The Manager's Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking

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This Manager’s Pocket Guide introduces thinking systems concepts and then takes the reader through a series of concepts and practical tools for applying system thinking to:
- Getting Results
- Learning
- Management Processes
- Change and Strategic Processes.

Systems Thinking is a more natural and better way to think, learn, act, and achieve desired results. Effectively implemented, it can dramatically improve a manager's effectiveness in today's complex and interconnected business world.

This book provides managers with many practical new Systems Thinking tools and the main concepts of Systems Thinking to enhance individual, team, and organizational learning, change, and performance. Every manager should have a copy!

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Chapter I: Understanding Systems Thinking & Learning
Presents the big picture and four concepts of systems thinking.


Chapter II: Standard Systems Dynamics
Presents the 12 principles, questions, and tools that good systems thinkers know and regularly use.

Chapter III: Phase A: The Outcome-Thinking Tools
Offers practical tools for becoming customer-focused and results-oriented.

Chapter IV: Phase B: Feedback and Learning Tools
Stresses the key tools in creating the learning organization.

Chapter V: The A-B-C-D Systems Model
Provides tools to increase the effectiveness of many key management processes.

Chapter VI: Levels of Living Systems
Includes tools to guide learning and change at six important levels of organizational functioning.

Chapter VII: The Rollercoaster of Change
Offers five different uses of the systems thinking concept most essential to productive change efforts.

Chapter VIII: Summary Tool: A Strategic Management System
Brings all the tools together into the systems thinking framework that progressive managers need.


Chapter IX: Summary of Systems Thinking and Learning

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