Solid Freeform Manufacturing, Vol 19. Manufacturing Research and Technology

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The direct generation of physical objects based on three dimensional computer aided design (3D-CAD) data is currently a manufacturing process of major importance. The dynamic development in this new high tech area is characterized by the different kinds of equipment commercially available at present, as well as the many new procedures that have been patented or are under development.
This book provides a major contribution to progress in industrial applications through its in-depth descriptions of the new technological methodologies and their implications in the planning and shaping of design.
All the essential commercially available systems are discussed in detail, and some important systems currently in development are also reviewed. Starting with the necessary 3D-Geometrical Modelling the general tasks for process realization are explained.
Further essential main points covered in the volume are:
Characteristics of the most suitable areas of application in the manufacturing industry.
Systematic approaches for decision-making for the most suitable equipment and usages (whether to invest or job out).
Methodical support for proper utilization of selected equipment.
Efficient combination with current manufacturing technologies.
Technological and economical aspects for evaluation and comparison of other traditional procedures.
The book will be of particular interest to workers and researchers in the fields of manufacturing (especially tool making), engineering, marketing, and CAD/CAM; CIM. The book is also suitable for students of engineering, management and economic disciplines.

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1. Introduction. 2. Advanced Manufacturing Technology: The State of the Art. Complex machining with NC technology. Application of new physical principles. Comparison of NC technology and solid freeform manufacturing. Importance of solid freeform manufacturing. 3. Solid Freeform Manufacturing. Historical development. Principle and terms. Features and possibilities for classification. 4. Industrial Application of SFM Techniques. Point-by point layer solidifcation: Stereolithography. Stereolithography (3D systems). Stereography
EOS. Solid object UV laser plotter (SOUP
CMET Japan). Solid creation system SCS (D-MEC CAD). Computer operated laser active modelling machine (COLAMM) - Mitsui Engineering. 5. Illumination of Planes. General principle. Solid ground curing processes: SMP solider 5600. Light sculpting (LSJ). 6. Solidification of Powder or other Materials. General remarks. Selective laser sintering
SLS-sinterstation 2000. Fused deposition modelling (FDM). Laminated object manufacturing
LOM. 3-D printing. Ballistic particle manufacturing
BPM. 7. General Tasks for Process Realization. The process chain for SFM procedures and integration aspects. Geometrical modelling. Process planning and operational planning. 8. Application Areas. General aspects. Design support. Function models. Manufacturing models. Finishing process possibilities. Comparison with other manufacturing processes. 9. Manufacturing Materials. Fluids. Powder, wire and laminates. 10. Related Manufacturing Process. 3-axis NC milling. 3-axis high-speed cutting. 5-axis milling. 11. Decision Making and Economic Aspects. Deciding whether to invest or farm out. Part classification for SFM. Methodology for execution of SFM benchmark tests. Economic aspects and criteria for economic justification. Comparison of traditional and new procedures. Organisational aspects. 12. Further Development Trends. Improvement of commercially available systems. Important further developments. References.
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Kochan, D.
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