The Mouse in Biomedical Research, Vol 2. Edition No. 2. American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

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Diseases, the second volume in the four volume set, The Mouse in Biomedical Research, departs from the first edition, by discussing specific disease causing microorganisms, rather than the format used in the first edition which discussed infectious diseases affecting specific organs and tissues. As such, the volume consists of 26 chapters subdivided into RNA viruses and DNA viruses, as well as bacterial, mycotic, and parasitic infections. These chapters not only provide updates on pathogenesis, epidemiology and prevention of previously recognized murine pathogens, but also include information on newly recognized disease-causing organisms: mouse parvovirus, cilia associated respiratory bacilli and Helicobacter spp. A separate category, consisting of 3 chapters, discusses zoonoses, tumor pathology of genetically engineered mice, and spontaneous diseases in commonly used mouse strains.

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Viral Diseases

DNA Viruses
1. Mouse Cytomegalovirus and other Herpesviruses
2. Mouse Adenoviruses
3. Mousepox
4. Parvoviruses
5. Polyoma Viruses

RNA Viruses
6. Mouse Hepatitis Virus
7. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus
8. Lactate Dehydrogenase-Elevating Virus
9. Reoviridae
10. Retroelements in the Mouse
11. Sendai Virus and Pneumonia Virus of Mice (PVM)
12. Cardioviruses: Encephalomyocarditis Virus and Theiler's Mouse Encephalomyelitis Virus

Bacterial Diseases
13. Chlamydial Diseases
14. Clostridial Species
15. Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptobacillus moniliformis
16. Aerobic Gram-positive Organisms
17. Helicobacter Infections in Mice
18. Mycoplasma pulmonis, Other Mouse Mycoplasmas, and Cilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus
19. Pasteurellaceae

Mycotic and Parasitic Diseases
20. Fungal Diseases in Laboratory Mice
21. Protozoa
22. Helminth Parasites of Laboratory Mice
23. Arthropods

Miscellaneous Diseases
24. The Tumor Pathology of Genetically Engineered Mice: A New Approach to Molecular Pathology
25. Spontaneous Diseases in Commonly Used Mouse Strains
26. Zoonoses and Other Human Health Hazards
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Fox, James G.
Barthold, Stephen.
Davisson, Muriel.
Newcomer, Christian E.
Quimby, Fred W.
Smith, Abigail.

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