50 Communications Activities, Icebreakers, and Exercises

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Have fun presenting these activities and build your employees’ communication skills in just minutes. Communication plays such a big part in our lives today. Yet sometimes we get busy and forget just how important communication is to our success, relationships and happiness.

50 Communication Activities, Icebreakers and Exercises is a great way to:

- Increase participants' awareness of how they communicate
- Help them to build expertise in a variety of essential skills and competencies
- Prepare them to deal effectively with the many types of communication challenges they face every day

Each activity focuses on some facet of communication and includes a description, time guideline, purpose, resources, presentation, debrief, difficulty rating and variations to make implementation easy.

The 50 activities are organized into three, quick-reference parts:

- Communications principles
- Communications icebreakers
- Communications exercises

Are you interested in focusing on silent messages, listening bad habits, the meaning of words or interactive listening? You’ll find powerful exercises in Part I that will help. Do you want to explore new icebreakers? Move on to the Part II activities on vanity name cards, introducing each other, nickname game and repeating introductions. The final part includes skill-building exercises on following directions, communications shutdowns, rumors, communications styles and other topics.

Each individual activity takes only minutes to complete. Together this collection contains a wealth of insight, tips and guidance to prepare employees to become confident communicators who enjoy stronger relationships and greater success and satisfaction on the job.

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Part I. Communications Principles
1. Communications Is an Art
2. Communicating Time
3. Communications Is the Key
4. I Know You Believe You Understand
5. Communications Model
6. Listening Dilemma
7. Interactive Listening Tips
8. Listening Bad Habits
9. Listening Questionnaire
10. Seven Levels of Listening
11. Silent Messages
12. The Three Levels of Communications
13. Nonverbal Listening Test
14. The Laws of Remembering
15. The Laws of Forgetting
16. Meaning of Words
17. Communications Circles
18. Attention Spans
19. Meaning of Listening

Part II. Communications Icebreakers
20. Vanity Name Tent Cards
21. Repeating Introductions
22. Circle, Square, Triangle, or Z
23. Introducing Each Other
24. Fantasy Career
25. Name that Participant
26. Story of Your Name
27. Nickname Game
28. Introduction Bingo
29. Card Match

Part III. Communications Exercises
30. Reading Test
31. The Longest Line
32. Color Block
33. Following Directions
34. Train Story
35. Count the Ss
36. Communications Shutdowns
37. Complete the Statement
38. Quick Answers
39. Voice Inflection Exercise
40. The Wedding Story
41. Who done it?
42. Picture This
43. Creative Fairy Tale
44. Rumors
45. The Shoe Store
46. Two Moose Were Sitting on a Log
47. Communications Styles
48. “Oh”
49. Word Games
50. Trading Cards
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