Advances in Cancer Research, Vol 71

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Volume 71 of Advances in Cancer Research begins with Morgan and Kastan presenting data on the roles of p53 and ATM in cell cycle progression and cell death in response to DNA damage and how this information may lead to targets for improved cancer therapies. Kok et all. Review the methodological advantages and limitations to localizing tumor suppressor genes, especially those on the short arm of chromosome 3. Peltomaki and de la Chapelle describe research on mismatch repair genes and their effects on colorectal cancer. McKenna and Cotter present findings on the functions and failures of apoptosis in the hematopoietic system. Ravitz and Wenner review TGF-B and how it controls and affects cell cycle progression in a variety of cell types. Andrew Simpson presents data on the mutation frequencies of microsatellites in human carcinogenesis. Naor and colleagues present research on a multitude of tumors expressing levels of CD44 and discuss how CD44 may be used as a target for cancer therapy. Luisa Villa discusses various aspects of HPV and the potential clinical use of HPV testing in cervical cancer prevention programs. Last, Disis and Cheever review the studies that define HER-2/neu specific immunity in patients with cancer and the current vaccine strategies for generating specific immunity.

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S.E. Morgan and M.B. Kastan, p53 and ATM: Cell Cycle, Cell Death and Cancer.K. Kok, S.L. Naylor, and C.H.C.M. Buys, Deletion of the Short Arm of Chromosome 3 in Solid Tumors and the Search for Suppressor Genes.P. Peltomaki and A. de la Chapelle, Mutations Predisposing to Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer.S.L. McKenna and T.G. Cotter, Functional Aspects of Apoptosis in Hematopoiesis and Consequence of Failure.M.J Ravitz and C.E. Wenner, Cyclin Dependent Kinase Regulation during G1 Phase and Cell Cycle Regulation by TGF-B.A.J.G. Simpson, The Natural Somatic Mutation Frequency and Human Carcinogenesis.D. Naor, R.V. Sionov, and D. Ish-Shalom, CD44: Structure, Function, and Association with the Malignant Process.L.L. Villa, Human Papillomaviruses and Cervical Cancer.M.L. Disis and M.A. Cheever, HER-2/neu Protein: A Target for Antigen Specific Immunotherapy of Human Cancer.
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Vande Woude, George F.
Klein, George.

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