - First viable intracellular genetic protein therapy for the treatment of Chronic Heart Failure ("CHF")
Company 399 - Modular hip stem technology and total knee replacement systems
Company 400 - Advanced endotracheal tube for intubation, fitted with advanced fiberoptic visualization technology
Company 401 - Interventional bronchoscopy devices for lung diseases
Company 402 - A portable oxygen delivery and ventilation system
Company 403 - Metabolomic profiling of biomarkers for the diagnosis of early forms of dementia and neurodegenerative diseases
Company 404 - Neowater®, a water-based nanotechnology which has physical properties that mimic intracellular water
Company 405 - AOKit™-bio: an adaptive optics kit for biologists which enhances microscopic imaging
Company 406 - Minimally invasive medical devices for patients who are at risk for or have suffered a stroke
Company 407 - Products to diagnose the risk for heart attacks by means of assessing endothelial function
Company 408 - Ophthalmic formulation of mitomycin-C in a single-use kit, for use in the surgical treatment of glaucoma
Company 409 - Arm training device to restore arm movement in stroke patients who have experienced arm paralysis
Company 410 - Wireless seizure alarm systems for people with epilepsy
Company 411 - RNA-based therapeutics
Company 412 - Automatic tools to support image visualization, lesion detection and quantification, temporal evolution assessment, and automatic reporting in chest and abdominal CT scans
Company 413 - A portable breath collection apparatus (BCA) which can collect breath samples virtually anywhere, for highly sensitive laboratory analysis
Company 414 - Transvaginal, ultrasound image-guided HIFU device, capable of real-time guidance and monitoring of therapy
Company 415 - Minimally invasive catheter-based ablation technologies to treat atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias
Company 416 - Devices that use bio-electric stimulation therapy (bio-current) to treat hard-to-heal wounds
Company 417 - Miniature blood pump, designed to be placed superficially like a pacemaker, for the long-term treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF)
Company 418 - Biodegradable surgical adhesive for seroma reduction in plastic surgery
Company 419 - SutureCross™: Knotless Anatomic Fixation System for double row arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
Company 420 - New generation of high-power/compact lasers for cosmetic, dermatology, pain management, and wound applications
Company 421 - Contrast agents/molecular imaging for detection using a modified porous Silicon (mpSi™) platform
Company 422 - Delivery of proteins and peptide drugs without burst, with near-zero order release, and with high bioavailability
Company 423 - Monitoring system to replace the manual assessment of labor progress with real-time/continuous information
Company 424 - Bone cement to replace PMMA-based materials
Company 425 - Easy-to-use, instrument-free, disposable molecular diagnostic tests
Company 426 - Third-generation biodegradable annuloplasty rings
Company 427 - Low-mass PFO closure system capable of repairing the defect from within the tunnel
Company 428 - BQT®, a non-invasive point-of-care diagnostic test for osteoporosis and bone fracture risk
Company 429 - Optical cell sorters used in stem cell/cell therapy treatments for cancer, autoimmune disease, and regenerative medicine applications
Company 430 - Non-fusion spinal solutions that control segmental motion/maintain the neutral zone simultaneously
Company 431 - Wireless electronic skin patch sensors for the real-time measurement/monitoring/diagnosis/clinical management of cardiac arrhythmias
Company 432 - Optical coherence tomography for evaluation of human tissue microstructure with real-time depth visualization
Company 433 - Non-molecular bacterial screening, identification, and antibiotic susceptibility testing
Company 434 - The CADscreen system performs a non-invasive, 30-second test to identify the risk of heart disease
Company 435 - Products for the early detection of lung and oral cancers
Company 436 - A "plug & play" system for treating non-invasive, curative, and palliative cancers and precursors
Company 437 - Fully modular total hip replacement systems to reduce wear/add longevity
Company 438 - Spinal cage with dynamic stabilization/MIS placement (3mm access) and easily revisable
Company 439 - Hand-held device to monitor post-operative/trauma patients for early warning signs of sepsis or infection in the bloodstream
Company 440 - Patient-centric data system and analysis tools for translational medicine and research
Company 441 - A minimally invasive electromagnetic navigation system for early detection of lung cancer
Company 442 - Advanced suturing technology for minimally invasive/NOTES/bariatric/cardiac/other surgical specialties
Company 443 - Bioprosthetic heart valve with a percutaneously-exchangeable leaflet set that provides lifetime service without anti-coagulation therapy
Company 444 - Combination ultrasound/electrical stimulation device for skin rejuvenation
Company 445 - Multi-pixel x-ray source for enhanced system performance/new capabilities
Company 446 - Video integration and equipment management system to enhance the MIS market
Company 447 - Detection products for viral/bacterial infections, genetic diseases, mutations, cancers, etc.
Company 448 - 1-Painless intradermal drug delivery, 2-GERD diagnostic device, 3-Non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring
Company 449 - Biomarker assays for the early detection of cancer
Company 450 - Ankle replacement implant for patients with chronic pain/arthritis
Company 451 - Silk-based biomaterial platforms for tissue rejuvenation/connective tissue repair
Company 452 - Biodegradable synthetic hydrogels for general and specialty surgery use
Company 453 - Minimally invasive, single-procedure approach for the repair of cartilage damage/osteoarthritis
Company 454 - Particle technologies for the treatment/prevention of chronic respiratory disorders
Company 455 - Hands-free internal retractor/internally-anchored laparoscope camera cleaner
Company 456 - Minimally invasive devices that improve oxygenation for patients with COPD
Company 457 - A unique solution similar to ring annuloplasty/edge-to-edge repair, all in one modality, for mitral valve repair
Company 458 - Transdermal/wound dressing/mucosal drug delivery
Company 459 - Biomaterials-based medical devices focusing on cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory, and fibrotic diseases
Company 460 - Single molecule DNA analysis system, with no requirement for prior sequence information/PCR/cloning/probes
Company 461 - Dynamic "shape memory" platform to optimize mitral/tricuspid valve repair
Company 462 - Unique transcranial magnetic stimulation system that allows direct non-invasive activation of deep brain structures
Company 463 - Devices for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) procedures
Company 464 - Unique spinal implant designed to promote rapid fusion
Company 465 - Fast, accurate, and easy-to-use in vitro molecular diagnostic products that rapidly identify infectious pathogens
Company 466 - Electrosurgical instruments
Company 467 - Minimally traumatic, bone- and cartilage-preserving knee implants and instrumentation
Company 468 - Neuromodulation system for both traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke
Company 469 - Inferior vena cava filters
Company 470 - Plastic medical devices for gynecological exams and surgeries
Company 471 - Ventricular elastic support therapy for heart failure
Company 472 - Kidney stone management device and urethral dilating introducer
Company 473 - A minimally invasive device for stomach-reduction surgery consisting of a stapling tool that can be passed down the throat into the stomach
Company 474 - Minimally invasive therapy for the treatment of chronic disc pain
Company 475 - Advanced detection, staging, endoscopic treatment and follow-up care for acute and chronic lung disease
Company 476 - Off-the-shelf implantable allograft tissue to support peripheral nerve repair and regeneration
Company 477 - Minimally-invasive percutaneous aortic valve replacement systems
Company 478 - Cellular imaging technology, using the Internet to transfer real-time/secure/accurate cellular resolution images
Company 479 - Deep brain stimulation (DBS) guidance system
Company 480 - Customizable vibration therapy devices to stimulate bone/muscle tissue
Company 481 - Cellular therapy device to treat liver disease
Company 482 - Treatment for ischemia via stem cell-based therapies
Company 483 - Minimally invasive therapies for interventional neuroradiology
Company 484 - Drug delivery vehicles that can easily be targeted to specific cell types/disease state tissues
Company 485 - Bioabsorbable implants for accurate soft tissue fixation either to apposing soft tissue/to bone
Company 486 - Bifurcated stenting
Company 487 - Non-intrusive patient-monitoring systems that facilitate timely intervention for cardiac/respiratory deterioration
Company 488 - Simple, low-cost infusion pump that contains the IV bag within it
Company 489 - Human-based tissue scaffolds
Company 490 - Minimally invasive vapor technology to treat emphysema
Company 491 - Stent that provides protection from embolic showers during/post-procedure
Company 492 - Real-time imaging/image guidance for the operating room
Company 493 - Tissue engineering technologies for orthopedic/sports medicine patients
Company 494 - Anatomically-driven/minimally invasive spinal products for motion preservation
Company 495 - Technologies to treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring
Company 496 - Tibial knee implant for stable fixation to the medial tibial plateau without bone cuts/cement/screws
Company 497 - Silicon nitride implants with 3-D structured cancellous ceramic for strong capillary action
Company 498 - Tissue repair/surgical mesh systems for soft tissue repair
Company 499 - Implant designed to retain motion following the removal of diseased disc and/or bone material in the upper spine
Company 500 - Minimally invasive disc augmentation system to repair/rehabilitate an intervertebral disc
Company 501 - Intelligent microgels as injectable scaffolds for intervertebral disc repair
Company 502 - Hydrogel matrix with applications across multiple specialties
Company 503 - Intradiscal arthroplasty device utilizing articulating PEEK-on-PEEK material
Company 504 - Next-generation of biomaterials for spinal implants
Company 505 - Artificial cervical disc with controlled range of motion in all six degrees of freedom
Company 506 - Second-generation, metal-on-metal cervical/lumbar artificial discs
Company 507 - Products for nuclear replacement/augmentation, vertebral compression fracture repair, and spinal fusion
Company 508 - New unilateral posterior fusion technology
Company 509 - Next-generation spinal implants
Company 510 - True 3-D imaging to improve evaluation/planning of radiation treatments
Company 511 - Disposable devices for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) procedures
Company 512 - Bioresorbable peripheral/coronary polymer stents that promote the natural remodeling of an injured artery after angioplasty
Company 513 - Resonating sensor made out of piezoelectric ceramics that can be miniaturized and is suitable for use in diagnostic equipment
Company 514 - Miniaturized ultrasound probe that is easier-to-use/more flexible
Company 515 - Medical devices for the osteoarthritis/rhinosinusitis markets
Company 516 - Percutaneous mitral valve replacement (PMVR) for Mitral Regurgitation (MR)
Company 517 - A platform for minimally-invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) via single-port, subxiphoid access, and an endoscope that reaches any anatomical location, including complex paths, from one single access port
Company 518 - Plaque vulnerability biomarkers to detect patients at risk for the development of stroke, myocardial infarction or claudication
Company 519 - Minimally invasive surgical procedure intended to reduce the incidence of stroke/thromboembolism associated with atrial fibrillation
Company 520 - Miniature intravascular flow augmentation device for every organ that needs temporary change of flow
Company 521 - Device to percutaneously repair the mitral valve
Company 522 - Non-epigenetic cell reprogramming technology that enables the generation of patient-identical replacement tissue/organs on an as-needed basis
Company 523 - Transcutaneous yet needleless drug delivery system for the injection of drugs/vaccines in solid doses
Company 524 - Microcatheter and imaging technologies for interventional ophthalmology
Company 525 - Miniature patch that dispenses insulin
Company 526 - Multi-generational devices using hybrid technologies for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) procedures
Company 527 - Wearable artificial kidney device
Company 528 - Products to diagnose/treat dry and wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other chronic diseases involving the alternative complement system
Company 529 - Non-invasive measurement of magnetic fields to diagnose functional brain disorders
Company 530 - Minimally invasive system for treating long-bone fractures using an intermedullary stent/cement
Company 531 - Next-generation/fully-automated/electronically-controlled/self-contained blood glucose system
Company 532 - Device to improve drainage following heart, lung, and trauma surgery, as well as other procedures where drainage is critical
Company 533 - Second-generation electronic retinal implant to treat blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa
Company 534 - Pulsatile perfusion generator technology to greatly enhance the preservation time window and organ transplant quality
Company 535 - Small/portable/disposable infusion pump kit to treat post-operative pain more effectively than narcotics
Company 536 - Computer-controlled pressure garments for the effective treatment of lymphedema/chronic wound healing
Company 537 - Neo-organs/tissues derived from the patient's own (autologous) cells
Company 538 - Stent technology for the treatment of atherosclerotic disease at/near bifurcations
Company 539 - Gene therapy products for the treatment of inherited/acquired diseases.
Company 540 - Non-invasive/fast/accurate diagnostic kits for: fertility, hormones, infectious agents, auto-antibodies, and tumor markers
Company 541 - Painless system that improves the appearance of cellulite/relieves minor muscle aches, pain, and spasms/temporarily improves local blood circulation
Company 542 - Devices to control bleeding post-hysterectomy/in other cases of pelvic area trauma
Company 543 - System to process/concentrate cellular components from autologous bone marrow, including adult stem cells, at the point-of-care and in just 15 minutes
Company 544 - Membrane optimization, coatings technologies, and development of polymers for biomedical applications
Company 545 - Bioactive glass-ceramic material that offers whiter and less-sensitive teeth while protecting from tooth decay
Company 546 - More targeted/accurate radiation of cancer cells with significantly fewer side-effects
Company 547 - Handheld/breath-based blood glucose monitor
Company 548 - Mesh wrap for permanent implantation around the heart to prevent/reverse the progression of heart failure
Company 549 - Next-generation cell-based/tissue-engineered products
Company 550 - Extracellular matrix derived from fibroblasts isolated from newborns (NO embryonic stem cells/animal products)
Company 551 - Direct/real-time/non-invasive vascular imaging via infrared light to visualize both superficial veins/more deeply-located arteries
Company 552 - Advanced, intuitive real-time imaging for abdominal minimally invasive surgery
Company 553 - Non-invasive, wearable, watch-sized metabolism measurement system that employs the use of a low-cost proprietary disposable sensor using direct-calorimetry, to accurately measure minute-by-minute caloric expenditures
Company 554 - De-cellularized biological scaffolds meant to function like native tissue
Company 555 - Wireless ECG monitoring
Company 556 - Protective coatings for medical instrumentation to combat bacterial biofilms
Company 557 - Advanced trilobal pericardial valve technologies
Company 558 - Joint prostheses as an adjunct to laminectomy/laminotomy/neural decompression/facetectomy, in lieu of fusion
Company 559 - Rapid DNA-based point-of-care diagnostics
Company 560 - Catheter-based drug delivery system designed to dissolve blood clots in a single/rapid/one-step procedure
Company 561 - Minimally invasive/flexible spinal implant technology to treat vertebral compression fractures and degenerative disc disease
Company 562 - Modified bioactive ceramics and second-generation tissue regeneration smart materials
Company 563 - Non-invasive electrocardiographic imaging
Company 564 - Third-generation cancer-associated biomarkers using proteomics
Company 565 - Technology for real-time identification/localization of cancer cell clusters to enable complete/residual-free therapeutic excisions
Company 566 - Catheter-based drug delivery using high-frequency/low-power ultrasound
Company 567 - Cerebral protection system to prevent embolic strokes
Company 568 - Non-invasive neurorehabilitation system
Company 569 - System that enables consistent tissue contact/complete lesions during cardiac surgery for the treatment of arrhythmias
Company 570 - More viable/cost-effective method for treating intracranial aneurysms
Company 571 - Short-pulsed/plasma-mediated electrosurgical instrumentation that avoids extensive collateral damage
Company 572 - Single, multi-cannula laparoscopic port and specially designed curved instrumentation
Company 573 - Fluid-controlled accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) to restore vision of youth to middle-aged/elderly individuals
Company 574 - Non-invasive/urine-based diagnostic assays for specific cancer types
Company 575 - Natural cell-based technologies to restore normal neuron function in the central nervous system
Company 576 - Less invasive devices for the treatment of glaucoma, intended to replace current therapies
Company 577 - Minimally invasive/RF nerve ablation to reduce of migraine headache pain
Company 578 - Implantable patient alerting system for the detection and prevention of heart attacks
Company 579 - 3-D tracking devices for use in surgical navigation and MIS
Company 580 - Line of antimicrobial coatings to prevent microbial colonization/biofilm formation of endotracheal tubes/other indwelling medical devices
Company 581 - Device for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest for both in- and out-of-hospital markets
Company 582 - Non-invasive infrared imaging system for the early detection of breast cancer
Company 583 - 1-Percutaneous venous valve, 2-Inferior vena cava filter, 3-Multi-purpose/disposable laparoscopic scissor grasper, 4-Multi-sized/multi-stiffness guidewire
Company 584 - Light-activated drug therapy to transform cancer into a treatable chronic disease
Company 585 - Technologies that will prevent infection for many large patient populations
Company 586 - Disposable laboratory-on-a-card ("lab card") device to deliver sample-to-result analyses in minutes at the point of patient-caregiver contact
Company 587 - Biocompatible shape memory polymers which can be programmed to change shapes/rigidity when an initiating stimulus is applied
Company 588 - Therapeutic approaches to prevent the abnormal tissue growth that inhibits recovery from surgical procedures/impairs normal wound healing
Company 589 - System to inactivate pathogens in all three major blood components: platelets/plasma/red cells
Company 590 - Electromagnetic thermal therapy to relieve pain/improve function in patients suffering from osteoarthritis
Company 591 - Unique spine functional testing that delivers improved surgical outcomes
Company 592 - Robotic system for fabrication of nano-material based wound dressings, delivered on-demand, at the POC
Company 593 - Digital image acquisition, coupled with proprietary CAD decision-making algorithms, to provide an immediate/automated colposcopic evaluation
Company 594 - Cardiac assist device for patients in moderate/severe long-term heart failure
Company 595 - Catheter-based systems that will provide very rapid/selective hypothermia to various body organs and locations
Company 596 - Truly minimally invasive or open system utilizing a proprietary uni-axial screw at one-half the cost of poly-axial systems for all spine disorders
Company 597 - Non-invasive devices for the treatment of superficial venous disease
Company 598 - Medical devices that enable earlier detection/minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer
Company 599 - MRI-guided laser ablation system for targeted, minimally invasive, focal tumor therapy
Company 600 - System of products that will restore continence control to individuals with abdominal ostomies/eliminate the need for traditional ostomy pouching systems
Company 601 - Non-invasive/iontophoretic drug delivery system with broad applicability for treating serious ocular diseases
Company 602 - Reliable/accurate/solid-state laser system for customized treatment of many vision disorders
Company 603 - Cryotherapy to ablate diseased tissue
Company 604 - Non-invasive/convenient measurement and monitoring of human hydration status, using saliva as a sample
Company 605 - A soft tissue aperture fixation system for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using the hamstring/other soft tissue grafts
Company 606 - MRI contrast agents to monitor the position/quantity of transplanted cells non-invasively in vivo
Company 607 - Applicator for breast brachytherapy that delivers targeted dose of radiation
Company 608 - Automated blood analysis at point-of-care
Company 609 - Biochips to identify gene expression patterns
Company 610 - Technology enabling detection and monitoring wirelessly, remotely, and with no contact to the subjects; also through clothing/barriers
Company 611 - Phototherapy/ultraviolet light to inactivate the organisms that cause nail infections
Company 612 - Sirolimus-based product as a next-generation therapeutic for the treatment/prevention of wet AMD and the treatment of diabetic macular edema
Company 613 - Soft tissue repair/replacement, using proprietary chemistry and organic collagen matrices
Company 614 - Next-generation personal diagnostics for hematological malignancies/autoimmune disorders
Company 615 - Advanced method of photocoagulation to provide more rapid, precise, and safe treatment for a variety of retinal conditions
Company 616 - Diagnostic and therapeutic catheter-based devices for prevention/treatment of heart attacks caused by soft plaque
Company 617 - Very strong/customizable/biomimetic/easily revisable artificial disc implant, requiring no assembly in situ
Company 618 - Real-time endoscopic tissue imaging system for high-resolution visualization of bronchial/pulmonary tissue cross-sections without biopsy
Company 619 - Next-generation transluminally placed endovascular grafts for the treatment of aneurysmal disease in the AAA/TAA
Company 620 - Cellular therapy to act directly at the level of the cause of autoimmune disorders, the dysregulated immune regulation
Company 621 - 3-D/single-piece/dual optic accommodating intraocular lens (IOL)
Company 622 - Non-invasive method designed to only kill fat cells and not harm the skin or other tissue
Company 623 - Non-invasive technique for sampling the surface layers of the skin to generate individual genetic profiles for diagnostic/prognostics
Company 624 - Therapeutic gene delivery to treat diabetes/obesity/intestinal disorders/hemophilia/anemia
Company 625 - Flexible/single-use/sterile video-endoscopes which may be used at the patient bedside and which avoid all cross-contamination risks
Company 626 - Biomotion sensors that enable easy/non-contact capture of high-quality physiological data - remotely/wirelessly
Company 627 - Stent to treat cerebral/aortic aneurysms by modulating hemodynamic flow
Company 628 - One-shot, instantaneous anastomotic stapling devices for open AAA, EVAR, and CLI applications
Company 629 - Device that uses combined electric field and low-intensity, noninvasive ultrasound for the treatment of solid tumors without the need for chemotherapy
Company 630 - Beam steering/target tracking/treatment planning solutions to the external beam radiation therapy market
Company 631 - Full line of precision-crafted/disposable/ultra-minimally invasive surgical instruments
Company 632 - Technology that selectively treats only cancer cells and avoids destruction of normal cells
Company 633 - Artificial muscle technology for the treatment of faecal and urinary incontinence
Company 634 - Matrix therapy based technology that treats skin ulcers/reduces amputation
Company 635 - Guidewire system intended to safely/quickly cross occluded peripheral and coronary vessels
Company 636 - Noninvasive tests for the risk assessment of cardiovascular disease and the detection of early-stage lung/breast/colorectal cancer
Company 637 - Implanted electronic subretinal device to restore vision to those who are blind due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) or age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Company 638 - Bioresorbable polymer surgical implants designed to prevent/reduce the formation of post-operative adhesions
Company 639 - Percutaneous soft tissue lifts for the breast/neck/other soft tissue structures
Company 640 - Ultrasonic energy for the selective dissection/fragmentation/debridement/cleansing of tissues
Company 641 - Single-use catheter device w/controller that delivers radiofrequency energy during outpatient bronchial thermoplasty for the treatment of asthma
Company 642 - Aortic valve bypass graft system for use as a minimally invasive, beating heart alternative to traditional aortic valve replacement therapy
Company 643 - Recombinant adeno-associated viral (AAV)-based gene therapy as a treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF)
Company 644 - Low-dose-rate brachytherapy that will replace individual seeds and provide more uniform/consistent radiation delivery to patients
Company 645 - Affordable/good quality standard-of-care surgical devices
Company 646 - Non-contact imaging system that provides local anatomical and oxygenation information
Company 647 - Light-activated glue system to stabilize shattered bone
Company 648 - In situ formed hydrogels designed/indicated for ophthalmic surgery
Company 649 - Surgical implants and biological products for spinal surgery
Company 650 - Digital pump with no mechanical parts for drug delivery/infusion therapies
Company 651 - Ultra-lightweight/soft/non-palpable mesh technology to treat urinary stress incontinence/pelvic organ prolapse
Company 652 - Real-time/PCR-based molecular diagnostic tests for life-threatening respiratory fungal infections
Company 653 - CO2 lasers through flexible/rigid endoscopes for use in minimally invasive surgery and soft tissue procedures in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery/pulmonology
Company 654 - Interspinous/interlaminar functionally dynamic stabilization device and other non-fusion scoliosis technologies
Company 655 - Temperature-controlled/multi-functional next-generation cutting/sealing product
Company 656 - Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitor to diagnose/treat head injury
Company 657 - Cobalt-chromium, balloon-expandable stent, which marries with approved DES to treat the entire spectrum of coronary artery bifurcation lesions
Company 658 - Non-invasive gene expression-based tests for the monitoring of transplant rejection/autoimmune diseases
Company 659 - Lightweight brace support suit that restores mobility function for paraplegics/lower limb paralysis patients
Company 660 - Hand-held ultrasound device to quantify strain and stiffness of tendons/ligaments
Company 661 - Portable/palm-held endoscopic imaging with a mobile platform for recording/sharing/archiving images
Company 662 - Injectable gels for localized and controlled release of biologicals
Company 663 - 3-D scaffold that enhances the biointegration of percutaneous/fully implanted current and next-generation devices
Company 664 - Wireless/motorized orthopedic lengthening implants for applications in deformity correction/cosmetic limb lengthening/bone fractures
Company 665 - Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis for quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
Company 666 - Nanotechnology surface treatments for combination medical devices that address nosocomial (in-hospital) infections and thrombus
Company 667 - High-resolution dermoscopy imaging technology to identify melanoma at an earlier stage/reduce the number of unnecessary excisions
Company 668 - Less invasive approach for mitral valve repair, on a beating heart
Company 669 - Minimally invasive interstitial laser therapy (ILT) as an alternative to breast surgery
Company 670 - Anti-infective compounds designed to mimic host defense proteins, but with completely synthetic/non-peptide backbones
Company 671 - Sutureless anastomosis systems to reduce/eliminate cross clamping time and suturing during minimally invasive surgery (MIS)
Company 672 - Systems using radiofrequency (RF) energy for the treatment of GERD and fecal incontinence (FI)
Company 673 - Disposable endoscopic assist device that can be used with existing equipment to significantly improve flexible endoscopy procedures
Company 674 - Synthetic graft/stent technology that reduces neo-intimal hyperplasia (NIH) and occurrence/rate of restenosis
Company 675 - Technology for diagnosing breast and ovarian cancers and determining responsiveness to new therapeutics
Company 676 - Simultaneous testing of sobriety and identy that is simple/rapid/non-invasive, requiring no bodily fluids
Company 677 - 1-Image analysis technology for virus detection/analysis, 2-Antiviral drugs
Company 678 - Light-based aesthetic systems that are pain-free/seven times faster than existing systems
Company 679 - Low-level laser technology for aesthetics, bone healing, neck/shoulder pain, and wound healing
Company 680 - Single device for high-frequency ultrasound imaging/therapeutic treatment
Company 681 - Technologies to: 1-Treat the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP), 2-Stop/reverse some of the vision loss from Glaucoma, 3-Prevent diabetic retinopathy, 4-Greatly enhance pars plana vitrectomy surgery
Company 682 - Thin-walled/removable/entirely covered stents designed to match the site to be treated and the surrounding anatomy
Company 683 - Cells derived from bone marrow which can be used in an allogeneic/off-the-shelf setting to treat kidney/other difficult to treat diseases
Company 684 - Endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial blood vessels that require re-vascularization
Company 685 - Radiofrequency (RF) energy to reshape the cornea without incision
Company 686 - Synthetic peptides for tissue regeneration for the treatment of musculoskeletal/vascular/chronic wound diseases
Company 687 - 1-Handheld intelligent bone sculpting tool, 2-X-ray vision that appears "within" the patient
Company 688 - Leadless/subcutaneously implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD)
Company 689 - Polymer technologies for cardiac/cranio-maxillofacial/orthopedic surgery applications
Company 690 - Implantable device to treat high blood pressure that cannot be controlled with medications/lifestyle modifications
Company 691 - Mental stimulation system to help maintain mental acuity/quality of life
Company 692 - Technologies to acquire/process/visualize data from 3-D breast imaging
Company 693 - Leadless/implantable pacing device for left ventricular stimulation/the treatment of heart failure
Company 694 - Less invasive treatment for chronic sinusitis delivered via non-nasal access
Company 695 - Device with bio-active formulae to rapidly/painlessly treat/control the wound environment
Company 696 - DNA-based diagnostic tests for early identification/management of cancer/acute diseases
Company 697 - Ultra-thin/personalized/single-use/flexible/transdermal drug delivery patch
Company 698 - Pressure-controlled Intermittent Coronary Sinus Occlusion (PICSO) device for patients being treated for heart attacks/in heart failure
Company 699 - Next-generation coatings/advanced drug-delivery systems for cardiovascular stents and other implantable medical devices
Company 700 - Implantable/battery-less diagnostic system to allow orthopedic surgeons to monitor spinal fusion progress
Company 701 - Blood screening tests for breast and ovarian cancers
Company 702 - Dynamic/intelligent ophthalmic lenses that automatically/electronically adjust focusing power
Company 703 - Next-generation Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) technology to treat chronic back/lower extremity pain
Company 704 - Transpedicular/minimally invasive approach to vertebral body reconstruction/anterior spinal column support
Company 705 - Enhanced diabetes insulin pump
Company 706 - Handheld/at-home hair removal via laser
Company 707 - Nanomaterial-based MRI coil for higher image quality/faster scan times
Company 708 - Device that delivers a low-level/precisely controlled heat for the treatment of acne
Company 709 - Devices for the destruction of pathogens responsible for: heart/blood/respiratory/gastrointestinal/peridontal/otological diseases, pancreatic cancer, and toe nail fungus
Company 710 - Non-invasive type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes screening with no blood draw/no fasting/no waiting for a lab result
Company 711 - Collapsible titanium-alloy implant for spinal fusion
Company 712 - Transitional in vivo imaging
Company 713 - Technology to close incisions made during Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) procedures
Company 714 - Molecular imaging of apoptosis (programmed cell death) for disease detection/monitoring
Company 715 - Resurfacing system to treat lesions/defects in the body's weight bearing, non-weight bearing, and extremity joints
Company 716 - Simple, point-of-care blood test for the detection/monitoring of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Company 717 - Miniature implantable neurostimulator for treating central nervous system disorders
Company 718 - 1-Vertebral augmentation system and 2-On-demand ultra-high viscosity cement injection, for spinal applications
Company 719 - Therapeutic gene delivery
Company 720 - Rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests for periodontitis/group A strep/systemic fungal infections, capable of detecting virulence markers produced ONLY during active infections
Company 721 - Totally implantable pumps delivering targeted medications directly to the spinal cord
Company 722 - Next-generation femtosecond laser that can operate inside the eye to make cataract surgery safer/more effective
Company 723 - Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for sub-surface biological tissue imaging at much greater resolution than ultrasound/MRI/CT scanners
Company 724 - Percutaneously deliverable endograft to treat Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA) and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms (TAA)
Company 725 - Atraumatic injectable plugs for 1-Temporary occlusion of blood vessels, 2-Kidney stone removal, and 3-future applications
Company 726 - Technology for the non-fusion treatment of scoliosis
Company 727 - 1-Soft/disposable contact lens with embedded MEMS sensor for continuous intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring in glaucoma patients, 2-Telemetry solutions for implantable medical devices
Company 728 - Plastic surgery implantable devices for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
Company 729 - Painless photo-pulsation technology for diminishing fine lines/wrinkles/age spots on the face/neck/hands
Company 730 - 3-D mesh pouches that are implanted empty, positioned, filled, then deployed to their full size for spinal/orthopedic applications
Company 731 - Minimally invasive system to treat emphysema and resolve prolonged air leaks following lung surgery
Company 732 - Next-generation respiratory device that delivers synchronization of flow/temperature/humidity/oxygen percentage, without discomfort, via nasal cannula
Company 733 - Percutaneous interventional devices to treat common spinal diseases, such as lumbar spinal stenosis
Company 734 - Electronic brachytherapy that delivers non-isotope-based/localized/targeted radiation
Company 735 - Diagnostic instrument to measure the material properties of bone
Company 736 - Wireless/MEMS-fabricated/nano-processed/dermal/percutaneous continuous glucose monitoring device
Company 737 - Technologies that focus on wound diagnostics, infection control, and wound therapy
Company 738 - Affordable, simple-to-use means of self-monitoring women's reproductive status for: conception, birth control, ovulation, and cervical cancer screening
Company 739 - 1-Next-generation, natural fibrin sealant, 2-Human thrombin
Company 740 - Wireless/disposable sleep-monitoring device
Company 741 - Custom miniaturized mechanical components/devices for a broad range of medical device applications
Company 742 - 1-Non-embryonic cell technology that creates cells/tissues/organs for virtually anyone needing a transplant, 2-Non-toxic cancer vaccine that uses the body's natural immune response to fight cancer, 3-Cell separation system to diagnose/monitor cancer
Company 743 - Wearable mobile device to accurately measure real-time energy (calorie) expenditure/combat obesity
Company 744 - True seizure "prediction" - up to an hour before the event
Company 745 - Real-time imaging for "dying" heart/brain/other tissue - non-invasive/non-radioactive/non-toxic
Company 746 - In vivo transdifferentiation to regenerate ischemic/diseased organs
Company 747 - Real-time/in vivo/cellular-level/3-D imaging for: image-guided surgery; early cancer diagnosis without a biopsy
Company 748 - Coating that triggers the body to generate nitric oxide (NO) at the device surface, by using naturally circulating blood substances
Company 749 - Convenient/improved continuous glucose monitoring system
Company 750 - Manual rongeur and access tools for use in spinal decompression procedures
Company 751 - Miniature implantable sensors to accurately/continuously pinpoint the location of tumors in real-time, during radiation therapy delivery
Company 752 - Laparoscopic instruments that articulate/rotate/lock for single port access/"scar-less" surgery
Company 753 - 1-Needleless mesotherapy to treat cellulite, 2-Non-invasive/non-thermal treatment for skin laxity/hypertrophic scars/striae
Company 754 - Effective/consistent/non-invasive neuromodulation for the treatment of urinary incontinence and future applications
Company 755 - Minimally invasive surgery system for simpler and safer soft-tissue suturing/fastening
Company 756 - Technology that restores natural physiologic outflow as a foundation of significant/steady/sustained glaucoma management
Company 757 - Home-use devices for hair removal/acne/skin rejuvenation
Company 758 - Implantable neuromodulation device for the treatment of chronic pain and future applications
Company 759 - Ocular metabolic imaging to "predict" eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy/glaucoma/age-related macular degeneration
Company 760 - Gene expression test for the diagnosis of ambiguous tumors
Company 761 - Minimally invasive device to treat emphysema
Company 762 - Counter-stimulation technology to treat Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
Company 763 - Ingestible/wireless capsule with sensor technology to measure pH, pressure and temperature from within the entire GI tract
Company 764 - Synthetic scaffold to aid soft tissue regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee
Company 765 - Dental implant that can be placed into a multi-rooted molar extraction site "immediately"
Company 766 - Disposable/miniature/minimally invasive surgical devices including reusable endoscopes for visualization, initially for use in spinal surgeries
Company 767 - Tests to "predict" chronic diseases/conditions, such as diabetes/osteoporotic bone fracture/a major cardiac event
Company 768 - Technology to treat atrial fibrillation that allows doctors to perform radiofrequency ablation under direct visualization
Company 769 - Intraoperative wavefront aberrometer for use in intraocular lens replacement surgeries
Company 770 - Technology for wound care and slow release drug delivery, by both transdermal and subcutaneous routes
Company 771 - Optimization of T cell receptors (TCRs) for use in adoptive T cell therapy - to target and destroy cancerous/infected cells
Company 772 - Autonomic nervous system stimulation for pulmonary and headache disorders
Company 773 - Endoscopically delivered devices focused on slowing gastric emptying, to treat all stages of obesity
Company 774 - Neurostimulator for cardiac contractility
Company 775 - Simple, rapid, blood-based cancer tests to provide accurate and individualized clinical information on disease status/treatment selection/treatment response
Company 776 - Coagulation analyzer to eliminate unnecessary blood transfusions
Company 777 - 1- Straightforward knotless suture anchor, 2-Instrumentation for percutaneous suture management, 3- Endotendonous repair system, 4-Shape memory staples
Company 778 - Implantable device for maintaining adequate blood flow to the brain in patients experiencing a buildup of excess cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) due to trauma
Company 779 - Platforms for: 1- Pedicle screw fixation (even with poor bone quality), 2-Vertebral compression fractures, 3-Simple- to-use trauma products
Company 780 - Joint reconstruction device that ideally/anatomically matches the size/shape of the facet joint
Company 781 - Wireless/wearable/ultra-compact device that automatically tracks/wirelessly uploads data about a person's activities (exercise intensity levels, calories burned, sleep quality, steps, distance)
Company 782 - Painless, continuous glucose monitoring
Company 783 - System that assesses, then provides therapy to develop infant feeding skills
Company 784 - Behavioral remote patient monitoring system that uses wireless sensors to non-intrusively track and report on the daily patterns of seniors' activities
Company 785 - Drug-coated balloon angioplasty technology
Company 786 - Early detection of Alzheimer's disease via an eye drop and laser eye scan
Company 787 - 1-Prohealing coronary stent as an alternative to drug-eluting stents (DES), 2-Balloon -expandable/crush-resistant nitinol peripheral stent, 3-Nano-based transcatheter, 4-Anatomy-specific combination embolic protection and stent delivery systems, 5-Localiz
Company 788 - 1-Artificial vascular graft with self-sealing, non-woven, synthetic fiber structure, 2-Ventral hernia mesh
Company 789 - Orthopedic imaging
Company 790 - Vertebral compression fracture treatment
Company 791 - Next- generation/predictive blood tests to help warn of potential future health problems
Company 792 - A1c diabetes testing at the point of care, with results in under 4 minutes
Company 793 - Technology that allows surgeons to rapidly treat tissue at the surgical site/reduce blood loss
Company 794 - Percutaneous injection treatment for patients with internal disc derangement (IDD) who have failed conservative care/are not yet candidates for total disc replacement (TDR)/spinal fusion
Company 795 - Portable/lab-quality diagnostics for the ER/ambulance/physician's office/home/field
Company 796 - Permanent implant to address mitral regurgitation directly
Company 797 - Compact, remote, wireless, real-time device for biomedical monitoring such as cardiac, neurological, sleep disorder, obstetrics, orthopedic, and other vital signs outside the hospital/clinic
Company 798 - Injectable porous scaffolds/spheres/composites with fully interconnected pores, for multiple applications
Company 799 - Non-invasive devices to identify patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) and other life-threatening cardiovascular conditions
Company 800 - Next-generation endovascular devices that incorporate advanced fiber optics technology into currently used products/procedures to improve patient outcomes without adding to procedure time/cost
Company 801 - Technologies that integrate bone and cartilage forming peptide and small molecule therapies with osteostimulating matrices
Company 802 - High-dose drug delivery system for the minimally invasive and repeatable treatment of liver cancers, colorectal cancer, and hepatitis
Company 803 - Non-invasive/fast/easy-to-use/reliable medical devices that test for neuro-visual disorders
Company 804 - Resorbable hydrogel that 1-Seals annular tears in the intervertebral disc and 2-Provides an environment for nucleus regeneration
Company 805 - Technology used in: 1-Finished products designed for micro-surgical/microscopy procedures and robotics and 2-Biosensors with applications in gene expression, neuroscience, and nanotechnology
Company 806 - Monitoring products/clinical services for advanced ambulatory cardiac monitoring
Company 807 - Catheter ablation for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Company 808 - Endoscopically implantable devices for weight loss/to control Type 2 diabetes
Company 809 - Ocular scanner for rapid/non-invasive triage and detection of pre-symptomatic conditions including exposure to toxins, presence of systemic diseases, and indication of internal injury
Company 810 - Fluorescent markers/optical sensors that provide an accurate and rapid determination of kidney function
Company 811 - Low-cost/point-of-care (POC) analyzer to quantify hemostasis in whole blood, including cellular and plasma components
Company 812 - Next-generation computer-assisted laparoscopic tool composed of multiple rigid elements with intervening controllable joints
Company 813 - Electroporation-delivered/DNA-based vaccines against cancers and infectious diseases
Company 814 - Effective and convenient phototherapy system available for in-home treatment of scalp/small-area psoriasis and other photo-responsive skin diseases
Company 815 - Natural polymer technology that mimics the physiological clotting cascade without reliance on blood-derived proteins - to stop severe bleeding, reinforce staple and suture lines, and repair tissues
Company 816 - Non-invasive molecular diagnostics for autism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), multiple sclerosis, and diseases with a genetic susceptibility
Company 817 - Smart, accurate guiding device based on image technology for orthopedic trauma procedures such internal fixation with intramedullary (IM) nails, osteotomy, and others
Company 818 - Wireless neurostimulation device to treat refractory chronic pain - 100 times smaller than current technology and injectable via a minimally invasive hypodermic needle
Company 819 - Biomarkers for the screening and diagnosis of cervical and other cancers
Company 820 - Wearable health monitoring system for potential diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea applications
Company 821 - Pocket-sized, affordable, and easy-to-use resuscitation devices that can be effectively deployed by both trained professionals and laymen
Company 822 - 1-Pacing/sensor-enabled device for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), 2-Real-time modality to quantify cardiac performance, 3-System that adds ingestible microchips to drugs
Company 823 - Nasal stent to treat obstructive sleep apnea
Company 824 - Molecular diagnostic tests to: 1-Differentiate between squamous and non-squamous non-small-cell lung cancer, 2-Differentiate between mesothelioma and adenocarcinoma, 3-Identify more than 20 types of cancer
Company 825 - Real-time interactive training visualization system, specifically for the task of training any designated personnel in successfully accomplishing a limited "focused assessment with sonography for trauma" (FAST) examination
Company 826 - Continuous glucose monitoring specifically for use in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Company 827 - Minimally invasive/endoscopically-placed device to treat obesity by inducing satiety in the esophageal/cardiac portion of the stomach
Company 828 - Non-invasive biomechanical diagnostic system that records/analyzes range of motion (ROM) in a full 3-D environment for musculoskeletal diagnostics/therapeutics
Company 829 - Ultrasound-based diagnostic biosensor that enables blood analysis at the molecular level for the patient self-testing market
Company 830 - Polymer-based/biodegradable/drug-eluting peripheral vascular stent for tibial and infrapopliteal arteries
Company 831 - Real-time/multi-user image communication/collaboration system that consolidates images and text records into a single point of access
Company 832 - Technology that uses the patient's own blood to make either: 1-A surgical sealant to prevent/stop bleedings or 2-A gel to stimulate the healing of chronic wounds
Company 833 - Femtosecond pulse laser system for various ophthalmic applications
Company 834 - Cyanoacrylate-based products for wound care and infection prevention
Company 835 - Nanotechnology-based liquid that absorbs energy on a near-molecular scale versus relying on the mechanical properties of solid materials
Company 836 - Tool for early diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Company 837 - Heart valve implant
Company 838 - Fully implantable device for the treatment of central sleep apnea in heart failure patients
Company 839 - Permanently implantable/wireless/miniature sensors to transmit cardiac output, blood pressure, and heart rate data
Company 840 - Artificial heart made of biosynthetic tissues, with two-pumps
Company 841 - Small shunt-like device implanted into the bloodstream to modify, collect, or eliminate a broad range of Target Cells
Company 842 - Disposable and needleless patch that can be placed on the body inconspicuously for insulin delivery
Company 843 - Biomaterial with exceptional hardness/low friction/bio-inertness that also prevents the leaching of metallic ions into the body
Company 844 - Products for coronary bypass, valve repair and replacement, cardiac ablation, and heart failure surgery
Company 845 - A monthly, rapid test to accurately monitor and potentially diagnose Diabetes
Company 846 - Catheter insertion systems, designed for extended IV dwell time, to eliminate the risk of related bloodstream infections
Company 847 - Cooling and compression therapy for the relief of pain/swelling after orthopedic/other surgery
Company 848 - Invisible hearing device
Company 849 - Next-generation implants, stem cell enabling technology, and other minimally invasive surgical instruments
Company 850 - Implantable neuromodulation device designed to electrically alter the pain signal pathways
Company 851 - Non-systemic/non-invasive system that delivers magnetic versus electrical pulses for the treatment of depression
Company 852 - Electrodes/neural interface products for functional neurosurgery and neurostimulation
Company 853 - Polymer implant to repair meniscal tears via tissue regeneration
Company 854 - Andara technology for the treatment of acute spinal cord injury
Company 855 - Device for the treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis, erectile dysfunction (ED), lower urinary tract symptoms, and infertility
Company 856 - Next-generation "permanent" biomaterial to reduce the risk of infection/thrombosis/restenosis
Company 857 - Spine fusion implant for motion preservation/dynamic stabilization
Company 858 - Spine implant that allows for post-operative adjustment of the implant size via radio control
Company 859 - Minimally invasive spine implant (facet versus pedicle screw)
Company 860 - Next-generation nanostructured capacitors for: 1-implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICD) and 2-microsteerable cardiac ablation and related catheters
Company 861 - Ultrasound system that can measure true tissue elasticity in a reproducible/quantifiable/user-independent manner
Company 862 - Tissue fusion via infrared laser to replace sutures
Company 863 - Minimally invasive neurosurgical and orthopedic instruments and implants
Company 864 - Next-generation needleless drug delivery
Company 865 - 1-Minimally invasive treatment of spinal compression, 2-Minimally invasive treatment of long bone factures, 3-Neuromodulation catheter that can be introduced into the spinal canal to treat pain
Company 866 - Autologous adult stem cell technology, cultured from the nasal passageway, to repair damage resulting from spinal cord injury
Company 867 - Aortic embolic protection device for acute and long-term use
Company 868 - Allogeneic cell therapy derived from the human placenta to mimic the natural environment of bone marrow
Company 869 - Endoscopic device to treat sinusitis
Company 870 - System to repair abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA)
Company 871 - Neuromodulation for hypertension/heart failure
Company 872 - Endoscopy system to improve the detection of polyps in the colon
Company 873 - Tests for the diagnosis/prognosis of cardiovascular disease
Company 874 - Portable/rapid cooling technologies via the nasal cavity to improve patient outcomes after cardiac arrest, stroke, or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Company 875 - Bone graft material that is: 1- synthetic, 2-non-immunogenic, 3-inclusive of all bone regenerative properties of an autograft, and 4-cost-effective
Company 876 - Cancer diagnostic test which enables the development of personalized therapeutics
Company 877 - Artificial heart technologies
Company 878 - Mechanical thrombectomy device to treat ischemic stroke
Company 879 - Compliant balloon platform technology for use in neuroradiology, cardiovascular, and peripheral vascular applications
Company 880 - Inferior vena cava (IVC) filter that includes: 1-automatic self-centering, 2-bi-directional deployment and retrieval, 3 -atraumatic design, and 4-total transluminal filtration
Company 881 - Easy-to-use/automated/rapid detection of severe infectious diseases
Company 882 - Diagnostic retinal imaging system for use in the primary care setting
Company 883 - Wearable display technology to restore quality of life for those suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa (RP)
Company 884 - Device for removing uterine fibroids without hysterectomy
Company 885 - Non-woven fabric with extended shelf-life to restore/repair tissue function
Company 886 - Variety of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, cardiology, hepatology, and various cancers
Company 887 - Non-polymeric drug-eluting stent (DES)
Company 888 - Minimally invasive implant for treating spinal stenosis
Company 889 - Device to treat osteoarthritis
Company 890 - Molecular diagnostic/prognostic tests for cancer
Company 891 - Surgical/restorative dental implants
Company 892 - Non-invasive neurostimulation device to restore vision to patients suffering from stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and glaucoma
Company 893 - Nanomaterials for angiogenesis/anti-angiogenesis/diagnostic applications
Company 894 - Diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic devices
Company 895 - Computer-assisted surgical devices for total joint replacement
Company 896 - DNA sequencing technology for the detection of biomarkers for infectious and other diseases
Company 897 - Heart pump technologies
Company 898 - Non-invasive DNA-based prenatal diagnostic test
Company 899 - Lightweight, waterproof, medical alert pendant for seniors - to avoid the dangers of missed medications
Company 900 - Minimally invasive breast tumor diagnosis and treatment
Company 901 - Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) that utilizes a sensor technology with handheld device for self-guided insertion
Company 902 - Wearable sensor technology that safely and accurately measures individual sleep patterns
Company 903 - Devices to treat low back pain
Company 904 - Non-invasive diagnostic prenatal testing via maternal blood test
Company 905 - 1-Bioactive/conductive polymer materials and coatings for implantable biomedical devices and 2-Next-generation all-polymer leads that may be grown in the body
Company 906 - Computer-controlled rehabilitation table for the management of lower back pain
Company 907 - Wearable neuroimaging cap for mapping brain function
Company 908 - Comfortable, soft, and pliable cloth mask for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Company 909 - Minimally invasive therapy for Emphysema
Company 910 - Microarray-based technology enabling targeted next-generation sequencing of genomic regions of interest
Company 911 - Imaging systems for the non-invasive, in vivo detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions
Company 912 - "Smart" cells than can determine the type of disease/injury present in the body and repair/regenerate tissue accordingly
Company 913 - Endoscopic/removable device that mimics the effects of gastric bypass surgery on a patient's metabolism
Company 914 - Non-invasive vascular disease detection that combines the advantages of MRI with the temporal resolution and ease-of-use of ultrasound
Company 915 - Non-invasive breast cancer diagnostic test via breast fluid analysis
Company 916 - Molecular diagnostic technologies for organ transplantation and various complex genetic disorders
Company 917 - Biomarker discovery platform for detecting Type 2 Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease)
Company 918 - Targeted molecular assays for onco-diagnostics/personalized medicine
Company 919 - Catheters for dissolving/removing cerebral blood clots then delivering therapeutics to the diseased site
Company 920 - New holding company for various orthopaedic device companies, such as Enztec and OMNI life science
Company 921 - Optical biopsy needle that will accurately diagnose prostate cancer, yet eliminate random prostate biopsies
Company 922 - Minimally invasive radiofrequency (RF) device to treat aging skin
Company 923 - Endoscopically placed device for the treatment of obesity
Company 924 - Lab-free salt intake monitor for hypertension/congestive heart failure (CHF) patients
Company 925 - Instrumentation that provides surgeons with real-time sensing/feedback from the operative site
Company 926 - Technology that enables the "packaging" of chronic therapies/biologics in an easy-to-use, disposable patch-like device
Company 927 - Pneumatic compression devices targeted to the lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and sports medicine markets
Company 928 - Next-generation vessel closure
Company 929 - Visually guided catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation
Company 930 - Communication device that acquires neurological signals from the brain and translates them into speech
Company 931 - Wireless device for the treatment of stress/urge/mixed urinary incontinence (UI)
Company 932 - Invisible/battery-less hearing device that is permanently implanted, yet completely reversible and MRI-compatible/safe
Company 933 - Injectable biopolymer for the direct treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
Company 934 - Next-generation anatomic pathology (AP) with improved speed, automation, and ease-of-use
Company 935 - Highly porous resin that broadly removes toxins related to sepsis from blood
Company 936 - Implantable replacement valve to treat incompetent deep vein valves causing degenerative pain, swelling, and non-healing ulcers associated with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
Company 937 - Non-invasive ophthalmic medical devices for: 1-diabetes screening and 2-daily glucose monitoring
Company 938 - 1-System for remote home patient monitoring of glucose, blood pressure, and thermal weight, 2-Glucose meter cell phone
Company 939 - Non-surgical/injectable tissue revitalization and stabilization to address lower back pain (LBP) and the underlying problem of mechanical insufficiency
Company 940 - Extracellular matrix (ECM) implant that is completely integrated, remodeled, and replaced by the patient’s native tissue over time
Company 941 - Technology that precisely eliminates irregularly shaped/invasive solid tumors while avoiding significant damage to surrounding healthy tissue and is non-toxic
Company 942 - Systems to diagnose neurological and sleep disorders
Company 943 - Accommodative intra-ocular lens (IOL) technology to treat cataracts/presbyopia/impaired vision
Company 944 - 1-Biopsy needles with enhanced ultrasound visualization, 2-Microencapsulated tissue markers, 3-Cryo-chemoablation of tumors
Company 945 - Nanolayer surface technology to improve the osteoconductive/bio-resistant/anti-infective attributes of implants
Company 946 - Surgical instrument designed to solve recurrent problems in managing sutures, tissue reattachment, and visualization during surgical procedures
Company 947 - Non-invasive neuromodulation platform technology
Company 948 - Electrical stimulators via electrode garments for the treatment of pain related to chronic/acute soft tissue injuries
Company 949 - IV safety system with real-time, disposable \"smart\" sensors
Company 950 - Permanently implanted electrical neural stimulators to treat balance/hearing/perceptual disorders
Company 951 - Wireless/battery-less antenna on a chip (tag) for continuous tracking of blood samples
Company 952 - Intelligent 3DHD visualization and guidance platform for ophthalmic, cranial, and spine surgeries
Company 953 - Percutaneous anastomosis device for vascular access
Company 954 - 1-Multi-generational devices using hybrid technologies for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) procedures, 2-Low profile single-patient-use tissue retractor, 3-Range of 7Fr intra aortic balloon catheters with fluid-filled technology that plugs into current hardware
Company 955 - Therapy delivery platform for the upper airway with applications to initially target chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies, cystic fibrosis, and CPAP users
Company 956 - Mobile air purification unit that captures and destroys airborne pathogens
Company 957 - Functionalized injectable biopolymers for medical applications
Company 958 - Therapeutic substances for bone regeneration
Company 959 - Precision stapling devices enabling minimally invasive vascular connections, especially for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery
Company 960 - Technology for: 1-Glaucoma diagnosis and 2-Real-time homecare monitoring of intraocular pressure (IOP)
Company 961 - Vacuum-based clean surface nanotechnology for faster and larger osseointegration
Company 962 - Set of catheters for percutaneous isolation of an organ and local delivery of any high-dosage chemotherapy for treatment of organ cancer
Company 963 - Diabetic pain relief via topical dermal administration and controlled release of pure Nitric Oxide (NO)
Company 964 - Smallest/passive/implantable tag using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology
Company 965 - Non-invasive brain physiological measurement technologies
Company 966 - Automated cranial maxillo-facial (CMF) screw delivery system
Company 967 - Non-invasive reverse thermal gradient technology to treat conditions of tendons, ligaments, muscles, fasciae, and joints
Company 968 - Non-invasive device designed to offer transcutaneous pulsed electro-magnetic field stimulation therapy for treating postoperative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue
Company 969 - A-FX(TM) is a minimally invasive platform technology for creating an orthopedic implant in-situ which provides superior fixation in osteoporotic bone
Company 970 - Polymer technologies for drug delivery and regenerative medicine with applications in orthopedics and spine
Company 971 - Technology to enable home healthcare providers to provide better patient care while improving operational efficiency by 20-30%
Company 972 - Digital fluorescence scanners for molecular pathology research, biomarker development, and clinical molecular diagnostics (MDx) for personalized medicine
Company 973 - In-line, battery-powered, disposable, lightweight, and completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device, capable of intravenous application and irrigation warming
Company 974 - Next-generation stent platform with: significantly thin walls for reduced restenosis, ease-of-use, superior deliverability, and improved radiopacity for accurate placement
Company 975 - Handheld, non-invasive, real-time Central Venous Pressure (CVP) monitor for cardiology and nephrology diagnostic applications
Company 976 - Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) that can be inserted above the diaphragm
Company 977 - NuOrtho Surgical, Inc. is a highly innovative early stage medical device company developing revolutionary technology for the healthcare industry. Our focus is to preserve the normal, healthy tissue of patients that today is damaged as a by-product of current treatments.
Company 978 - Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CADx) tool for personalized, objective diagnosis and treatment management of musculoskeletal diseases
Company 979 - System designed to prevent contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN)
Company 980 - Biomimetic hydrogel implants for spine and other orthopedic applications
Company 981 - Portable DNA analyzers for on-demand, non-batched testing, with real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) results in 30-60 minutes
Company 982 - Articulating range-of-motion (ROM), non-surgical spinal decompression system to treat herniated, bulged, and injured discs
Company 983 - Total Artificial Heart (TAH) to replace both ventricles of a failed heart, thus, restoring the circulatory system to normalcy
Company 984 - Next-generation remote patient monitoring (RPM) to continuously monitor vital life-sign functions such as: heart rate, respiratory rate, body position, activity level, and skin temperature
Company 985 - Catheter-based system to treat large vessel acute ischemic strokes
Company 986 - Tissue repair platform that obviates the need for sutures, stapes, glues, or other foreign bodies and instead allows the body to repair and heal itself
Company 987 - Antimicrobial solutions to reduce the incidence of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) in spinal surgeries
Company 988 - Non-invasive (needle-free), wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring (tCGM) system
Company 989 - MRI-compatible ultrasound applicator to deliver controlled thermal therapy to the cancerous regions of the prostate gland
Company 990 - Needleless/transdermal delivery system for insulin, analgesics, or vaccines with on/off control of dosing
Company 991 - Genomics-based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests developed from FFPE tissue for personalized medicine
Company 992 - Cancer prognostic tests for predicting specific individual patient clinical outcomes
Company 993 - Drug-eluting balloons that allow for controlled release of different and even multiple substances, for the treatment of coronary (CAD) and peripheral artery disease (PAD)
Company 994 - Minimally invasive alternative to the surgical treatment of obesity
Company 995 - Routine serum DNA blood tests for early cancer diagnosis and management
Company 996 - Point-of-care handheld immunoassay system providing high-performance quantitative laboratory blood test results in an inexpensive, portable, and easy-to-use configuration
Company 997 - Elastic, self-expanding devices to specifically improve left ventricle relaxation and diastolic function
Company 998 - Microdermabrasion system with polyester/nylon bristle tips and variable vacuum levels for particle-free/crystal-free performance
Company 999 - Implantable device for the surgical treatment of obesity without reliance on sutures, staples, or other mechanisms that puncture the stomach wall
Company 1000 - "Minimally invasive" gene repair
Company 1001 - Joint, spine, and trauma implants
Company 1002 - Neurostimulation device to block residual limb pain caused by complications of amputations, as well as chronic pain after surgery, and migraine pain
Company 1003 - Advanced polymer-based biomaterials for applications in cardiology, dentistry, orthopedics, surgery, and urology
Company 1004 - Hydrogel materials that can be fabricated into devices, nanogels, and polymer solutions with applications in ophthalmology as well as cardiology, urology, and tissue engineering
Company 1005 - Non-invasive near-infrared (NIR) laser energy for the treatment of: acute ischemic stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, global cerebral ischemia, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and sepsis
Company 1006 - Brain training software aimed at enabling individuals to strengthen cognitive function using the concept of neuroplasticity
Company 1007 - microRNA-based tests to diagnose various cancers and gastrointestinal diseases
Company 1008 - 1-Artificial larynx, 2-Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) prostheses/implants
Company 1009 - Controlled, targeted deep-tissue therapeutic warming system to promote pain relief, reduce joint stiffness, and enhance recovery/rehabilitation programs
Company 1010 - High-quality, cost-efficient, single-room proton beam radiotherapy (PBRT) system as an alternative to conventional high-energy x-rays
Company 1011 - Non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy-based system to treat vaginal stretching caused by childbirth
Company 1012 - Optical technology for correcting presbyopia
Company 1013 - Temperature management technology to treat hyperthermia and hypothermia, prevent damage from stroke, and enhance cancer therapies
Company 1014 - Medical textiles for hemostasis
Company 1015 - Implants for sensorineural hearing loss
Company 1016 - Spine arthroplasty products
Company 1017 - Endovascular technology to treat peripheral atherosclerosis in the superficial femoral and popliteal arteries
Company 1018 - Low-cost technology to survey the genome in its native state, in context, and at ultra-high resolution, without the need for DNA amplification
Company 1019 - Pressure cycling technology (PCT) to safely, conveniently, and reproducibly control the actions of molecules in biological samples
Company 1020 - 1-System for use in spinal surgical procedures such as vertebroplasty, 2-System to provide immediate vascular access through the intraosseous space for the delivery of essential drugs and fluids, 3-System for aspirations, biopsies, and stem cell collections
Company 1021 - Surgical device for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and other conditions
Company 1022 - Neurosurgical tumor removal
Company 1023 - Wound closure technology
Company 1024 - Radiosurgical therapy for neurovascular and inflammatory ocular conditions
Company 1025 - Continuous blood glucose measurement devices
Company 1026 - Compact ultrasound devices
Company 1027 - Obstetric position tracker and ultrasound technology
Company 1028 - Image-guided ultrasound for prostate cancer tissue ablation
Company 1029 - Needle-free drug delivery for migraine attacks and cluster headache episodes
Company 1030 - Products enhancing focally-delivered radiation and drug therapies for patients with spinal metastatic disease or bone tumors
Company 1031 - Minimally invasive, image-guided therapies to treat back pain
Company 1032 - System that measures airway inflammation to determine asthma severity for improved treatment
Company 1033 - Stand-alone/rapid/autologous cell harvesting processing and delivery technology
Company 1034 - Transformative device for detecting and treating breast cancer
Company 1035 - Small/wearable/all-mechanical insulin delivery device containing a 3-day supply of insulin
Company 1036 - POC/PST device to directly detect clot formation and do it in real time
Company 1037 - Cancer immunotherapy device, which selectively removes specific blood-borne inhibitors of the immune system
Company 1038 - Diagnostic products for rapid infection determination at the point-of-care (POC) for professional and consumer markets
Company 1039 - Rapid/sensitive/cost-effective diagnostic products for detecting microbes causing hospital associated infections
Company 1040 - Device that creates a reliable anastomosis to any graft site
Company 1041 - Minimally invasive ultrasound-guided RF ablation system to treat symptomatic uterine fibroids through a transcervical approach
Company 1042 - Hand-held ultrasound device that displays the image in the medical practitioner's line of sight, at the patient's skin surface
Company 1043 - Fish-skin-derived tissue regeneration technology for use in a range of reconstructive and orthopedic surgical procedures
Company 1044 - Miniature/high-resolution/low-cost CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) image sensors for use in disposable endoscopic surgical applications
Company 1045 - Single-use, disposable silver ion delivery device to treat Osteomyelitis (OM)
Company 1046 - Full line of products specifically dedicated to avoiding a total joint replacement and preserving the shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle joints
Company 1047 - Fatigue-resistant/fiber-reinforced bone cement for orthopedic joint replacement
Company 1048 - Robotic assistance device for CT-guided soft tissue interventions
Company 1049 - Non-invasive, easy-to-use device that uses pulsed radio frequency energy (PRFE) for tissue growth, wound healing, and pain relief
Company 1050 - Flat panel and custom radiation sources that solve problems in sterilization and medical imaging
Company 1051 - Rapid endovascular vessel occlusion and blood flow interruption
Company 1052 - Suite of diagnostic imaging products using near-field and forced-resonance principles targeting several specialties including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and neurology
Company 1053 - Portable diagnostic device used to determine the presence and level of Myocardial Ischemia (MI)
Company 1054 - Point-of-care automated optical diagnostic device for platelet quality testing
Company 1055 - Sensor-based, video-monitored, automatic/semi-automatic laryngoscope that makes intubation easy, safe, and fast
Company 1056 - Enhanced meter dose inhalers and spacer devices for the treatment of Asthma and COPD
Company 1057 - \\\"Lap-Pak\\\" is a flexible, one-piece, device contoured to enable the rapid and secure re-positioning of the bowels to expose the surgical site while eliminating the need for re-positioning during surgery
Company 1058 - Smart card platform that identifies and authenticates a patient to the healthcare provider and matches the patient to his or her medical record
Company 1059 - RFID technology and software systems for medical device manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals
Company 1060 - Breast imaging system for early breast cancer detection
Company 1061 - Therapeutic ultrasound to treat hypertension
Company 1062 - Ultrasonic technologies and related techniques for aesthetic surgery
Company 1063 - Home healthcare device for use by patients to self-measure Intraocular Pressure (IOP)
Company 1064 - Advanced feeding tube technology which can be placed using ultrathin endoscopes
Company 1065 - Critical care monitoring technologies
Company 1066 - Polymolecular system for the treatment of inflammatory disease
Company 1067 - Controlled warm air delivery device for human head lice removal
Company 1068 - Synthetic polymer for osteoarthritis therapy
Company 1069 - Protein signature-based diagnostic tests for prostate, lung, and breast cancers
Company 1070 - In-situ formed hydrogels for radiation oncology and oncologic surgery
Company 1071 - Transdermal therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric diseases
Company 1072 - Type 1 Diabetes medication delivery
Company 1073 - Dental imaging
Company 1074 - Interventional cardiology devices for chronic total occlusions
Company 1075 - Gastrointestinal endoscopy products
Company 1076 - Human fibrinogen-based tissue sealant
Company 1077 - Wireless electrocardiography
Company 1078 - Magnetically-guided enteral feeding tube
Company 1079 - Auto-adjusting portable oxygen system
Company 1080 - Handheld CD4 cell counter
Company 1081 - Robotic ankle and foot prosthesis
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