Macau Casino and Gaming Sector

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The report on “Macau Casino and Gaming Sector” gives an overview of the Global and Asia-Pacific gambling industry performance; further it discuses detailed analysis of Macau gambling industry with analysis of industry by segmentation. We have discussed industry past, present and future performance and reasons of change; also talks about recent trends affecting industry performance. The report also includes competition prevailing in the industry and scope for existing and new players.

The report also includes competition prevailing in the industry and scope for existing and new players.

In the past few years, Asian gaming markets have shown rapid growth, resulting in many the US & the UK companies venturing in the Asia Pacific region. Macau is one of the world’s largest gambling hubs, holding the largest share in Asian markets. This market is expected to grow further, driven by increasing global recognition, establishment of new casinos and growing economy of the country.

Key Findings
- The casino sector represented USD 23.5 billion of revenue in 2010 in Macau, as compared to USD 13.2 billion in 2008, driven by increase in number of visitors and strengthening of the Chinese economy.
- The year 2008 and mid 2009 were difficult for casino sector in Macau due to the affect of the number of factors prevailing in the industry. The major reason was the economic crisis which led to fall in number of tourist arrivals, decline in per capita income and employment rate.
- Macau has around 5,000 gambling tables and 6 licensed casino operators, which is expected to increase to 1,300 tables by 2011.
- Macau casino and gaming revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.77% till 2015.

Scope of the Report
- The report provides a detailed analysis of the Macau Casino and Gaming Sector with discussion of market past performance, present analyses and future outlook of the industry. The report has further analyzed GGR by segments.
- Report discusses regulatory environment and restrictions on setting up new casinos in the country.
- Discusses industry players positioning and market share which helps to assess scope for new and existing players.
- The report describes opportunity for slot machine manufacturers and casino operators with number of slot machines available in the market and future expected demand.
- This report will help gaming machine manufacturers to assess expected demand and casino operators to establish a unit in the country.
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1. Casino and Gaming Industry Overview
1.1. International Gambling
1.2. Global Betting, Gambling and Gaming Industry
1.3. Global Online Gaming Market
1.4. Types of Gamblers

2. Asia Casino and gaming industry
2.1. Development Trends

3. Macau Casino and Gaming Industry
3.1. Industry Overview
3.2. Gaming Market Size and Developments
3.2.1. Gross Gambling Revenue
3.2.2. Performance in Casino Sector
3.3. Gambling Industry Trends in Macau
3.3.1. Visitors Arrival and Hotel Statistics
3.3.2. Gambling Industry and Macau GDP
3.4. Baccarat Performance in Macau
3.5. Restriction on Setting up New Casinos
3.6. Slot Machine Demand in Macau
3.7. Industry Competition

4. Future Outlook of the Casino and Gaming Industry in Macau
4.1. Forecast Methodology

Research Methodology

Data Collection Methods


Reasons for the Dependent and Independent Variables


Figure 1: Global Gaming Market by Geography in % (2008)
Figure 2: Global Gambling and Gaming Industry Gross Revenue and Forecast (1999-2015F)
Figure 3: Global Gambling Market share by Product Category in 2010 (%)
Figure 4: Global Online Gambling Gross Gaming Revenue (2002-2010)
Figure 5: Global Online Gambling Market Share in 2010 (%)
Figure 6: Types of Gamblers
Figure 7: Gross Gaming Revenues in Macau (2005-2010 & Jan-Feb 2011)
Figure 8: Tax Revenues from Gaming in Macau (2005-2010)
Figure 9: Casino Gross Gaming Revenue in Macau (2008-2010)
Figure 11: Baccarat in Macau (2002-2010)
Figure 12: VIP Baccarat % of Total Gaming Revenues (2002-2010)
Figure 13: Installed Slot Machines in Macau (2002-2009)
Figure 14: Macau Gaming Players Market Share (2007-2011F)
Figure 15: Macau Casino and Gaming GGR Forecast (2010-2015F)

Table 1: Gambling Sector Performance by Geography (2009 vs. 2008)
Table 2: Casino Gaming Revenue from VIP segment in Macau and % of Total Gaming Revenue (2001-2010)
Table 3: Gross Gaming Revenues by Segments in Macau (2005-2009)
Table 4: Total Number of Visitor Arrival in Macau (2008-2010)
Table 5: GDP Indicators of Macau (2006-2010)
Table 6: Macro-Economic Factors Analysis and Sensitivity on the Sector
Table 7: Industry Factors Analysis and Sensitivity on the Sector
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