Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Benchmark Report: An In-depth Look at Automated Optical Inspection Equipment for the SMT and Electronics Manufacturing Market

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This benchmark report gives a comprehensive analysis of the automated optical inspection (AOI) systems offerings for the electronics manufacturing market from both an equipment supplier and end-user perspective. With more than 50 pages and over 40 tables and graphs, the report is based on extensive research, in-depth first person interviews and real-world consulting practice. The report provides valuable information including price/performance benchmarks, supplier perception ratings and verbatim response based on equipment supplier and end-user interviews.

The general consensus among end-users suggests that current AOI systems offer the capability of detecting assembly defects such as missing, polarity, rotation, X-Y offset as well as some solder defects, thereby enhancing product quality and reducing operating costs. However, the installed base of AOI systems overall are not performing at the level or standards needed to meet the demands of CEMs and OEMs for consistency in quality and ease of programming.

Furthermore, end-users are often forced to justify the value-added that an AOI system brings to an assembly line. Additionally, the issue of where to strategically place an AOI system or where it is best suited in an assembly process, without extending lines beyond minimal footprints is also a concern. Manufacturing managers are concerned with many variables when determining where to optimally place an AOI system.

Critical Questions Answered:

- What automated optical inspection characteristics are most desired by CEM and OEM end-users?
- What is the competitive positioning of the major AOI suppliers in terms of key specifications, features and capabilities?
- How do the major AOI equipment suppliers perform with respect to fulfilling end-user application requirements?

Who Should Read This Report?

Equipment Selection Teams
- Cross-functional evaluation teams
- Equipment analysts

CEM, ODM and OEM End-Users
- Engineering management
- Procurement personnel

Equipment Suppliers
- Marketing Personnel
- Senior Management
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  • CyberOptics
  • GSI Lumonics
  • Malcomtech International
  • MVP
  • Panasonic
  • Seika
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1.0 Executive Summary
- Purpose
- Methodology
- Findings

2.0 End-User Observations
- Inspection Strategies
- AOI System Implementation
- In-Line AOI Equipment Characteristics

3.0 Market Definition
- Market Segmentation
- Market Trends
- Emerging Technologies

4.0 In-Line AOI Equipment Assessment
- Pricing of Major Suppliers
- Usage of Major Suppliers
- Consideration of Major Suppliers

5.0 Market Requirements
- Currently Served and Not Served
- End-User Application Requirements
- Supplier Capability

6.0 Opportunity Analysis
- Price/Performance Benchmark
- SWOT Analysis of Major Suppliers

7.0 Profile of Major Benchtop and In-Line AOI System Suppliers
- Company Overview
- Customer Base
- Technical Capabilities
- Organizational Capabilities

8.0 Conclusion

9.0 Appendix
- Benchmark of AOI Equipment – Direct comparison of 45 performance metrics for 49 unique in-line models offered by 21 different equipment suppliers


Figure 1: Current Users of AOI Equipment
Figure 2: Awareness Media
Figure 3: Purchase Options
Figure 4: Decision Factor Rankings
Figure 5: Buyer Influence Rankings
Figure 6: Price/Performance Rating – All Respondents
Figure 7: Price/Performance Rating – Tier 1 Respondents
Figure 8: Price/Performance Rating – Tier 2 Respondents
Figure 9: Price/Performance Rating – Tier 3 Respondents
Figure 10: Price/Performance Rating – Tier 4 Respondents
Figure 11: Price/Performance Rating – OEM Respondents
Figure 12: Supplier Perception Rating – All Respondents
Figure 13: Supplier Perception Rating – Tier 1 Respondents
Figure 14: Supplier Perception Rating – Tier 2 Respondents
Figure 15: Supplier Perception Rating – Tier 3 Respondents
Figure 16: Supplier Perception Rating – Tier 4 Respondents
Figure 17: Supplier Perception Rating – OEM Respondents
Figure 18: Price/Performance Rating – All Respondents vs. Users
Figure 19: Supplier Perception – All Respondents vs. Users


Table 1: Reasons for Not Using AOI Equipment
Table 2: Last Time Evaluated
Table 3: Market Trends/Emerging Technologies Verbatim Response
Table 4: System Price Points
Table 5: Estimated North American Installed Base
Table 6: Supplier Usage by Frequency of Mention
Table 7: Supplier Consideration by Frequency of Mention
Table 8: Supplier Evaluation Verbatim Response
Table 9: Estimated North American Market Share
Table 10: Lacking Features/Capabilities by Frequency of Mention
Table 11: Features/Capabilities Lacking Verbatim Response
Table 12: Special Requirements by Frequency of Mention
Table 13: Special Requirements Verbatim Response
Table 14: Decision Factor Verbatim Response
Table 15: Differences between Suppliers Verbatim Response
Table 16: Buyer Influence Verbatim Response
Table 17: Evaluation Method Verbatim Response
Table 18: Major AOI Suppliers Strengths and Weaknesses
Table 19: Major AOI Suppliers Opportunities and Threats
Table 20: Supplier Perception Verbatim Response
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- CyberOptics
- DJK Global
- Goepel
- GSI Lumonics
- Koh Young
- Landrex
- Marantz
- Mirtec
- Omron
- Orpro Vision
- Panasonic
- Qualectron Systems
- Saki
- Seika
- Sony
- Viscom
- Vision-OS
- Vi Technology
- YesTech
- Malcomtech International
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown