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This eighth installment of the Fisher Investments On series is a comprehensive guide to the Health Care sector which includes industries like pharmaceuticals, health care equipment, biotechnology, and managed health care, to name just a few.

This reliable guide can help you in making top–down investment decisions specifically for the Health Care sector. It shows how to determine better times to invest in Health Care, what Health Care industries and sub–industries are likelier to do best, and how individual stocks can benefit in various environments. The global Health Care sector is complex, covering many sub–industries and countries with unique characteristics. Using the framework detailed in this book, you can learn to be better equipped to identify their differences, spot opportunities, and avoid major pitfalls.

Given the vast market landscape and diverse geographic operations, it is vital to maintain a global perspective when investing in the Health Care sector. This invaluable resource provides the tools to help you understand and analyze opportunities both in the United States and abroad within this sector.

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About Fisher Investments Press

Fisher Investments Press brings the research, analysis, and market intelligence of Fisher Investments′ research team, headed by CEO and New York Times bestselling author Ken Fisher, to all investors. The Press covers a range of investing and market–related topics for a wide audience from novices to enthusiasts to professionals.

  • An in–depth look at the global Health Care sector investment universe, including pharma, equipment, biotechnology, managed care, and more

  • Tips and tools for security analysis and portfolio management

  • A useful guide for investing in any market condition

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Part I Getting Started in Health Care.

Chapter 1 Health Care Basics.

Health Care Basics.

Health Care Characteristics.

Chapter 2 The US Health Care System.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Private Versus Public.

The Regulatory System.

US Health Care Reform.

Chapter 3 Brief Overview of Health Care Systems by Major Countries.




United Kingdom.


Chapter 4 Health Care Sector Drivers.

Defensive Nature of Health Care.

Innovation and Patent Expirations.

Political/Regulatory Developments.

Part II Next Steps: Health Care Details.

Chapter 5 Health Care Sector Breakdown.

Global Industry Classification Standard.

Global Health Care Benchmarks.

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences.

Health Care Equipment & Services Industry Group.

Health Care Providers & Services.

Health Care Facilities.

Health Care Services.

Managed Health Care.

Health Care Technology.

Chapter 6 Challenges in the Health Care Sector.

Slowing Growth in Mature Markets.

Legislation and Regulation.

Responding to Challenges.

Part III Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager.

Chapter 7 The Top–Down Method.

Investing Is a Science.

The Top–Down Method.

Top–Down Deconstructed.

Managing Against a Health Care Benchmark.

Chapter 8 Security Analysis.

Make Your Selection.

A Five–Step Process.

Important Questions to Ask.

Chapter 9 Make Your Portfolio Healthy .

Strategy 1: Adding Value at the Industry and Sub–Industry Level.

Strategy 2: Adding Value at the Security Level.

Strategy 3: Adding Value in a Health Care Sector Downturn.

How to Implement Your Strategy.

Appendix Reference Material.


About the Authors.


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