Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings. Edition No. 3

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This 3e, edited by Peter M. Martin, PNNL 2005 Inventor of the Year, is an extensive update of the many improvements in deposition technologies, mechanisms, and applications. This long-awaited revision includes updated and new chapters on atomic layer deposition, cathodic arc deposition, sculpted thin films, polymer thin films and emerging technologies. Extensive material was added throughout the book, especially in the areas concerned with plasma-assisted vapor deposition processes and metallurgical coating applications.

* Explains in depth the many recent i

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Deposition Technologies: An Overview (Martin); Plasmas in Deposition Processes (Joe Greene, Scott Walton); Surface Preparation for Film and Coating Deposition Processes (Don Mattox); Evaporation: Processes, Bulk Microstructures and Mechanical Properties (Ismat Shaw); Sputter Deposition Processes (Roger DeGryse, David Glocker, Joe Greene); Ion Plating (Don Mattox); Chemical Vapor Deposition/ Atomic Layer Deposition (Arto Pakalla); Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (Ludvik Martinu, Jolanta Klemberg-Sapieha); Plasma-Assisted Vapor Deposition Processes (Scott Walton); Filtered and Unfiltered Cathodic Arc Processes (Andre Anders); Polymer Deposition Processes (Mark Gross, Gordon Graff); Nucleation, Film Growth and Microstructural Evolution (Joe Greene); Sculpted Thin Films (Kevin Robbie); Metallurgical Applications (Ali Erdemir, Andrey Voedevin); Advanced Thermal Spray Deposition Techniques (Tucker); Non-Elemental Characterization of Films and Coatings (Don Mattox); Characterization of Films and Coatings (John Grant); Emerging Technologies (Hana Barankova, Ladislov Bardos)
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Martin, Peter M.
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