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SWOT Analysis is a framework used extensively for an assessment of the internal as well as external business environment as part of the strategic or corporate planning process. The framework generates a snapshot of the company's strengths & weaknesses as part of the internal environment assessment and explores opportunities & threats as part of the external environment assessment that provides analysis for & aids the strategic decision making process.

This SWOT analysis of Renault Group will be useful for

-- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making Process
--Comprehensive Strategic Assessment based on a relative assessment of strengths & weaknesses
--Assessment & evaluation of degree of responsiveness to the external environment
--Identification of opportunities which could be capitalized upon
--Identification of potential threats in the business environment
--Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential strategic changes, adjustments & realignment

The analysis will be essential for those having strategic interest in the company & will be especially useful for key decision makers, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry or the company.
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Business Snapshot

a) Founded
b) Headquartered
c) Business Segments
d) Employees
e) Revenues
f) Market Capitalization
g) Key Executives
h) Shareholding/Ownership Pattern & Structure

Financial Snapshot – 2010 Vs. 2009

- Sales Revenues
- Gross Earnings
- Net Earnings
- Cash from Operations

Business Segments – Snapshot - 2010 Vs. 2009

- Year on Year Growth Rate
- Contribution to Revenues
- Profitability

SWOT Analysis

- Sources of Strengths
- Areas of Improvements
- Opportunities to Capitalize on
- Threats to Counter or Overcome

Key Industry Trends, Issues & Challenges, Risk Factors & Outlook
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