101 More Games For Trainers

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Now Bob Pike brings you “101 More Games for Trainers”. 101 More and better games from Bob Pike. This volume includes 26 openers, 32 energizers, 15 games that improve communication, 25 team building games, and games that address resistance to change, trainer training, diversity, conflict customer service and much more.

This is your sourcebook for engaging participants while they are in your classroom. You’ll find dozens of games, exercises, and activities specifically designed to bring a weary group back to life; lead an audience through a spirited, comprehensive review session; break the ice and grab participants’ attention; and more. Each game includes training purpose, time required, group size, materials needed, topic and a description of the "exercise in action".

Some of the games included:
- Interviews
- Just-in-time review
- Putting things in Perspective
- Murphy's law
- Total recall
- Brilliant brainstorming
- Three way role play
- Attitude is everything
- Dealing with differences
- A letter from the President
- Win, lose or draw....and many more.

Please note: Hard copies are not available for sale for clients based in Europe
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1 Alphabet Review
2 Autobiographical Scavenger Hunt
3 The Winning Equation
4 Fact or Fiction
5 Group Goals
6 Learn by Doing
7 What’s a Metaphor For?
8 A Matter of Taste
9 The Name Game
10 Old Dogs, New Tricks
11 How Much Is One Customer Worth?
12 Practice Makes Perfect
13 The Perils of Preconditioning
14 The Rope Game
15 Sneaky Slogans
16 Success in Team-building
17 Role Reversal
18 True Confession Toothpicks
19 Personal Introductions
20 Baby Pictures
21 Play Ball!
22 Body Parts.
23 Group Shuffle
24 Tag Team Role Plays
25 Word Games
26 Sea If Ewe Can Find the Errers
27 Connect the Dots
28 Experience Levels
29 Pennies Puzzler
30 Killing Closed-Ended Questions
31 Name that Part
32 Playing the Numbers
33 On the Other Hand
34 Point of View
35 Question of the Week
36 Opening Scavenger Hunt
37 Shake Hands
38 30 Seconds
39 Elevator Speech
40 The Envelope, Please
41 Gone in a Flash
42 A Cup of Group Cheer
43 Pass the Hat
44 Just-in-Time Review
45 Optical Illusions
46 You Bet Your Life
47 The Marker and Water Trick
48 The Beauty of a Milk Carton
49 The World Wide Web Review
50 Interviews
51 Admission Tickets
52 Putting Things in Perspective
53 Pushing Back
54 Murphy’s Law
55 Check, Please!
56 Real-World Examples
57 Total Recall
58 Brilliant Brainstorming
59 Shoe Box.
60 Listen with Your Eyes
61 Story Time
62 Stupid Questions
63 Three-Way Role Play
64 What’s in a Name?
65 Coins and Catch Phrases
66 Alphabet Soup
67 Attitude Is Everything
68 Going Behind Their Backs
69 Baseball Review
70 The Danger of Assumptions
71 Silent Birthdays
72 Past Experiences
73 Dealing with Differences
74 Team Drawings
75 New Employee Egg Hunt
76 Magnificent Flying Machines
77 Brick Wall
78 Flash Cube Illusion
79 The Cookie Review
81 A Letter from the President
82 Funny Pages
83 What Will the Future Hold?
84 Road Map
85 Sound and Motion
86 Group Juggle
87 Tied Up in Knots
88 A Chance to Win Millions
89 Get the Monkey Off Your Back
90 Post Office
91 Understanding Roles
92 A Day at the Races
93 Silent Brainstorming
94 Snowball Fight
95 Up on Your Soapbox
96 Teddy Bears and Computers?
97 Thermometer
98 What’s Wrong with this Picture?
99 Win, Lose, or Draw
100 Pig Personality Profile
101 Deadly Jelly Beans

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Robert Pike has been developing and implementing training programs for business, industry, government, and other professions since 1969. As president of Creative Training Techniques International Inc., Resources for Organizations Inc., and The Resources Group Inc., he leads over 150 sessions each year on topics such as leadership, attitudes, motivation, communication, decision making, problem solving, personal and organizational effectiveness, conflict management, team-building, and managerial productivity.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown