Health & Safety Management Systems: A Complete Guide to OSHAS 18001 and US OSHA and VPP Implementation

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18001 Health and Safety Management Systems: A Complete Guide to OHSAS and VPP Implementation is designed to help organizations develop an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S-MS) that conforms to OHSAS 18001 requirements and/or OSHA VPP.

Although this guide focuses on OHSAS 18001 requirements and VPP, the systems approach also applies to other health and safety standards, like ANSI/AIHA Z10-2012 and CSA Z1000-06.  By providing this proven approach along with customizable OHSAS 18001 audit checklists, this guide is recognized as a valuable resource for organizations that are working towards an OHSAS 18001 certification.  Using the included OHSAS 18001 gap analysis tool, companies can also effectively improve their current health and safety management systems.

Corporate EHS directors, audit managers, quality managers across all manufacturing sectors, as well as service industries and especially multinational organizations use this guide.

- Authored by trained and experienced lead OHSAS 18001 assessors and recognized experts in safety management systems
- Describes a detailed step-by-step process for developing and implementing an OH&S-MS that meets OHSAS 18001 and VPP requirements
- Provides guidance to companies seeking to conduct hazard and risk analyses of their facilities, comparing and contrasting four different methods used to conduct a review
- Incorporates examples of procedures required for certification that can be customized for use at various facilities
- How to use Six Sigma techniques and tools for root cause analysis, and corrective and preventive action are also included in the case studies
- Identifies the documentation that must be developed and provides samples
- Helps organizations ensure occupational health and safety compliance and enhance their overall health and safety performance

Topic Areas
- How to begin development of an OH&S-MS.
- Critical success factors in developing an OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
- OHSAS 18001 Gap analysis tool
- Implementation of an OHSAS 18001 OH&S-MS
- Records management
- OHSAS 18001 certification and VPP registration processes.
- ANSI/AIHA Z10-2012 overview.
- CSA-Z1000-06 Overview
- Case studies and sample content


Summarizes the overall requirements of each clause

OHSAS 18001 Requirements and Contextual Analysis:

Presents in clear terms specific requirements of the clause and describes how the requirements of the clause relate to other OHSAS 18001 clause requirements

Key Concepts:

Provides important definitions and interpretations

VPP Requirements:

Compares and contrasts VPP with OHSAS 18001

Recommended Approach:

Presents a proven approach to implementing the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and/or VPP

Task List:
Summarizes the specific tasks necessary to implement your OH&S-MS in accordance with both these requirements

Core Elements for Success:

Identifies areas on which to concentrate during OH&S-MS development

Audit Hints:
Offers insider tips about which procedures and practices certification auditors or VPP examiners will expect to see on inspection

Case Studies:

Incorporates case studies that enable users to gain hands-on insight into the actual development of an OH&S-MS

Supplementary Materials:
Includes examples of procedures, programs, sample documents and forms that can be adapted for users’ own programs

Published on a Quarterly basis.

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Volume 1

List of Acronyms


1 Introduction
John's Glue Case Study

2 Getting Started
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 2-1 Gap Analysis Summary
Task List 2

3 Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Clause 42)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 3-1 Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Task List 3

4 Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment,and Risk Control (Clause 431)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 4-1 Initial Hazard Analysis Strategy
Case Sample 4-2 Hazard Analysis Strategy
Case Sample 4-3 General Facility-wide Analysis Walking/Working Surfaces
Case Sample 4-4 Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control4-
Task List 4

5 Legal and Other Requirements (Clause 432)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 5-1 Legal and Other Requirements
Case Sample 5-2 Health and Safety Regulatory and Other Requirements
Task List 5

6 Objectives and Programs (Clause 433)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 6-1 OH&S Objectives
Task List 6

7 Resources, Roles, Responsibility, Accountability and Authority (Clause 441)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 7-1 Organizational Chart Showing Key OH&S-MS Personnel
Task List 7

8 Training, Awareness, and Competence (Clause 442)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 8-1 Training Needs Analysis: Overall Analysis of Regulatory Applicability
Case Sample 8-2 Training Needs Analysis
Case Sample 8-3 Training, Awareness, and Competence Procedure
Task List 8

9 Communication, Participation, and Consultation (Clause 443)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 9-1 Sample Communications Procedure
Task List 9

10 OH&S Management System Documentation (Clause 444)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 10-1 OH&S-MS Manual
Case Sample 10-2 OH&S-MS Documentation
Case Sample 10-3 List of OH&S-MS Procedures
Case Sample 10-4 List of Key OH&S-MS Documents and Records
Task List 10

11 Control of Documents (Clause 445)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 11-1 Document Control Procedure (External Documents)
Case Sample 11-2 Document Control Procedure (New Documents)
Case Sample 11-3 Document Control Procedure (Document Revisions)
Case Sample 11-4 Document Control Procedure (Deletion of Documents)
Case Sample 11-5 Document Control
Task List 11

12 Control of Records (Clause 454)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 12-1 Health and Safety Records Retention Matrix
Case Sample 12-2 Record Control Procedure
Task List 12


13 Operational Control (Clause 446)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 13-1 Hotwork Procedure
Case Sample 13-2 Management of Change Procedure
Case Sample 13-3 Operational Control Procedures
Case Sample 13-4 Management of Change: Process Modification Request
Task List 13

14 Emergency Preparedness and Response (Clause 447)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 14-1 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Case Sample 14-2 Emergency Contact Manual
Case Sample 14-3 Incident and Emergency Situation Review: Working Summary Table
Case Sample 14-4 Accident and Emergency Situation Prevention and Mitigation Matrix
Case Sample 14-5 Incident Report Form
Task List 14

15 Performance Measurement and Monitoring (Clause 451)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 15-1 Regulatory Compliance Calendar
Case Sample 15-2 OH&S-MS Objective and Target Review Procedure
Case Sample 15-3 Calibration Procedures
Case Sample 15-4 Monitoring and Measurement
Task List 15

16 Accidents, Incidents, Nonconformances, and Corrective and Preventive Action (Clause 452)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 16-1 Accidents, Incidents, Nonconformances, and Corrective and Preventative Action
Case Sample 16-2 Accident/Incident Investigation Form
Case Sample 16-3 Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure
Case Sample 16-4 Nonconformance, and Corrective and Preventative Action Procedure
Task List 16
Appendix 16A

17 OH&S-MS Internal Audit (Clause 455)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 17-1 OH&S-MS Audit Procedure
Case Sample 17-1 Attachment A: OH&S-MS Audit Schedule
Case Sample 17-1 Attachment B: Production Area Interview Checklist
Case Sample 17-2 OH&S-MS Audit Report and Supporting Documentation
Task List 17

18 Management Review (Clause 46)
John's Glue Case Study
Case Sample 18-1 Management Review Procedure
Case Sample 18-2 Management Review Agenda and Minutes Record
Case Sample 18-3 Management Review Presentation
Task List 18

19 Certification
Appendix 19A

20 ANSI/AIHA Z10 Overview

Appendix 2A OHSAS18001 Gap Analysis Tool
Appendix 2B TCIR and DART Calculation Tool
Appendix 3A Example Environmental Heath and Safety Policies
Appendix 5A Example Change Management Checklist
Appendix 14A Summary of US Federal Regulatory Emergency Planning Requirements
Appendix 16A Six Sigma Approach to Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
Appendix 19A OSHA VPP Policies and Procedures Manual

Figure 2-1 OH&S-MS Scope at a Mineral Refining Facility
Figure 4-1 Example JSA Form
Figure 6-1 Selection and Development of Objectives and OH&S Management Programs
Figure 6-2 Example OH&S Management Program
Figure 7-1 Hierarchical Organizational Chart: Location of the EHS Group within an Aerospace Facility
Figure 7-2 Hierarchical Organizational Chart: Internal Structure of the EHS Group at an Aerospace Facility
Figure 7-3 Topical Organizational Chart; Hearing Conservation Program at an Aerospace Facility
Figure 8-1 Training Requirements within an OHSAS 18001 Management System
Figure 11-1 Flow of Document Creation and Availability in a Computer-based Document Distribution System
Figure 11-2 Flow of Document Creation and Availability in a Paper-based Document Distribution System
Figure 13-1 Levels of Operational Control
Figure 15-1 Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form
Figure 16-1 Problem Definition Process
Figure 16-2 Annotated Time Line for Fire Incident
Figure 16-3 Example: Causal Map
Figure 16-4 Example: Fishbone Diagram
Figure 16-5 Example: RACI Diagram
Figure 18-1 Example: Management Review Record
Figure 20-1 Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

Table 4-A Typical Hazards in the Workplace
Table 4-B Suggested Categories of Consequence
Table 4-C Typical Stressors in the Workplace
Table 4-D Combining Single Probability and Exposure Estimates to Arrive at Total Probability Estimates
Table 4-E Suggested Levels of Risk for Various Incident Probabilities and Severities
Table 4-F Hazard Analysis Strategy
Table 4-G Example: General Facility-wide Analysis
Table 4-H Example: Area-specific Analysis
Table 4-J Example: JSA Analysis
Table 6-A Example Management Objectives and Indicators
Table 6-B Example Operational Objectives and Indicators
Table 6-C Overview of Aspects, Objectives, Operational Controls, and Monitoring and Measurement at an Example Facility
Table 7-A Example Framework of OH&S Management System Responsibilities within an Organization
Table 7-B Example Job Descriptions
Table 8-A Training Needs Analysis – Job-specific Training: OH&S Hazards and Risks
Table 8-B Training Needs Analysis
Table 8-C Training Needs Analysis – Job-specific Training: Operational Procedures
Table 8-D Training Needs Analysis – Job-specific Training: OH&S Management System Duties
Table 8-E Regulatory-required Energy Response Training
Table 8-F Persons Typically Responsible for OH&S Training
Table 11-A Characteristics and Examples of Documents and Records
Table 11-B Required and Recommended Documents and Records for an OHSAS 18001 OH&S Management System or OSHA VPP Program
Table 11-C Tiers of Documents and Data in an OH&S Management System
Table 11-D Computer-based vs Paper-based Document Distribution Systems
Table 14-A Relationship between Clause 447 and Procedures Developed Under Other Clauses
Table 14-B Sample Output from Incident and Emergency Situation Review at a Typical Manufacturing Facility
Table 14-C Examples of Prevention and Mitigation Tactics
Table 14-D Accident and Emergency Review Matrix
Table 16-A Examples of OH&S-MS Nonconformance
Table 16-B Corrective and Preventive Actions
Table 16-C Is/Is Not Table Content
Table 16-D Is/Is Not Table for Electrical Issue
Table 16-E Error Mode Effect Analysis
Table 16-F Example Prioritization Matrix
Table 16-G Example Cause and Effect Matrix
Table 16-H Example Interrelationship Diagram
Table 17-A OH&S-MS Elements That Should Be Included in an Internal OH&S-MS Audit Program
Table 18-A Elements That Should Be Included in Management Review
Table 19-A Differences between VPP and OHSAS 18001
Table 20-A Comparison of OHSAS 18001 to VPP and Z
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