Consumer Electronics Industry in India

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There is no doubt about the fact that the consumer electronics industry in India is booming! With an affluent middle class and the country's economic growth being on a rapid track, the consumer electronics industry has never before witnessed such amazing growth. Estimated to be around $4 billion at the end of 2009, the Indian consumer electronics industry is second only to the Chinese and Japanese markets in the Asia Pacific region.

With the industry expected to witness a deceleration in growth in the coming years, Aruvian's R'search takes a look at the Consumer Electronics Industry in India. The industry is expected to have a market value of roughly $5.4 billion by the end of 2014.

In this scenario, This R’search analyzes the following sections of the consumer electronics industry in India:

- Television Market
- Refrigerator Market
- Air Conditioner Market
- Mobile Handset Market
- Laptops & Personal Computers Market
- Gaming Consoles

This research report undertakes an in-depth study of the industry by analyzing the market segments based on value, brands, and a regional analysis. The current trends in the industry especially the expansion in distribution facilities and the altering demographics in the country are making a huge mark on the consumer electronics industry. The impact of such trends on the consumer electronics industry is analyzed in This report Consumer Electronics Industry in India.

The various consumer classes that are present in the country’s consumer market and the impact they have on the overall industry is analyzed as well along with the growth scenario of consumer electronics production.

Challenges and opportunities present in the market, the leading states that offer favorable opportunities for setting up production bases, and the regulatory framework governing this industry is analyzed in the report.

A very important factor determining the success of the Indian consumer electronics industry is the infusion of capital in the Indian retail sector. This R’search provides a well grounded analysis on this and explains the various options available for attaining funds, FDI in the retail sector, venture financing options, and many other similar factors.

The challenges and opportunities that face the consumer electronics industry in terms of investment are analyzed based on competition, options for investors, development of financing options in the industry, and the role of private equity contributors.

In order to get a firm understanding of the industry, one needs to understand the major players operating in that market. This profiles 15 of the leading players in the market, analyzing their market profile along with their strengths and weaknesses. The incredible growth of Samsung in the Indian consumer electronics market is profiled separately in a case study.
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  • Godrej
  • Hitachi India Ltd
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A. Executive Summary

B. Macroeconomic Analysis
B.1 Social Structure
B.2 Political Structure
B.3 State of Infrastructure
B.3.1 Transportation
B.3.2 Electricity
B.3.3 Telecommunications
B.4 Economic Structure
B.4.1 GDP Growth
B.4.2 Per Capita Income
B.4.3 Balance of Payments Position
B.4.4 Monetary and Fiscal Policies
B.4.5 Capital Flows and Foreign Debt
B.4.6 Economic Outlook
B.5 Technological Developments

C. Capital Markets: Performance Analysis
C.1 Profile of Stock Exchange/s
C.2 Market Capitalization
C.3 Turnover of Shares
C.4 Sectoral Performance on Stock Exchange

D. Foreign Investment in the Country: An Analysis
D.1 General Investment Patterns
D.2 Investment Scenario
D.2.1 Top Investment Regions
D.2.2 Top Investor Countries
D.2.3 Top Sectoral Investment

E. Industry Overview
E.1 Market Overview
E.2 Market Value
E.3 Market Segmentation
E.4 India’s Consumer Market
E.5 Consumer Classes
E.6 Growth of Consumer Electronics Production
E.7 Growth Scenario

F. Industry Trends
F.1 Structural Shift in Retailing
F.2 Lower Prices & Affluent Middle Class
F.3 Expansion in Distribution Facilities
F.4 Easy Availability of Finance
F.5 Emergence of Rural India as a Growth Market
F.6 Role of Price Sensitivity
F.7 Preference of Luxury by Consumers
F.8 Consumer Preference for Real Value Products
F.9 Altering Demographics

G. Challenges & Opportunities in the Market

H. Leading States for Investment in Setting Up Production Centers

I. Regulatory Framework Impacting the Industry
I.1 Overview
I.2 IP Rights Protection
I.3 Regulations on the Industry
I.3.1 Free Trade Agreement
I.3.2 FDI in the Sector
I.3.3 Procedure for Approval
I.3.4 Foreign Technology Collaboration Agreement

J. Industry Performance and Future Outlook
J.1 Television Market
J.2 Refrigerator Market
J.3 Air Conditioner Market
J.4 Mobile Handset Market
J.5 Laptops & Personal Computers Market
J.6 Gaming Consoles

K. Infusion of Capital in the Indian Retail Sector
K.1 Section Synopsis
K.2 Options for Attaining Funds
K.3 FDI in the Sector
K.4 Looking at Bank/Debt Finance
K.5 Looking at Venture Funding
K.6 Looking at the Equity Issue Option
K.7 Analyzing the Need for an IPO

L. Challenges & Opportunities in Terms of Investment
L.1 The Competitive Edge
L.2 Limited Options for Investors
L.3 Analyzing through Case Studies
L.4 Further Developing Financing Options in the Industry
L.5 The Role of Private Equity Contributors

M. Analysis of the Competitive Landscape

N. Industry Competitors
N.1 Samsung India
N.2 Whirlpool India
N.3 LG India
N.4 Godrej
N.5 Toshiba India
N.6 Sony India
N.7 Sharp India Ltd
N.8 Hitachi India Ltd
N.9 Videocon Industries
N.10 Voltas
N.11 Philips India
N.12 Haier
N.13 Panasonic
N.14 Onida
N.15 Microsoft

O. Case Study: Samsung’s Growth in India

P. Appendix

Q. Glossary of Terms
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Samsung India
Whirlpool India
LG India
Toshiba India
Sony India
Sharp India Ltd
Hitachi India Ltd
Videocon Industries
Philips India
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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