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There have been plenty of losing decades in the stock market. Who says there's not another one ahead? Our economy is sickly... we're losing jobs to overseas competition... the dollar is losing value... Social Security is completely bankrupt realistically... millions of homeowners are underwater... and government debt keeps growing.

Facing this kind of future, dividends might be the only return for investors. That's why The Daily Paycheck is so important now.

If you're a real estate investor, you'll appreciate this approach. It's the difference between investing in rental properties for a steady and growing cash flow versus flipping condos in Miami.

You might make money for a while flipping hot properties, but you know what happens eventually. No matter how smart you are you will eventually get hit by a down market and feel the pain.

It's the same with stocks. Growth investors are happy as clams -- until they're not. Look at the long-term record of the stock market -- a huge portion of its return comes from reinvesting the dividends stocks throw off.

Most investors know this but they shoot for the big capital gains "killing" anyway. Sadly, they miss out on the huge payoff they could have had from simply sticking to high-yield stocks.

This isn't opinion, it's fact. Between 1900 and 2000, reinvesting dividends generated nearly 85 times the wealth generated by capital gains.

The Daily Paycheck comes your way once a month with a regular mid-month update between issues. And you'll also get Flash Alerts to guide you whenever market conditions warrant it.

Here's everything you receive in your subscription to The Daily Paycheck:

12 issues of The Daily Paycheck Newsletter

Each monthly issue is loaded with fresh tips to help you get a fat dividend check every day of the month. Amy will show you where she's finding the best income opportunities now and will guide you every step of the way.

The Real-Money Daily Paycheck Portfolio

We gave Amy $200,000 so she can buy and sell her picks in a real portfolio. The dividend checks she accumulates will be real too... so you can follow her step-by-step as she builds a portfolio to give you a paycheck every day.

12 Mid-Month Updates

To help you stay on top of your "daily paycheck" portfolio, Amy will send you a second issue every month.

Instant Alerts When It's Time to Buy or Sell

On top of your monthly issues and mid-month updates, you'll get instant alerts from Amy the second she decides to buy or sell a stock. The market doesn't pay attention to our publication schedule, and the most lucrative opportunities often arise between issues.
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