Systems and Software Engineering with Applications

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By way of this book, Norman Schneidewind has officially bridged the gap between the two disparate fields. Filled with many real–world examples drawn from industry and government,Systems and Software Engineering with Applications provides a new perspective for systems and software engineers to consider when developing optimal solutions. This unique approach to looking at the big picture when addressing system and software reliability can benefit students, practitioners, and researchers. Excel spreadsheets noted in the book are available on CD–Rom for an interactive learning experience.Read Systems and Software Engineering with Applications and learn how to: Quantitatively analyze the performance, reliability, maintainability, and availability of software in relation to the total system – Understand the availability of software in relation to the total system – Use standards as part of the solution – Evaluate and mitigate the risk of deploying software–based systems – Apply models dealing with the optimization of systems through quantitative examples provided to help you understand and interpret model results Some of the areas the book focuses on include: – Systems and software models, methods, tools, and standards – Quantitative methods to ensure reliability – Software reliability and metrics tools – Integrating testing with reliability – Cyber security prediction models – Ergonomics and safety in the workplace – Scheduling and cost control in systems and software.
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Preface xix

Part 1 : Systems and Software Engineering Models, Methods, Tools, and Standards

Chapter 1: Quantitative Methods to Ensure the Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability of Computer Hardware and Software 1

Chapter 2: Overview of Software Reliability Engineering 45

Chapter 3: Statistical Quality Control 63

Chapter 4: Risk, Reliability, and Testing Case Study 77

Chapter 5: Models for Systems and Software Engineering 103

Chapter 6: Software Reliability Metrics 129

Chapter 7: Software Reliability and Metrics Tools 153

Chapter 8: Integrating Testing with Reliability 187

Chapter 9: Architecture, Performance, Reliability, and Availability 211

Chapter 10: Internet Fault Tree Analysis for Reliability Estimation 227

Chapter 11 : Standard for Software Reliability 245

Part 2: Applications of Systems and Software Engineering

Chapter 12: Simulation and Analytical Models: A Comparison 263

Chapter 13: Object–Oriented Methods for Modeling Software Reliability 289

Chapter 14: Cyber Security Prediction Models 305

Part 3: Systems and Software Engineering in the Workplace

Chapter 15: Ergonomics and Safety in the Workplace 333

Chapter 16: Facility Layout and Location Models 345

Chapter 17: Inventory Control 375

Part 4: Scheduling and Cost Control in Systems and Software

Chapter 18: Scheduling 389

Chapter 19: Forecasting Models 405

Chapter 20: Cost Analysis 415

Index 431

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Dr. Norman F. Schneidewind is Professor Emeritus of Information Sciences in the Department of Information Sciences and the Software Engineering Group at the Naval Postgraduate School. He is now doing research and publishing in software reliability and metrics with his consulting company Computer Research. Dr. Schneidewind is a Fellow of the IEEE, contributions to software measurement models in reliability and metrics, and for leadership in advancing the field of software maintenance. In 2001, he received the IEEE Reliability Engineer of the Year award from the IEEE Reliability Society. In 1993 and 1999, he received awards for Outstanding Research Achievement by the Naval Postgraduate School. Dr. Schneidewind was selected for an IEEE USA Congressional Fellowship for 2005 and worked with the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, United States Senate, focusing on homeland security and cyber security.
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