Climb the Green Ladder. Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable

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Want to make your workplace more sustainable, get ahead in your career and make your company more successful?

Climb the Green Ladder will show you how.

"Climb the Green Ladder does exactly what it says on the cover. It provides the tools and the inspiration to get you and your company to the top." – Bonnie Nixon, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett Packard

"If you want to do good business while being a good business, read Climb the Green Ladder. It′s a walking the talk type of book,with signposts and directions, to help you make change happen." – Charlie Browne, UK Corporate Environment Manager, IKEA

"The business leader of the 21st century needs to be fluent in green. Climb the Green Ladder delivers tangible insights, useful to everyone from entry–level to the boardroom, on how to navigate this rapidly maturing business discipline." – Dave Stangis, Vice President, CSR & Sustainability, Campbell Soup Company

"If you want to do more than simply make a living, Climb the Green Ladder will help you forge a path to a satisfying and worthwhile career. This intelligent, action–oriented guide gives you the tools to make good, green choices – every business day." – Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author of Strategies for the Green Economy

"The question is no longer why we need to be sustainable or green – but how do we change business behaviour. With this book, you will no longer need to ask." – Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance

"Brilliant! Climb the Green Ladder can help you move from idea to action. This practical ′how to′ guide and the real world case studies it contains will send you along a path of real change and success – for your company and yourself." – Seth Farbman, Senior Partner, Worldwide Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather

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Chapter 1 Why we need that Green Ladder.

Chapter 2 Get the mindset.

Chapter 3 Make the business case.

Chapter 4 Get your colleagues on side.

Chapter 5 Have two–way conversations.

Chapter 6 Work together.

Chapter 7 Make it part of the culture.

Chapter 8 Conclusion: climb that ladder.

Appendix 1 Who can help.

Appendix 2 Climb the Green Ladder research.



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Amy V. Fetzer is a Journalist, author and consultant, specialising in sustainability. She is passionate about the planet and helping to solve its problems. She is thrilled to have written
Climb the Green Ladder to help others who also want to make a difference. Her work focuses on creating engaging communications – from environmental white papers to magazine articles – that inform, entertain and inspire.

Amy studied Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey for a Masters degree. Her clients range from the BBC, Green Futures. The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and My Weekly to Hewlett Packard and Sodexo. To find out more, please visit

Amy lives in London, England, with her husband Will.

Shari Aaron is an innovative, strategic thinker and a thoughtful business leader in sustainability and market research. She excels at helping clients to uncover driving consumer forces, identify changing marketplace dynamics and translating sustainability into successful business decisions. Shari is passionate about fostering collaborative relationships between consumers, companies, non–profits and the media, to ensure all voices have a role in improving the impact of business on society and society on business.

As a former partner at Yankelovich, supervisor of account planning at Ogilvy & Mather and founder of Fresh Marketing, Shari has worked with many clients including ClimateCounts, Coca–Cola, Hasbro, Kraft, Liz Claiborne, StartingBloc, P&G, The Princeton Review, Red Cross, Uncommon Schools, and UNICEF.

Shari lives in Weston, Connecticut, with her husband Steve and her sons, Jake and Michael.
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