Strategic Training of Employees

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The ultimate solution for developing highly trained employees and achieving organizational success.

Your organization’s survival depends on employee training - to brush off the importance of upgrading the skills of your employees is a dangerous strategic mistake.

Based upon the STEM model, this book will show organizational decision-makers and human resource practitioners how to make quality employee training an integral part of the strategic planning process - and ensure the competitiveness of the organization.

Strategic Training: Putting Employees First introduces a comprehensive managerial tool called Strategic Training of Employees Model (STEM) - a methodology for developing training based on the belief that every organization must deal with scarcity and constraints.

The model offers a comprehensive framework for analyzing specific training situations and requirements. At the same time, it is flexible enough to allow organizations a wide range of solutions.

Use STEM to:

- decide if a training issue poses a significant strategic objective for your organization
- determine the most appropriate training solution - such as an in-house program, less formal setting or college class
- continually evaluate the training to ensure its quality does not diminish

Author Daniel Wentland provides fresh, new insight into how to address the important training challenges every organization faces. In doing so, he enables you to better understand the type of training your organization needs, where to go for resources, how to get management’s commitment and how to create an environment where employees are motivated to develop skills and excel.

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Part I: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: What is an Organization?
Chapter 2: Strategic Planning and Putting Employees First
Chapter 3: A Deeper Journey into the Realm of Strategy Formulation
Chapter 4: Scarcity

Part II: The Strategic Training of Employees Model (STEM)
Chapter 5: An Overview of the Strategic Training of Employees Model (STEM)
Chapter 6: Task Analysis and Targeting
Chapter 7: Training Content (Product)
Chapter 8: Location Factors (Place)
Chapter 9: Communicating Information about Training Programs (Promotion)
Chapter 10: Cost Considerations (Price)
Chapter 11: Implementation, Feedback, and Evaluation

Part III: Completing the Picture
Chapter 12: How the STEM Model Can Help Organizations Solve Training Problems
Chapter 13: Organizational Survival

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