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Kismet is the industry standard for examining wireless network traffic, and is used by over 250,000 security professionals, wireless networking enthusiasts, and WarDriving hobbyists.

Unlike other wireless networking books that have been published in recent years that geared towards Windows users, Kismet Hacking is geared to those individuals that use the Linux operating system. People who use Linux and want to use wireless tools need to use Kismet. Now with the introduction of Kismet NewCore, they have a book that will answer all their questions about using this great tool. This book continues in the successful vein of books for wireless users such as WarDriving: Drive, Detect Defend.

*Wardrive Running Kismet from the BackTrack Live CD

*Build and Integrate Drones with your Kismet Server

*Map Your Data with GPSMap, KisMap, WiGLE and GpsDrive

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    List of Figures

    List of Tables

    Contributing Authors

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Wireless Networking, Wardriving, and Kismet

        Exploring Past Discoveries That Led to Wireless

            Discovering Electromagnetism

            Exploring Conduction

            Inventing the Radio

            Mounting Radio-Telephones in Cars

            Inventing Computers and Networks

            Inventing Cell Phones

        Exploring Present Applications for Wireless

            Applying Wireless Technology to Vertical Markets

            Applying Wireless Technology to Horizontal Applications

        Introduction to Wardriving

            The Origins of Wardriving


            Wardriving Misconceptions

            The Truth about Wardriving

        Introduction to Wardriving with Linux

            Preparing Your System to Wardrive

            Preparing the Kernel

            Installing the Proper Tools

            Configuring Your System to Wardrive

        Wardriving with Linux and Kismet

            Starting Kismet

            Using the Kismet Interface


    Chapter 2. Basic Installation


        Kismet Prerequisites

    Chapter 3. Operating Kismet


            The Kismet User Interface

            Additional RF Equipment: Antennas and Cables


        Using a GPS Receiver with Kismet

            Typical GPS Problems

        Putting It All together: The Complete Kismet Setup


    Chapter 4. Kismet Menus


        Main Display

            Network List Panel

            Information Panel

            Status Panel

        Pop-up Windows

            Network Details

            Client List

            Client Details

            Packet rate

            Packet Types


            Wireless Card Power

            Network Location

        Customizing the Panels Interface

            Customizing the Network List Window

            Customizing the Client List Window

            Customizing Colors

        Third Party Front-ends



            dumb kismet client

            Further information


        Solutions Fast Track

            Main Display

            Popup Windows

            Customizing the Panels Interface

            Third-Party Front-ends

    Chapter 5. Configuring the Kismet Server


        The Kismet Config File

            Kismet Parameters


        Notes from the Underground

            Kismet Server Command Line


    Chapter 6. Kismet Client Configuration File


        The Kismet Client Config File

            Kismet Parameters

        Command-Line Switches


    Chapter 7. Server.conf File Advanced Configuration


        Asus eeePC Installation

            Installation and Updating

            Install Development Tools

        Kismet on Windows

        Wardriving in a Box

        Monitor Installation


    Chapter 8. Kismet Drones


        Drone Installation

            Linksys WRT54G


            Server Configuration


            Server Configuration

            Cross Compiling with OpenWRT-Buildroot

            Buildroot Installation

        PC Drone Setup

            Kismet Drone Configuration File


    Chapter 9. Kismet and Mapping



            Patching GPSMap



        WiGLE Google Map





            Kismet + GpsDrive + MySQL



        Solutions Fast Track

            GPSMap / KisMap


            WiGLE Google Map




    Chapter 10. Wardriving with Kismet and BackTrack


        Obtaining BackTrack

            Downloading BackTrack

            Burning BackTrack to CD

        Configuring Kismet

            Booting into BackTrack

            Wireless Card Configuration

            Log File Configuration

            Other Configuration Issues

        Wardriving with Kismet


        Managing Your Results


            Obtaining BackTrack

            Configuring Kismet

            Wardriving with Kismet

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Thornton, Frank
Frank Thornton runs his own technology consulting firm, Blackthorn Systems, which specializes in information security and wireless networks. His specialties include wireless network architecture, design, and implementation, as well as network troubleshooting and optimization. An interest in amateur radio helped him bridge the gap between computers and wireless networks. Having learned at a young age which end of the soldering iron was hot, he has even been known to repair hardware on occasion.

In addition to his computer and wireless interests, Frank was a law enforcement officer for many years. As a detective and forensics expert he has investigated approximately one hundred homicides and thousands of other crime scenes. Combining both professional interests, he was a member of the workgroup that established ANSI Standard "ANSI/NIST-CSL 1-1993 Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint Information."
Schearer, Michael J.
Haines, Brad
Brad "RenderMan" Haines, Contributing Author to RFID Security (ISBN: 978-1-59749-047-4, Syngress) and Kismet Hacking (ISBN: 978-1-59749-117-4, Syngress), is chief researcher of and co-refounder of "The Church of WiFi" wireless think tank. He currently operates his own consulting company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, providing wireless performance and security assessment services for a variety of clients both large and small.

A noted expert in the hacker community in the field of wireless security, he has spoken at many international conferences such as Black Hat and DEFCON and taught several classes on free wireless assessment tools. He has also contributed over time to many wireless security tools such as the Kismet wirelss sniffer and coWPAtty.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown